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:iconkaiimira:Kaiimira posted a status
I feel sorry for Markipliers girlfriend Amy, so many fans are giving her loads of abuse and telling her to leave mark alone, sending her death threats and saying she doesnt deserve Mark. Its ao childish. People were saying Mark needed a girlfriend and now he has one people dont like it. Leave Mark and Amy alone, its THEIR relationship not yours. If you're a real fan you should be happy for him. It annoys me as well that septiplier shippers are giving septiplier shippers a bad name. I respect people and people can ship what they want but just becuase mark is dating someone and it isnt Jack, it doesnt mean you give Amy loads of abuse for it. Im proud of the markiplier fans ( Or fans of a ship with Markiplier with someone who isnt amy) who have respected Mark and Amys relationship from the start.

Sorry for any crappy spelling, grammar or punctuation

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RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017
Tbh I have a feeling most of those people are fangirls or fanboys who ship themselves with Mark.
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