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New ships added

Welcome this Journal is dedicated to the KaiiRoseverse and giving updates on the progression of the universe. Information can also be found here on the ships being used and links to their backstories once completed.

The KaiiRose verse is Kaiimira s fourth universe. This is a universe where polyships and LGBT ships shall be used. All ships shall have a story behind them about how they came to be.

Mane 6 ships -


Applejack x Soarin | Married
Amount of Foals - 7
Foals(Oldest - Youngest) - Quadruplets and Triplets | Gingersnap, Clover Cloud, Vesper Spritz, Cocoa butter (Triplets names shall be added on completion)
How Soarinjack came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 60%
Family Tree -

Fluttershy x Braeburn | Married
Amount of foals - 3
Foals - Pacific Rose
How Braeshy came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie x Skystar | Married
Amount of foals - 4 or 6
Foals - Amethyst Pie, Cherry Cheesecake,  Strawberry Blitz
How SkyPie came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash x Double Diamond | Engaged
Amount of foals - 2 or 4
Foals - Blizzard Storm, Pastel Cloud
How DoubleDash came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Rarity x Bulk Biceps  | Married
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How Raribulk came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Twilight Sparkle
Tempest Shadow x Twilight Sparkle x Sombra  | Married
Amount of foals - 3
Foals (Oldest-Youngest) - Aura, Asteroid and Nightshade
How TempTwiBra came to be - KaiiRoseVerse - How TempTwiBra came to be
Progression to completion - 100%
Family Tree -

Royal Ships -

Celestia x Discord  | Divorced
Amount of foals - Undecided
Foals - N/A
How Dislestia  came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Celestia x Novo | Married
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How Novolestia came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Luna x Pharynx | Married
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How Lunrynx came to be -  Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Shining Armor x Cadence x Chrysalis | Married
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How ChrysiiShiningDance came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Blueblood x Moondancer | One night stand
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How Bluedancer came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Blueblood x Trixie | One night stand
Amount of foals - 1
Foals - Magnus
How Trixblood came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 40%
Family Tree -

Blueblood x Maud | Arranged Marriage, divorced
Amount of foals - Possibly 2.
Foals - Ametrine.
How Maudblood came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Blueblood x Lightning Dust 
Lightning Dust X Blueblood | Married
Amount of foals - Mosty likley 1.
Foals - N/A
How Lightblood  came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Sunburst X Thorax | Engaged
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How Sunrax came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Background ships -

Maud & Thunderlane

Maud x Thunderlane | Engaged
Amount of foals - 3
Foals - Rocky Fall, TBA
How Maudlane came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 10%
Family Tree -

Trixie & Moondancer
Trixie x Moondancer |  Engaged
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How Trixdancer came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Starlight Glimmer & Svengallop

Starlight Glimmer x Svengallop  | Married
Amount of foals - 2.
Foals - N/A
How Stargallop came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Cheese Sandwich & Spitfire
Cheese Sandwich x Spitfire | Divorced
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How Cheesefire came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%

Spitfire & Limestone Pie
Spitfire X Limestone Pie | Married
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How Spitstone came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree - 

Cheese Sandwich & Party Favour
Cheese Sandwich & Party Favour | Engaged
Amount of foals - Undecided.
Progression to Completion - 0%
Family Tree -
*Family tree will be incorporated with Spitfires along with a separate one*

Nightglider & Fleetfoot

Nightglider x Fleetfoot | Girlfriends
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How NightFleet came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Timber Spruce & Flash Sentry
Timber Spruce x Flash Sentry | Engaged
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How TimberSentry came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Lightning Dust & Wind Waker

Lightning Dust X Wind Waker | Broken up
Amount of foals - 2
Foals - Hailstorm & Storm Chaser
How Winddust  came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 50%

Lightning Dust & Firestreak

Lightning Dust X Firestreak | Broken up
Amount of foals - 2
Foals - Electric Hurricane and Glacier
How LightStreak  came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%

Lightning Dust & Silver Zoom
Lightning Dust x Silver Zoom
Amount of foals - N/A
Foals - N/a
How LightStreak  came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%

Lightning Dust & Whiplash

Lightning Dust X Whiplash | Broken up
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How Lightlash came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%

