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Plushtrap Coming soon
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Sorry for the very very dark atmosphere //dead
Anyway, here's a plushtrap for the incoming 4th game, because I've seen a lot of this guy so, yeah.
I attempt to actually color in another style but the drawing style seems different than my other ones so sudden x_x
But I'm happy how this guy turned out anyway, and I didn't know that drawing slower takes better detail lmfao // *O*
Ehe, I wanna draw slower more :iconlazeplz:

Enjoy anyway!

Download for full resolution OuOb
(C)Character : FNAF
(C) Art @ Design : Kaijiiro
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GamingDogeFire's avatar
GamingDogeFire|Student Digital Artist
can I use this image in a youtube video I want to make? I would be very happy if you let me use it cause this is a amazing photo and also I will put the link in the description.
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KenshinSegarra's avatar
KenshinSegarra|Student Traditional Artist
Love the bunny. Despise the minigame.
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AmieCris's avatar
This looks awesome! I just love the little grin on his face, like he knows you can't do anything to stop him. Everything here looks so amazing, wonderful job! Clap 
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Deadboy85's avatar
Fucking nice
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slimball's avatar
slimballEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is what I feel and how I feel
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Bonnie-Freddy's avatar
Bonnie-Freddy|Student Traditional Artist
(( *Stares at his eyes for an hour or so- Dies in the inside* ))
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KuroNegii16's avatar
KuroNegii16|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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OtakuFangirl1200's avatar
OtakuFangirl1200|Hobbyist General Artist
Do NOT kill me or call me a freak but gawddammit why does every human version of fnaf characters like springtrap either look adorable or hot?????!!!!!

It's probably the drawing style you used but your artistry might have just nearly pushed me into liking human springtrap… ^^;
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Duck-Roulette's avatar
Duck-Roulette|Professional General Artist
you know what it's okay

I didn't need to sleep
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c--hloe's avatar
c--hloe|Hobbyist General Artist
ah! dear, that is pretty scary.
but very well done too!
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adriotaku's avatar
adriotaku|Student General Artist
Wel I´m happy you finally took a rest and I like, it´s, in fact, a little bit different than your other drawins but i like both :)
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ksmanga01's avatar
ksmanga01|Student General Artist
dude, that's amazing!
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Grellbird's avatar
Grellbird|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
fantastic work X3
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Ppgzfan45's avatar
Ppgzfan45|Student Artist
Nice but can some one explain the characters I'm at a lost and I'm not aloud to search this stuff up.
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Ministarrykirby's avatar
it's cute  a little scary but cute ...
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WithoutReflection's avatar
WithoutReflection| Traditional Artist
Hm.But dark athmosphere is the best thing in your work.
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SilverNightJade's avatar
SilverNightJade|Hobbyist General Artist
Kill it with fire.
But this drawing is amazing, no doubt. :la:
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Constat's avatar
Constat|Professional Digital Artist
scary as hell
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reallifeninja19's avatar
........... NOPE 😐🔫
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TheyAreHeroes's avatar
TheyAreHeroes|Hobbyist Digital Artist
creepy and awesome
/slapped by friend
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Sayori-chan246's avatar
Sayori-chan246Edited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks great and creepy.my nee San aka my friend says don't believe what people say about fnaf 4 coming out early but I think she just doesn't want fnaf to end 
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Amber134's avatar
Wow! It's so beautiful! Well done Lolikuro, well done.
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xxhylianxx's avatar
xxhylianxx|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome!! I love it, senpai!
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