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Princess Ocean Lazuli by Kaiimira Princess Ocean Lazuli by Kaiimira
--------------------------------------------------Bio -------------------------------------------

Name: Ocean Lazuli
Nicknames: Lazuli.
Sex - Female.
Age - 19
Birthday -  1st December
Species  - Pony
Breed -  Earth

Mane colour(s)-
Teal and blue
Eye colour(s) - Amethyst purple
Main Pelt Colour - Powder white


Adoptive Mother: 
Adoptive Father: Shining Armor
Adoptive Siblings: Flurry heart.
Adoptive Auntie(s) - Luna
Adoptive Uncle(s) - Sombra
Adoptive Cousin(s) - Mara-Dibella, Dreamy, Altaïr, Artemis & Shadow


Sexual Orientation - 
Romantic Orientation - Panromantic
Romantic Interest(S) - None.
Relationship status - Single


Best friends -  Mara-Dibella
Friends - Shadow, Altair, Dreamy, Abbas, Artemis.
Acquaintances - Inkswirl, Izzabella
Enemies - Flurry Heart

Personality - Ocean Lapis is a overall sarcastic mare who like her cousin does not live up to the standards required for a princess. However she appreciates the fact her parents adopted her and uses it to help her carry out her role as a princess despite not being one through blood. She may be sarcastic and cocky but she is also kind, caring and quite the hippie. She is very chilled out and rarley looses her temper.
Facts - 

  • Her Cutiemark is a wave and she got it when visiting seaquestria with her friends as a kid when she decided to try out surfing. A couple of other visitors commented on how a princess should not 'waste their royal life' on things such as surfing and lil'filly Ocean  of course responded by showing them she did not care by surfiing under a huge wave.
  • She is not a princess by blood. After being pregnant with Flurry, Cadence somehow became infertile and could no longer have kids. So her and Shining adopted Ocean.
  • Flurry did not like Ocean at all and still doesnt she views her a barrier to the attention and throne she deserves. Ocean returns the dislike but not for the same reasons.
  • Ocean has no interest in taking on her mothers role.
  • Her and Mara tend to argue often but love each other a lot.


Universe -  Lupusverse
Oc type -  Next Generation.

Cutiemark - Wave.
Special Talent-  Surfing especially under large waves

Base -  HuiRou 
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Ohhh I love her
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