Lightning Dust & Fast Clip
Lightning Dust X Fast Clip  | Broken up
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How LightClip came to be - Not yet completed
Progression to completion - 0%

*Lightning Dusts ships and foals will all be in one Family tree*

Misty Fly & Cloud Chaser 
Misty Fly & Cloud Chaser 
Amount of foals - 3?
Foals - Electric Wave, TBA, TBA?
How MistCloud came  to be - Not yet completed.
Progression to completion - 25%

Big Macintosh & Coco Pommel | Married
Big Macintosh x Coco Pommel 
Amount of foals - undecided.
Foals - N/A
How CocoMac came to be - Not yet completed
progression to completion - 0%
Family tree with be incorporated with Applejacks (Apple Family tree) along with a separate one.

Zephyr Breze & Suri Polomare | Dating
Zephyr Breeze x Suri Polomare
Amount of foals - undecided.
Foals - N/A
How Suriphyr came to be - Not yet completed
progression to completion - 0%
Family tree with be incorporated with Fluttershys (Shy Family tree) along with a separate one.

Sugar Belle x Trouble Shoes | Married
Sugar Belle & Trouble Shoes
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How Sugarshoes came to be - Not yet completed.
Progression to completion - 0%
Family tree -

Autumn Blaze x Minty Mocha |Broken Up

Autumn Blaze & Minty Mocha
Amount of foals - 1 or 2
Foals - N/A
How AutumnMocha came to be - not yet completed.
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree - 

Autumn Blaze x Flash Magnus | Broken Engagement
Autumn Blaze & Flash Magus 
Amount of foals - 1 or 2
Foals - N/A
How AutumnMagnus came to be - not yet completed.
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree - 

Marble Pie x Autumn Blaze | Engaged
Marble Pie & Autumn Blaze
Amount of foals - Undecided
Foals - N/A
How MarbleBlaze came to be - Not yet completed.
Progression to completion -  0%
Family Tree -  

Minty Mocha x Cinnamon Chai | Married
Autumn Blaze & Flash Magus 
Amount of foals - 1 or 2
Foals - N/A
How CinnamonMocha came to be - not yet completed.
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree - 

Vinyl Scratch x Neon Lights - One night stand
Vinyl Scratch x Neon Lights
Amount of foals - 1.
Foals - N/A
How NeonScratch came to be - Not yet completed.
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Vinyl Scratch x Wind Waker - Engaged
Vinyl Scratch x Wind Waker
Amount of foals - Possibly 3.
Foals - N/A
How VinylWaker came to be - Not yet completed.
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Bonbon x Octavia | Married
Bonbon & Octavia
Amount of foals - possibly 2.
Foals - N/A
How BonTavi came to be -
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree -

Hoo'far x Saffron Masala | Married
Hoo'far & Saffron Masala
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How Saf'far came to be - 
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree - 

New Quibble Pants x Mud Briar | Married
Quibble Pants x Mud Briar
Amount of foals - undecided
Foals - N/A
How QuibbleBriar came to b3 -
Progression to completion - 0%
Family Tree - 

This journal shall be updated often with the progression status of the families and storylines along with the adding, changing and removal of ships. There shall be links to all the foals and links to the backstories

This universe is co-owned by RoseLoverOfPastels and she is the only one I am allowing to create crushes/love interest for my foals. 

Rose if you have any ships you want in the universe let me know and I will add them. 

Hello All,
If you have read my previous Journal you'd be aware I left DA due to reasons I felt I didn't want to explain. I am slowly recovering and feel ready now to briefly say what happened. I got sexually assaulted by someone I considered a very close friend at that point in time. Who I have now cut off contact with and made sure I did this after the incident. It hit me hard at first but I seem to be slowly improving by the day with the help of my friends.  I do not wish to be treated any differently due to this incident I am still the same old Kaiimira.

An overall update on the new universe of mine, The Kaiiroseverse.  This universe is one I share with RoseLoverOfPastels and as mentioned before is a universe containing poly ships. This is a ship or couple with more than two people involved and an Example of one of these ships is TempTwiBra (Tempest Shadow x Twilight Sparkle x Sombra).   There shall also be same sex/gender ships in this universe and any hate directed towards either of these types of ships or any ships used in general will be hidden. You are allowed to have your opinion but please refrain from making me or Rose from feeling bad or upset for using them.
KaiiRoseVerse - How TempTwiBra came to be
The TempTwiBra kid trio - AuraAster, and Nightshade

I am slowly working on Applejack and Soarin's family. They will have a large total of either 5 or 6 kids and depending on what I chose it will be either a 1 x  Quadruplets & 1 x Twins or  1 x Triplets & 1x Twins.

