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Get Ready to CRUMBLE!

Welcome to KAIJU NATION!

This group is dedicated to ALL things relating to giant monsters from movies, TV shows, comic books, video games, and various other media! We accept kaiju OC's, too!



:bulletblack: PLEASE be respectful of others; spamming and bashing of other deviants will not be tolerated.

:bulletblack: Post submissions to the right folders. If you're uncertain of where to post, feel free to ask. Depending on the submission, it may be moved to another folder.

:bulletblack: This group is for HIGH QUALITY ART ONLY. Submit your best work. This is NOT a dumping ground.

:bulletblack: All hate related fan art or fan art having no relation to kaiju are not accepted and will be immediately removed from the gallery.

:bulletblack: You don't have to join to submit, but it is appreciated.

:bulletblack: Regular deviants are limited to 3 posts a day after being subjected to a vote of 2 votes, whereas club members are allowed 10 posts a day after being subjected to a vote of 2 votes.

:bulletblack: We accept humanized kaiju, but it has to retain the recognizable elements of the original kaiju's design in order to be accepted.

:bulletblack: We accept fan art of human characters from kaiju media, as well, but a kaiju has to be present in the picture alongside the human characters in order be accepted. If it's just human characters without a kaiju, then it's not allowed.

:bulletblack: We do NOT accept giantess or other fetish-related content for this particular group. Fetish content of any kind will be immediately removed from the gallery.

:bulletblack: We do NOT accept screenshots or edits of screenshots/crops. You are stealing someone else's content by doing so. All artwork submitted to this group must be your own, original content.

