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Starxie twins by Kaiimira Starxie twins by Kaiimira
Name - Orchid Sapphire.
Nickname(S) - Orchid, S.D, Saphii.
Sex - Mare.
Age - 17.
Species - Unicorn.

Mother(S) - Starlight Glimmer and Trixie.
Sibling(S) - Amethyst Galaxy.

Relationship - Single.
Orientation - Unsure.
Crush(es) - None.
Crusher(s) - None.

Personality Traits - Confident, Competitive, Intelligent, Outgoing, A bit of a show off and Imaginative.

Living Arrangements - A 3 bedroom house, Starlight's old home town.
Job - Magic Performer.
Lifestyle - Preforms Magic shows with her mothers twice a week around Equestria. The rest of it she spends travelling to different places. She and her family go home to visit once every two weeks. She has a 3 week break for Easter, 3 weeks between Christmas and new years and a week off for her and family birthdays.

Cutiemark -  Magic dust with 4 gold stars and a apple.
Special Talent - Preforming

Pelt colour - Blueish purple.
Mane Colour(s) -Purple and Blue.
Eye colour - Purple.


Name - Amethyst Galaxies.
Nicknames - Amethyst, A.G, Galaxy, Ama-Gala.
Sex - Mare.
Species -  Unicorn.
Age - 18.

Mothers(S) - Starlight Glimmer and Trixie.
Sibling(S) - Orchid Saphire.

Relationship - Single.
Orientation - Bisexual.
Crush(es) - None.
Crusher(s) - None.

Personality Traits - Independent, Reliable, Dutiful, Observant, Intelligent, Can come off as rude, Tends to be in a bad mood.

Living Arrangements - 3 bedroom home, Starlights old home town.
Job - Unemployed.
Lifestyle - Stays at home doing chores, cooking, studying and other stuff whilst her mothers and sister preform in their 'Travelling Circus' as she calls it.

Pelt colour - Pinkish Purple.
Mane Colour(s) Purple gradient Blue.
Eye colour -Blueish purple.

Base(s) (c) SelenaEde 
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August 21, 2016
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