There Is currently a heatwave in the UK and due to this, I am often away from my laptop either out with friends or in my pool. No, I am not rich enough to have a garden with a pool It is one of those Intex Prism frame 10ft ones. My family had a 10ft Easyset one for 2 days but long story short, my friends came over, 6 of us all in a pool jumping around and splashing like we severely lacked that in our childhood, bad placement of the pool pressing up against a fairly new concrete fence post was NOT a good combination and the pool ended up leaking overnight where it tore near the bottom and flooding our garden and garage.  New Pool new limit of only 3 or 4 at a time.
But as I was saying I am not near my laptop often or have it in use due to the heatwave making me want to be active and socialise for once in my life.

I also finished my course with a pass which I only managed to just get and have somehow been accepted to do a course in Game Design when I return in September this year. Which is great and all but becomes less great when you find out the ONE student in your class from the previous two years (including the one I just finished above) who severely annoys and irritates me is also doing the course...yayyy...
Please send help

That's all I have to say,  I hope to post the SoarinJack family sometime this month as I will be at home more often due to my best friend going back to him home country for a whole freakin' month at the begging of the upcoming week ;-; but he is returning with a very good friend of mine who I who I would not have seen in 9 months so also Yayy.

Signing out,
I dont think I am going to be active on here artwise for about a week or two. Ive got a lot going on right now that is stressing my out and my mental health is at the worse its been in a while and doesnt seem to be improving. Ive also got deadlines for my coursework refferals this week to do and I need to complete them in time in order to keep my chances of joining my desired course next year high so I need to focus on my coursework instead of artwork.

There was also an incident this week for me and I dont want to go into much detail as its still a semi-senstive subject for me but to be brief a few things happened to me that didnt have any consent to them.

I know I dont really post art much at all anyway but I felt like making a post about this just to alert people about why.

I hope to start posting and finshing off the mane 6 families for my Kaiiroseverse when I return.
* Warning Polymourus ships are included in this universe along with homosexual ships, If you have an issue with these sorts of ships do not look at this universe*

I am creating a 4th universe called the Kaiiroseverse 
RoseLoverOfPastels is a main contributer/shares this universe with me

The mane 6 ships have not all been fully decided and confirmed yet but here are the confirmed and possible ships for the mane 6 including A Polyship
Confirmed Mane 6 ships - 
  • Twilight Sparkle - TempTwiBra | Tempest Shadow x Twilight x Sombra
  • Rarity -  Raribulk | Rarity x Bulk Biceps
  • Pinkie Pie - SkyPie | Skystar x Pinkie Pie  
  • Applejack -  Soarinjack | Soarin x Applejack
  • Rainbow Dash - Doubledash | Double Diamond x Rainbow Dash
  • Fluttershy - Braeshy | Braeburn x Fluttershy
Background Pony Ships - 
Starlight Glimmer x Svengallop
Maud x Blueblood ( Divorced, Arranged Marriage)
Maud x Thunderlane
Cheese Sandwich x Spitfire
Night Glider x Fleetfoot
Timber Spruce x Flash Sentry

Royalty ships -
Celestia - Dislestia | Discord x Celestia
Cadence -  ChryssiShiningdance | Chrysalis x Shining Armor x Cadence
Blueblood | Bluedancer | Blueblood x Moon Dancer (One Night stand)
Blueblood |  Trixblood | Blueblood x Trixie (One night stand)

There will be stories behind how the ships came to be, some brief, others detailed. 

Update Log - 
Update #1 - 
Updated ships, universe name and added details
Update 21/05/2017
Rarity has been given a ship
Scootaloos ship has changed

As you may know I am planning to revamp the ocs in my katverse.

Most of the ocs are just having their designs revamped.
But I am going to change a few of the families I have.

