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The blue boys by Kaiimira The blue boys by Kaiimira
Name - Ocean Azure. (left)
Nicknames - Ocean, Azu.
Sex - Stallion.
Age - 17.
Breed - Pegasus.

Mother - Artic Summers. (Deceased)
Father - Dodger Dare. (Deceased)
Siblings - Cobalt Midnight, Navy dusk, Indigo Blue (Deceased)

Sexuality - Bisexual.
Single/Taken - Single.
Crushes - none.
Crushers - none.

Brief description - He is the social one of his brothers, He is creative and imaginative with a talent for art and crafts. He is a average flyer with average intelligence. He is easily impressed and slightly naïve. He is a lot more excitable then his elder brothers.

Cutiemark - Scissors.
Special Talent - Art and Crafts

Fun facts -

He is the youngest of his three brothers. However is the 2nd tallest.

He tends to daydream a lot.

He wishes his eldest brother would be more open with him.

He got runner up in a arts and crafts competition as a colt.

Adopted from and designed by ratjayadopts 


Name - Cobalt midnight (Middle)
Nickname - Cobalt, Co.
Age - 18.
Sex - Stallion.
Breed - Earth.

Mother - Artic Summers. (Deceased)
Father - Dodger Dare. (Deceased)
Siblings - Ocean Azure, Navy Dusk, Indigo Blue (Deceased)

Sexuality - Homosexual.
Single/Taken? - Single.
Crushes - None.
Crushers - None.

Brief description - 2nd eldest of his brothers, Cobalt is the most mature of his brothers, he love gaming and shares his younger brothers creative spark. He is clumsy, antisocial and calm. Despite having similar personalities he tends to clash with his eldest brother. He is protective of his youngest brother for very personal reasons.

Cutiemark - Gaming control and a Disk.
Special Talent - Creating video games.

Fun facts -

He is closest to his younger brother and they both chose each other to be the first pony to come out to.

He was scared of coming out to his older brother but to his surprise his brother accepted

He and Flare burst are best friends.

Despite his mother and father being a Unicorn and a Pegasus, He is a earth pony.

Adopted from/Designed by M1ntp00p


Name - Navy Dusk. (right)
Nickname - Dusk, Navy.
Sex - Stallion.
Breed - Unicorn.

Mother - Artic Summers. (Deceased)
Father - Dodger Dare. (Deceased)
Siblings - Cobalt Midnight, Ocean Azure, Indigo Blue (Deceased)

Sexuality - Straight.
Single/Taken - Single.
Crushes - None.
Crushers - None.

Brief description - Oldest of his brothers, Dusk has a very dark, scarred and abusive past, His past is what has turned him into the cold, rude and hot headed stallion he is today. He doesn't trust much ponies besides his siblings. He is blunt and extremely antisocial. He is intelligent and too the point and is not afraid of telling ponies what he thinks of them to their face. He tends to swear a lot and is very shut out from the world. He will hide his emotions and keep to himself.

Cutiemark - Shield.
Special talent - protecting the ones he loves and others.

Fun facts -

He is training to be a cop.

He was abused by his alcoholic father.

He has a hidden scar on his throat where his father held a knife up to it once.

He is extremely protective of his brothers and loves them all very much.

He is the tallest of his brothers.

Design (c) KatzAPegasister.

Bases (c) SelenaEde 
M1ntp00p Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Kaiimira Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much ^^
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