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:iconkaiimira:Kaiimira posted a status
At both my work and my job there is a annoying person who thinks they know it all when they really dont xD only difference is that the college one tries to help.. only his way of helping is watching you work like a hawk desperate for a meal and to criticise( I don't know how to spell that word) as much as he can and suggest his way to do it as it is 'the best and only way you can do it' and when isnt being a smartass he is quite nice

As for the one at my work.... hoo boy .. he thinks he knows everything and is the best at everything and due to this Rarley listens to anyone including the head chef and tends to do stuff the way he wants to which usually ends up going wrong . His way of helping is making a big deal out of any mistakes I make and making me overall feel like shit for it. The guy can be a decent guy but he is mainly a prick in my opinion XD

I'm not confidence shaming here but if you're going to be confident in something try to be accurate in that and don't be a asshole about it

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