  • Big Macintosh and Fluttershy are no longer going to be together. Instead Fluttershy is going to be with Bulk Biceps and Big Macintosh is going to paired up with Cheerilee. 
  • Rainbow Dash and Soarin are going to be broken up and Rainbow will be now be married to Dumbell. She will have kids with both of them.
  • Rarity is going to have a kid from a one night stand with a unknown stallion. 
  • Spike x Rarity is most likely going to be replaced by Spike x Thorax
  • Rarity is going to be with Twisty 
  • Sunburst and Starlight will a couple.
  • Sunset Shimmer will be in the universe and have kids. However I am still decided who the 2nd mother or father will be. 
  • There possibly will be a Lyra X BonBon kid.
  • Diamond Tiara and Pipsqueak will have kids.
  • Scootaloo and Chipcutter will be together
  •  Sweetie Belle and Appleblooms ships are currently undecided (any suggestions would be great)

I do not know when I am going to start revamping this universe as I am back to college tomorrow and have coursework to finish today along with the AHAHD Storyline to complete. 

If you want to contribute to this universe, feel free to comment below on whats ships or note or skype me,
All of the mane 6 of the Emeraldverse are open to having crushes and/or boyfriends/girlfriends besides Rhinestone Dusk. If you're interest in making on of these for the mane 6, read below then comment

Prism Essence by Kaiimira
Prism Essence
Sex - Mare
Parents - Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash
Relationship status - Single, Open.
Sexual Interest - Bisexual.
Romantic Interest - Panromantic.
Crushes - None, Open
Crushers - None, Open

Nocturnal Spectrum by Kaiimira
Nocturnal Spectrum
Sex - Stallion.
Parents - Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash
Relationship status - Single, open.
Sexual Interest -  Bisexual 
Romantic Interest -  Biromantic
Crushes - None, open
Crushers - None, open.

Smokey Rose by Kaiimira
Smokey Rose
Age -
Sex - Mare.
Parents - Fluttershy and Marble Pie.
Relationship status: Single,open
Romantic Interest: Straight.
Sexual Interest: Straight.
Crushes: None, open
Crushers: None, open.

  Pear Melody by Kaiimira
Parents -
Applejack and Rara.
Age - 16
Sex -
Sexual Orientation - Homosexual.
Romantic Orientation - Homoromantic.
Romantic Interest(s) - Rhinestone Dusk, Open (Only temporary)
Girlfriend/Boyfriend - None, Open ( Temporary girlfriend only)

Zenithar by Kaiimira
Parents -
Pinkie pie x Unknown Stallion
Sex - Stallion.
Romantic Interest(s) - None, open
Girlfriend/Boyfriend - None, open
Sexual Orientation - Heterosexual.
Romantic Orientation - Heteroromantic.

Prism Essence -
  • She is the fastest of the mane 6.
  • She has a small scar under her lower lip from where she cut it on a rock as a filly.
  • She is the only Pegasus in the mane 6.
  • She has ADHD.
  • She used to have a crush on Rhinestone dusk.
Nocturnal Spectrum -
  • He has read every single book in twilight library.
  • He inherited his pelt colour of his grandma.
  • Out of all the mane 6, he gets along with Rhinestone dusk the most.
  • His first word was 'Book' 
  • He is the smartest of the mane 6.
Rhinestone dusk -
  • She is in a relationship with Hexxus, who lives in another universe but with the help of her pinkie gene, she can teleport to his universe whenever she wishes.
  • She and her cousin Zenithar have and inside way of talking to eachother if they're are other ponies around and they do not want them to know what they are speaking about.
  • She is going to take on the rock farm on her 20th birthday.
  • She show very little expression or emotion, but the best way to tell how she is feeling is by the sparkle in her eyes, if there is little or no sparkle she is sad or scared.
  • She was the first to come out as Bisexual, inspiring her friends to also come out.

Spectacle - 
  • She has a crush on Rhinestone Dusk, but can hide it really well.
  • A lot of ponies think she is Soarin's daughter due to the blue streaks in her mane.
  • She hates how much weight being the daughter of a famous singer puts on her shoulders
  • She has heterochromia and is very self-concious about it, so she tries to hide her blue eye with her fringe a lot.
  • She is a lot stronger then she looks, She has taken over her uncles job of pulling plows and bucking the larger apple trees. She also often pulls the carriage when travelling with family.

