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Get Ready to CRUMBLE!

Welcome to KAIJU NATION!

This group is dedicated to ALL things relating to giant monsters from movies, TV shows, comic books, video games, and various other media! We accept kaiju OC's, too!



:bulletblack: PLEASE be respectful of others; spamming and bashing of other deviants will not be tolerated.

:bulletblack: Post submissions to the right folders. If you're uncertain of where to post, feel free to ask. Depending on the submission, it may be moved to another folder.

:bulletblack: This group is for HIGH QUALITY ART ONLY. Submit your best work. This is NOT a dumping ground.

:bulletblack: All hate related fan art or fan art having no relation to kaiju are not accepted and will be immediately removed from the gallery.

:bulletblack: You don't have to join to submit, but it is appreciated.

:bulletblack: Regular deviants are limited to 3 posts a day after being subjected to a vote of 2 votes, whereas club members are allowed 10 posts a day after being subjected to a vote of 2 votes.

:bulletblack: We accept humanized kaiju, but it has to retain the recognizable elements of the original kaiju's design in order to be accepted.

:bulletblack: We accept fan art of human characters from kaiju media, as well, but a kaiju has to be present in the picture alongside the human characters in order be accepted. If it's just human characters without a kaiju, then it's not allowed.

:bulletblack: We do NOT accept giantess or other fetish-related content for this particular group. Fetish content of any kind will be immediately removed from the gallery.

:bulletblack: We do NOT accept screenshots or edits of screenshots/crops. You are stealing someone else's content by doing so. All artwork submitted to this group must be your own, original content.

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Gamera: Rebirth - Netflix's Apology to the Masses,And it's ALMOST worth my renewing my subscription to Netflix...ALMOST (until they officially disown Cuties, I'm still going to hold them accountable). Anyway, I just pirated-binged the series the other day and HOLY SHIT was this good! Like, better than I originally thought it was going to be. I'm not going to spoil a whole lot when I get to the pros and cons of the series, but it's almost like a soft reboot of the Heisei Trilogy. Yeah, the Showa-Era monsters are in this and the kids are the central human characters, but some, if not half, of the major plot points are VERY remiscent of the Heisei Trilogy.Let's get the thing I didn't like out of the way first:CON: The CGI: OK, can we FINALLY agree as a sentient species that this computer animation style is fucking HORRENDOUS!? The designs are fine, but the execution is just BAD! They're worse than 2010 PS3 cutscenes! The movements are janky and clunky for all lifeforms in this series; the lip-syncing for both the english version AND the Japanese version makes the English dubbed Showa Gamera Films look like they were done by ADV films; the only good instances of the animation is when everything is static and not moving! I hold this animation style in the same disdain as fucking CalArts! PROS: 1. The Story: Like I said above, this feels like a soft reboot/retelling of the Heisei Trilogy, which every Kaiju and Toku fan worth their salt should be familiar with. And considering the Heisei Trilogy was how I got introduced to Gamera (yeah I know, pretty normie of me), I especially appreciated that. 2. The Pacing: The writing felt very tight and succinct in this. Hardly ever did I feel like the story dragged in places, and very few were the times I found myself skipping every ten seconds to get to a point I found interesting. Now, it can get slow in parts, particularly the beginning two episodes, you know as it should, but things really pick up by episode three, and turn break-neck by episode five, so be prepared to be hit with a ton of info towards the tail-end.3. The Characters: What to say about the human characters. For the most part, I liked them, even the kid characters! Unlike the typical kid characters in these kinds of media, who are often annoying little pieces of shit you want to smack upside the head and scream at them to shut the hell up, or "Kennys" as they are sometimes known, the kids here act like actual kids! They're less like the stereotypical kid protags seen in Toku/Anime, and more like the kids in "Stand By Me", AKA actual human beings! The adults are pretty good too, having also a decent amount of character depth to where even the most scummy seem to have some sympathetic value to them. As for the Kaiju, especially Gamera himself, they're fucking great. Gamera's rogues gallery looked like they got a Heisei-era make over, while Gamera's design is very reminiscent of his previous Heisei incarnations (like a combination of Gamera 2 and Gamera 3).4. The Action: It should speak for itself, the fights are freaking awesome in this. I may have complained earlier about the animation style, but it IS animation that I think can bring out the best in what Tokusatsu is trying to convey. That is to say I don't think this series would not look great if it were live action (in fact, I think it would rival the Heisei Trilogy), but animation is a great way to get around the limitations of live action, particularly the fight scenes. We have Gamera hoisting up opponents and slamming them around WWE style, and executing finishers like his Plasma Fire Ball, Banishing Fist, even using his saucer-style propulsion as a finisher, and he's still got some more tricks up his sleeve! So do I recommend this series? Hell-to-the-Fuck-to-the-Ing-to-the-Yeah! Like the title says, I feel like this is almost an apology from Netflix to their audience...but fortunately I'm not that naive. If you're like me and are leery of Netflix, you can definitely pirate this series online. Hell, the website I saw it on has a download feature, and I plan on making use of it for both subbed AND dubbed versions! If you're a Toku fan, Kaiju fan, and especially a Gamera fan, you are OBLIGATED to give this series a watch!










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