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Kaiju-X, Chapter 4,The Wind slashed against what was once a railing. Corpse's littered on the Ground and above them, a Man stood. His trench coat wipping as it was tossed around by the breeze. And then he spoke. His sick voice echoing through his iron Mask. "We found them". Not too far away a small town stood. Buildings clustered together and having a retro-appearence to them. Amongst them stood a bar and within a man. ,,So what do you think of the Kaiju Weaponizations the MCF has recently been doing Hal? Surely you of all people must have something to shout about! I mean PETA sure does haha!" The Bartender chuckeld as he called out one of his patrons at the counter. "Mhhh, maybe. I mean its kind of rude of them to just subjugate, basically an animal to their will, but you cant exactly blame them for doing so. Hell, most destroyed our country-side at least 5 times over in the last 10 years so i wont mind it. The Problem is when they start using them for Warfare. Making them do things worse than even their own habits. I mean not every single Kaiju is a genocidal maniac like that Mi-Milk Radiator?.,, He wondered before being corrected by the bartender. ,,Y mean Mirator? Well i guess ye right ther'. Wonda where that big bastard went off to. Las' time i heard of em he tore trough Russia". ,,As long as he stays there. Can't need him going around the World and feeling like he should eradicate everything in sight again". He took a last sip from his drink before standing up and heading for the door. ,,Ya already off?! Y damn vanilla. Cant even go beyond a singl' glass. I coulda use the money ye know!". Picking coat Hal responded one last time before leaving. ,,Whatever Chuck. Just make sure to keep the place running. I wont be around all the time you know!". Heading down the Road he looked upon his small home town. Not too far down, he already saw what was once a Game Store, but was crushed beneath the foot of a Gamma Rank Kaiju. Or one of the more common type's in a more general saying. ,,Wonder when their gonna spook another one like that. Town won't be able to take another beating for sure". His tiny town, known as Saint Heinrich. Which even got the nickname of ,,Americas number one Kaiju attraction". Had become severly damaged over the last couple of years. Ever since Redadeltro's assault on Lost Angeles and San Francisco in 2013 which, as a side-effect of thousand's of Diadeltro's swarming the city and escaping into the wilderness, had multiple Delta and Gamma Kaiju's reawaken to prey upon the smarms of tiny critters which inadvertedly resulted in them becoming a problem for local towns and even cities in some cases. Saint Heinrich especially suffered under these reappearences as it was located directly in the path of Kaiju's heading north trying to escape the swarms of Diadeltro and Dazara who'm was rampaging himself after defeating Redadeltro. Luckily for the town however the MCF offered to fund repairs. In exchange it was however allowed to establish an outpost close to it. Taking deliberate advantage of the town's poor situation as they practiced multiple weapons and new millitary employees on the encroaching Gamma's. With Combat-Mech's especially having become a favored asset on the outpost. After 30 minutes of walking he finally reached his apartment complex. Before he could make use of the elevator placed in the building that held his homestead however, he noticed something in the corner of his eye. Right there, down in a small alley. A large form hid. It clearly wasn't human...but it also dint quite look like a Kaiju. Curiosity got the better of Hal as he carefully approached the shape. Trying to not alert whatever it was, he carefully approached it which almost immediantly took the attention of the shape. And soon a huge head. Easily 20 ft in length came out of the shadows...revealing a creature that was, most surprisingly, resembling the Lizard King himself. Except it looked younger...and something was off. Hal slowly backed up as the curious Creature came closer and he slowly grabbed for something in his pocket which immediantly alerted the creature. Shaking the spines on its head like a rattlesnake...until he revealed it to be a snack bar. The Creature became relaxed by this sight and was obviously eager to get a bite of it. But Hal was smart enough to know that you should not feed a wild animal...or well a giant one in this case. If this wasn't enough however the creature made a chirping sound which led to the reveal of another creature! This one was slightly larger and had a slightly different skin tone. When the two then looked at each other they both revealed scars on each others faces. Presumably from a playfight in the past...although these appeared way too deep to be such. The larger creature lowered its gaze towards Hal and snarled at him warningly...before noticing the snackbar and becoming very tense. It seemingly was familiar with this bribing trick...and unfond to boost. Upon noticing Hal pulled the Snackbar back into his pocket after which he took a closer look at the two creatures. For one they greatly resembled Dazara but their skin textures din't look natural. They were pale with slight variations here and there. The larger of the two had a black head and a scar underneath its eye on the right side of its head with black stripes decending how until its tail ended in a black...misfigured claw. The other more energetic individual had more tiger liger stripes instead of the large ones of the other. It also had some large spikes jetting out of its elbow and ankle and instead of a claw it seemed to have more of a spike. And the left side of its snout was adorned by large slashing scars. Both however shared light Orange eyes and Red quill crests on top of their heads. It might not be wronge to assume that they were infact twins...or at least that was Hal's best guess for now. Studying the two he soon realized they lost their attention on him and started playing with one another...while it was cute he realized the destructive potential this had and so he rushed down the street. Not to call upon the Authorities but instead to buy some meat from the butcher. Soon enough he returned and stomped on the ground to get their attention. Almost immediantly to his surprise. ,, did Extreme Richard to this again? Ah right!". Remembering the guide of a famous Kaiju Tamer he held out a big piece of meat right above of him before placing it a few meters infront. The more eager of the two almost immediantly wanted to go for it but Hal cut it off with a stomp to the ground. Drawing its attention. He slowly approached the piece of meat...before cutting a bit off and throwing it close to it. With it almost immediantly devouring the small bit of flesh. Eager to get more it carefully come closer to Hal and lowered itself. Almost resembling a subjective pose which Hal recognized and responded with rewarding it with a bigger slice of the meat which the Creature picked up upon. However it was soon intercut by the larger individual which seemed to scold it for accepting the piece of meat. Hal noticed this and threw a slice right infront of the larger one. Ironically it threw the piece back. Knowing what he was trying to do...but Hal simply threw it back with the eager one devouring it. Just before Hal could pull of another slice of meat however he was interrupted by a figure from behind. ,,Ahah, there they are. I was wondering if they were held up by something seeing as they dint cause any trouble. You've done a well enough job Gentleman but if you wouldn't mind, i'd like to retrieve my property now". Hal tried to make out the figure...and to his shock he realized that this man, was the leader of the MCF himself. Markus Storm. Alone. Standing right then and there. ,,Y-you are Mr. Storm! I figured somebody like you would show up sooner or later with such weird looking Kaijus...or whatever their supposed to be". He scorned. ,,Hmmm. Peculiar. I wasnt expecting you realized that these arent average Kaijus...well anyway i am here now so lets just move along shall we?" ,,Wait just a second. I have one second for you." ,,Which is?" ,,Why do you want to fight Dazara...with himself?". For a moment Storm fell silent. He truly had not been expecting such an insightfull answer. Which really peaked his interest...and wearyness. "Well arent you an inquisite individual? Well at least you wont be able to return to your normal life if i tell you anything about them. You aware of that i believe?" ,,Never wronge to spice up your life i suppose". ,,Hmmm, very well then. Also pls stop being so nervous. Im not going to kill you...yet. Anyway, these are the first fully organic, artificial Kaiju or MMM, short for "Man-Made-Monsters". We cloned them from some of Dazara's DNA samples we recovered back in 2005. Basically their clones of him. Not quite perfect as you should have noticed but their at least 98% identical to the original. Once their fully matured we plan on using them for both a psychological attack on Dazara aswell as an overwhelming tag team strategy. However if that is to happen remains to be seen". Caught up on his words Hal dint notice that Mr. Storm made him back up right infront of the two creatures. With the masked man himself standing right infront of him. ,,Truth be told. I like your enthusiasm in interacting with them. And your clearly smart enough to not just fool around while handling them. Yet stupid enough to consider approaching them in the first place. An excellent combination might i add. How about you become their trainer? I am eager to see how well they could perform under such a young and eager person such as yourself. Of course there is always the alternative." Hal dint even manage to catch him up on anything he said before finishing this sentence. He played him and enjoyed it. And he knew that he couldn't win this debate...not while being caught off guard at least. ,,I'll...consider it. Obviously i cant just be taken away immediantly. If you jus-". Before he could finish his sentence a gun was held to his neck and Mr. Storm came ever closer. chuckling as his forces swarmed the alley way. Holding both Hal and the the twins hostage. "How about we dont even try to get to an excuse? I believe you'll do just fine if we remove both you and your homestead from this community...or at least until i see it fit for you to return. Because now. Your my property aswell Hal". To be continued....










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