Zenithar -
  • Zenithar got all his scars as a colt when he wandered into the forest and got attacked by a lone timber wolf, Luckily he was found by Applejack and taken to the hospital just in time. The doctors were surprised he lived.
  • When he was born, he didn't have any pink streaks in his hair, the pink streaks began to show when he was in middle school.
  • He is the oldest of the mane 6.
  • He ls a beginner author who writes fantasy books.
  • He is the least talkative of the 6 and was the hardest to befriend, It took the others a while to get him into their friend group.
Masculine Traits: 

[ ] You are male.
[] You would prefer being male.
[] You don't wear makeup. 
[ ] You love sports. 
[ /] You play COD on XBOX LIVE. ( playstation for me)
[ /] You constantly make references to Family Guy, Monty Python, Eddie Izzard, etc.
[ ] You enjoy UFC fighting.
[] You wanted to be a policeman/firefighter/soldier/ninja as a child.
[/] You like action anime/movies/games/comic books.
[/] You like violent music.
[ ] You don't care how you smell. 
[/] You look up to male role models.
[/] You can relate to guy logic.
[ ] You speak man, as in tools, cars, etc.
[/] You like baggy clothes.
[/] You love memes. 
[/] You like big dogs.
[/ ] Fedoras are cool.
[ ] You don't care about interior design, just that everything in your house works. 
[ ] You don't care who sees you scratch yourself.
[1/2] You sit with your legs apart. (sometimes)
[1/2 ] You don't understand women. ( kind of)
[/] You rarely cry in front of people. 
[ ] You'll gladly open a can of whoop-ass on any douche who's asking for it. 
[/] You like weaponry. Swords, guns, etc. 
[/] You hold doors for women/disabled. 
[ ] You brag about how much you can bench.
[ 1/2] You have facial/chest hair. (dark arm hair) 
[] You aren't ashamed of your bromance.
Total: 14.5

Feminine Traits: 

[/] You are female. 
[ ] You would prefer being female.
[/] You like doing/having someone do your hair, nails, makeup, etc. 
[ /] You wish you were thinner.
[/] You play Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing, or Harvest Moon. 
[] You are always singing along with pop music, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, etc.
[ ] You watch Glee, various Girl Power anime, or Jersey Shore, or anything on STYLE, WE TV, OWN, etc.
[/ ] You wanted to be a princess/dancer/pop star/model/celebrity as a child.
[/] You like fantasizing about the perfect romantic night out with your boyfriend/girlfriend. 
[/] You like pop music, or anything happy and cute. 
[/] You are very self-conscious, and what some other bitch says about you could either make your day or bring your world crashing down around you.
[/] You look up to female role models. 
[ /] You can relate to other women.
[/ ] You speak girl, as in makeup, hair, shoes, shopping, ect. 
[/] You like cute clothes. 
[ ] You love a nicely laced corset. 
[] You love to dye your hair. 
[/] A tub of ice cream or a candy bar can fix everything. 
[ ] Everything in your house is nicely arranged, and matches. 
[ ] You worry you'll never settle down and have children. 
[ 1/2] You cross your legs and have good posture. (cross my legs, shitty posture)
[ ] The male brain is a mystery. 
[/] You don't mind letting your feelings out. 
[/] You're just waiting for the right person to sweep you off your feet. 
[ ] You are extremely jealous, some bitch looks at your person and you'll rip her fucking eyes out with your bare hands.
[] One of the first things you want to know about a person is their astrology.
[/ ] Happiness is a nice, long hot bath, with bubbles. 
[ /] Once a month, you let your bitchiness take over. 
[/] You love cute little animals. 
[/] You have a LOT of pillows on your bed. 
Total: 19.5

I'm a bit more feminine then masculine.. hmm
These are the rules for my Breedable and information about how they work.

  • Prices may vary on breed, themes and how complicated their designs are
  • You will get a batch of 4 genderless foals. Foals are genderless so you can make them the gender you wish.
  • You can ask for a maximum of two batches per time.
  • I may be willing to open a second slot for friends.
  • Friends get a 25% discount.
  • If you want the foals to have a certain theme, look more like a certain parent, be a certain breed (as long as its either of the parents breed) or want them to have specific markings feel free to request them ( Markings will be and extra two :points: even for friends:
  • You can either fill in the blank base for the other part of the breedable or have two ponies from the breedable form together.
  • Female x Female and Male x Male breedables are allowed on my adopt batch's.
  • Only two adopt batches per time.
  • Please be patient, I have college 4 days a week along with work and get a lot of coursework to do at home so it may take me a while to make the foals.
  • Please don't be rude to me or others, If all slots are closed do not get mouthy about it. I might re-open slots after.
  • No homophobic, abusive or rude comments.
  • Refunds are allowed but only if you ask nicely.

