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Shadow Azure by Kaiimira Shadow Azure by Kaiimira
Adopted from and designed by RoseLoverOfPastels Heart 


Personal Information -

Name - 
Shadow Azure.
Nickname(s) - Shadow, Azi.
Sex - Cis mare (female)
Race - Earth.
Age - 19.
Birthday - 12th December.
Starsign - Sagittarius.

Universe & Oc type - 

Universe - 
Oc Type - Next Generation.

Blood Relationships -

Thunderlane & Paradise (deceased) 
Siblings - None.
Step-father - Soarin.
Half-Sibling(s)- TBA.
Uncle(s) - Rumble.
Auntie(s) - None for now.
Cousin(s) - None for now.
Grandparents - Unknown.

Non-Blood relationships - 

Best Friend(s) - 
 Prism Essence and Magnolia Willow.
Friend(s) - 
Nocturnal Spectrum.
Acquaintance(s) -  Smokey Rose, Ash Veneer.
Romantic Interest(s) - Magnolia Willow.
Enemy(ies)/Rival(s)- None, yet.
Girlfriend/Boyfriend - None.

Orientations - 

Sexual Orientation - 
Romantic Orientation - Biromantic.

Likes Dislikes & Personality - 

Likes - 
Cooking, making drinks, her job, her friends, Magnolia Willow, laughing, making ponies smile, tips, dancing, drinking, foals,
Dislikes -  Obsessive drinking, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, all other LGTB phobias, rude customers, complains, when ponies cry, being ill, bragging, liars, when people offend her family (especially her mother). 
Personality - Shadow Azure is a calm mare who easily fill a room with joy. She is extremely passionate especially when it comes to her job and hobbies. She is determined and a major perfectionist, however being a perfectionist can cause her to get stressed if things don't turn out the way she planned or wished. She has her fathers confidence along with also being very romantic like him. She has her mothers grace, natural beauty and has always acquired her perfectionist trait off of her. She can have times when she can be cheeky, sarcastic and overly serious.

Cutiemark & Special Talent - 

Cutiemark - Sundae
Special Talent - Creating sweet drinks like milkshakes, hot chocolate, sundaes ( her speciality, ect)

Look who I finally drewMiraculous - Chatemote - Sweatdrop . totally hasn't taken me almost 4 months to draw her . I am so glad I finally drew this lil' babyHeart  I love her to bits and she was worth every pointHeart . Also, new bio style I plan to add a story line to the bio style as well but I will at a later time.

Just in case you did not read above - Shadow Azure was designed by RoseLoverOfPastelsHeart  

Base (C) SelenaEde 

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RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
So glad you drew her <3
Kaiimira Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love her so much, She is my baby
RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017
I'm glad <3
anteabelle Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
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February 2, 2017
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