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Wylde Fyre by Kaiimira Wylde Fyre by Kaiimira
Name - Wylde Fyre ( WubStep)
Nickames - Wylde, Fyre. W.d, Wubstep ( Stage Name)
Sex - Mare.
Age - 16.
Species - Unicorn.

Mother - Vinyl Scratch.
Father - Neon Lights.
Siblings - Strobe Light.

Relationship- In a relationship with Frostbite.
Orientation - Bisexual.

Personality traits - Loud, Rebellious, Ambitious, Focused, Trustworthy, Loyal,  Secretive.

Home - Vinyl and Neons house, Ponyville.
Job - Singer.
Lifestyle - Records and practices singing daily at the recording studio and does concerts every other month. preforms at clubs with her parents or band mates on weekends. Spends the rest of the time trying to hide from Paparazzi or with her coltfriend.

Cutiemark - Musical note with blue fire.
Special Talent - Singing/ Powerful loud voice.

Fun facts -

She started her singing career as a 7 year old, At 10 she chose the Stage name Wubstep and started making her songs public, By 14 she was one of the most famous singers of her time.

She is mostly known by her stage name, Wubstep. It's what most of her fans address her as.

She hates the paparazzi and tries to avoid it all times.

She came out as Bisexual when she was 14.

Her mane is almost impossible to straighten. She has gone through over 100 straighteners in her life. She is looking for A Manestylist who has the power and skill to tame her mane.

Her most popular song is called 'Tame the mane' it sold out all over Equestria within the first day of release.

She isn't a big fan of being famous.

She has a blue flame tattoo on her leg.

Strobe Light (C) RosyPony 
Base (c) SelenaEde
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discordcelestia Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016
RosyPony Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
Aww she's so pretty ;w; can I make her a sibling? -I wanted a Neon x Vinyl oc XD-
Kaiimira Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you ^^. Of course! Go ahead.  I'm proud of how she came out, but I have a feeling her mane is going to be a pain in the ass to doll in the future XD
RosyPony Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
Well that'll be a pain for me when I make her a brother/sister -Depends on what the pony looks more like XD-
Kaiimira Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I cant wait to see what he/she looks like. I cant even begin to imagine what her bedhead would look like XD
RosyPony Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
Working on her now -If you me to make anymore siblings for your next gen lemme know XD I'd love to have oc's in other people's next gens-
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August 29, 2016
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