If you have any questions ask below.

People who have read the rules:

DA Username: LupusEtoile
Name: Kathryn.
Nicknames: Etoile (DA Username), Kat, Kit-Kat.
Gender: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Zodiac Sign: Gemini


Number of Past Accounts:  KathrynJemma (Unactive) MistAcreWolf (TLK account - currently inactive) 
Number of Past Usernames: 1.
First Username: KatzApegasister *Cringes*
Original Join Date: 16/10/2013 on this account but I first joined on 31/01/2013
Premium Member?: Yes.
Watchers: 110
Deviations: 208
Favorites: 1,923


Favorite Digital Art Program: MS Paint
Favorite Traditional Art Medium:  Pencils.
Favorite DA Artists: RoseLoverOfPastels iPandacakes Lopoddity and 1231redflame
Favorite Movies: I don't really have a favourite, too many that I like.
Favorite TV Shows: Once upon a time, MLP FIM, Dexter, Criminal minds.
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Twenty one pilots, Fall out boy, Sam smith
Fandoms You're Stuck In: MLP, Pokémon, Harvest moon, Animal crossing.


Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Religious Affiliation?: None.
Number of Family Members in Household: 3 -4 including my brothers whos moved out)
Scars?: I have a few, one on my cheek, A burn scar on my right arm and a few others.
Tattoos?:  None.
Piercings?: Ears and belly.
Alcohol?:Only with friends and responsibly.
Drugs?: Nope, never.
Height: Between 150cm-160cm)
Weight: I'm not sure..


Digital or Traditional?:  Digital
Beach or Mountains?: Beach <s> even though I hate the beach, nice views but too sandy </s>
Dolphins or Sharks?: Dolphins
Would you rather fight 100 third graders one at a time or 50 all at once?: Nooonnee
On sunny days, you: Stay inside, In bed, gaming and probably stuffing my face.
On rainy days, you: Stay inside, sometimes watch the rain, listen if its gentle as I find t calming.
On hot days, you: I don't mind hot days as long as its not too hot, but I tend to just sit on my bed and game.
On cold days, you: Stay in bed with my teddies.


- I joined college early due to being home-schooled and studied Catering for two years.
- I'm not much of a talker at first.
- I have 7 cats and a dog and want more, A border collie and a hamster XD
- I am addicted to shipping and buying adopts.
- I tend to hide my feelings for certain reasons...
- My best friend in real life is called Tom, He is like a brother to me.
- I have no interest in getting into a relationship.
- I am quite sensitive.
- My favourite animal is a wolf
-My brother and I have an age gap of 10 years.


How many OCs do you have?: Too many to count, and theres going to be loads more on the way.
What fandom do most of them belong to?:  Mainly Mlp, but some are The lion king ocs, most of them have been abandoned though.
Which one is your favorite?:  I don't really have a favourite, I love them all the same.
Which one do you draw the most?: I haven't drawn any oc of my ocs (That isn't a picture of them being introduced) in ages so once again all the same.
Do you commission work of them?:  Sometimes.
Do you request work of them?: Sometimes.
Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own?: Most of my ocs are ships are my oc x my oc ships, but I have a few ship with other people, My favourite is probably Alexandrite Apple x Artemis (C) RoseLoverOfPastels , well not probably as there my otp XD
How do you keep track of them?: I don't really keep track of them.
Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance?: Probably my ponysona Corona, Alexandrite apple, Rhinestone dusk, Altaiir and Malteasers.

'Borrowed' from RoseLoverOfPastels cause I'm to lazy to draw today


Other Ships:
Hi guys,

I am going to rename my universes, I find calling them universe 1, 2 and 3 a bit boring.

Main Universe = KitKatverse. (Its a nickname of mine)

2nd Universe = Lupusverse  (Lupus is Latin for wolf, My favourite animal)

3rd universe = Emeraldverse, My birthstone

I will have a separate ponysona for each universe.

KitKat verse -  Sakura  Blossom, Pegasus.
Lupusverse - Corona Crumble, Earth.
Emeraldverse - TBA, Unicorn.

I am going to change Sakura Blossom into a Pegasus. She still has the same colour scheme and mane and tail design, but she will now be a Pegasus. I will post a up to date picture of her soon.
I am going to make a 3rd Universe soon, However I  plan to make my Mane 6 ship ocs for my 2nd universe first.

2nd Universe Mane 6 Ships:

Twishimmer - Completed, Twila-Marie and Nights Dawn.
Carjack (Divorced) - Completed, Honey-Dapple and Bailey
Rarijack - Completed, Divine Garnet and Alexandrite Apple.
LimeDash- Completed. Cryptic Bite.
SandalShy - Completed, Cream Crepe and Pastel Gumdrop
PinkieScratch - Completed, VinylPie - family of 4

3rd Universe Mane 6 Ships:

Twidash - Completed, Prism Essence and Nocturnal Spectrum.
AppleRara - Completed - Spectacle
RariMaud - Completed, Rhinestone Dusk
Timbershy (Divorced) - Completed, Magnolia Willow
MarbleShy - Completed - Smokey Rose and Rose Quartz 
PinkieUnknown - Starting.
Pinkiejoe - Starting.
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Hi guys,

I've come on here to tell you all that I may be less active then usual after my break,

Today I enrolled back into college, I used to be doing a catering course, level 1 and 2 but as they don't want me back for level 3 and its a legal requirement you stay In education until you're 18 in the U.K I've started a course in I.T.

It is 3 and a half days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I also have a Saturday job now which means I'll be busy on Saturdays too. So it most likely means I may not be as active as usual on here.
I off college on Tuesdays and don't work Sundays so those are the days you'll most likely see posts on here. 

However it may not be for a few weeks as I've got a assignment to work on as I've joined college a week late.

I'm hoping this course goes well and my job too. I start college tomorrow and have my first day of work Saturday.

wish me luck,
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Hello readers,

You can probably guess what this post is going to be about.

I am considering taking a break from D.A, I know I've only just got active again. But things in my life are a little rough as stressful lately and I'm finding it hard to really feel that inspired to draw/create ocs.

I also have not been feeling that happy lately and when I draw when I'm sad, my art tends to plummet and become lazy which I really don't like.

The things happening are rather personal thinks I'd not speak about but lets just say it revolves around parent troubles, college, work and a few other things I'd rather not mention.

I forgot to mention, I have got a Saturday job at the place I did work experience at, Its only on Saturdays for now but I hope to increase my work hours as I get more familiar and confident with my teammate and work atmosphere. This is my first job, so I'm hoping it goes well.

That is all for now, I don't know when I will be back on D.A. Maybe in a week or so.

speak soon,
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I feel like making some more adopts. So I'm going to make 6 adopts. I used a generator and wrote down some the mane 6 x mane 6 ships and these are the ships that came up.

1. Twilight Sparkle x Pinkie Pie.

2. Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy.

3. Pinkie Pie x Applejack,

4. Fluttershy x Rarity.

5. Rarity x Pinkie pie.

6. Applejack x Rainbow Dash.

If anybody wants to reserve a ship adopt comment below with a brief bio, explaining what gender, species, colours and mane style to be. along with a brief personality description and brief backstory.

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Hi there readers,

I am slowly getting back into D.A again and I have many ideas for art and new ocs to draw in the near future, However you may not see much art from me this week as I have Work experience at a pattiserie near me from 7am-5:30pm, Tommorrow(Wednesay), Thursday and Saturday. I walk home which takes me about a hour and by the time I've got home, had dinner and had my daily bath. I am usually too exhausted to doll (I have been doing Wednesday-Thursday work experience for the past two weeks). Also If its a Wednesday night I cant stay up late to doll as I need to get rest as I need to get up for a 6:45am bus to get to my W.E.  

I can doll on Friday and sunday, However both of these days I will most likely be sleeping in till late so I wont have much time to doll. Also on Saturday night I am attending a baby shower of a close friend. I am unaware if I am doing any work experience next week.

As I said in the title, I plan to make some new ocs that are based/themed of a game I play. It's a game called Rune Factory: Oceans/ Tides of Destiny and I'm going to make two new different universes for them where I shall 'ponify' the characters and also make my own ponysona for the universes. 
The reason there are two universes for each is as I have multiples ships for each which I plan to make next-gens for.

I am going to list a few ships below:

James x Bismark. - In the game you often see James and Bismark together and I can honestly imagine these two being a adorable couple. James flirting with Bismark and Bismark getting all shy and flustered. Sometimes maybe even Bismark would catch James of guard and flirt with him turning James into a squealing little mess. :bademoticon: They are pretty much my Male x Male OTP on this game (Even though it's not canon it totally should be)It's my OTP icon 
Pandora x Marewen.-  Marewen is a elf maid loyal to the humans she works for, Pandora is a .... Kind of bratty which bent on taking over the world... not a match made in heaven. But I can honestly Imagine these two hanging about, Pandora demanding tributes of Marewen who kindly accepts but after many tries and rejections of tributes Marewen gets annoyed and had a massive rage at her. Which Pandora finds a little frightening... also a little hot and bold and tells her what she meant by tribute and from that day, Pandoras goal changed from taking over the world to taking Marewens heart which she did eventually. As you can tell I have a big backstory for this. I might turn it into a fan fiction one day.

James x Odette. - Odette is Feniths best cook and James makes confections in his spare time, I can imagine James being in awe of Odettes skills... and also having a crush of her and begging to be her apprentice, Odette accepts and the two fall in love over times and James moves in with Odette making desserts for her bar/restaurant.

Sienna x Elena.
Aden x Sonja.
Bismark x Violet.
Lily x Joe.

It's late so I will add descriptions for the other ships tommorow

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There is a art theif taking people's oc and putting them up as adopts on their account.
My oc Kaiko has been one of these oc's

The thief is called KingKawaiiKong.
book pony adopt closed <-- Stolen oc

Please warn people so they don't get scammed.
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I've decided to make a 2nd next gen.

The ships in my next gen will be

Caramel x Applejack
Twilight Sparkle x Sunset shimmer
Starlight Glimmer x Trixie
Soarin x Braeburn
Caramel x Big Mac
Marble Pie x Fluttershy
Rarity x Applejack
Rainbow Dash x Limestone pie
Scootaloo x Spike
Diamond Tiara x Silver Spoon
Applebloom x Tender Taps
Sweetie Belle x ButtonMash.
Spitfire x Lightning dust
Thunderlane x Fleetfoot

There will be more added to the list soon. They wont be coming for a while though as I've got to sort out my folders on here and I've got a few more things to draw on post on here first.

However one of the ocs of this new next gen have already been posted. Honey-Dapple. I will be updating her profile soon.

That's all for now!,
Comment below if you have any Idea's for any ships I can put in my 2nd next gen
So, last night I was working on my Sparity family for my nex-gen families and I had completed dolling/drawing one of the Foals. It was late and I had a busy day at college the next day, along with 60 customers being booked In the college restaurant so I saved it and went to bed. This morning I received a Email from my teacher saying there was no Skillbuild this morning as she was ill and no-one was available to take the class. So my class didn't need to be in till 13:00, So I decided to continue working on my Sparity Foals, But when I went to open the file on paint, It wouldn't let me. Turns out the Files been corrupted and I have to start again. Which really annoys me as I put a lot of time into drawing the Foal I had made and I was extremely proud of how she came out.

I'm not going to have much time to draw them now as I only have 30 minutes till I need to leave for the next train to my college and considering there is 60 customers, Maybe even more. I probably wont even get home till about gone 22:30 and I will probably be extremely tired. It doesn't help much that my class is a small class of 9 and 3 of them rarely come in. One of them probably wont even come in today as she 'cant be asked'. So I probably will be too tired to draw then.

Tomorrow I've got to work on some homework but Its not much so I'm sure if I concentrate and work hard and quick. I should get It done quickly and be able to start the Sparity Foals again.

For some information about the Sparity Family, There is going to be 2 girls, Both Half Dragon Half Unicorn, 1 Teenager age 14, 1 Filly aged 9. The Filly is going to have a problem with one of her back legs and she cant bend it, Meaning she limps and often trips over. I might not make her a unicorn and give her dragon like wings but I'm not sure yet.

If you took your time to read this, Thank you.

Signing Out.