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MaudRaven/MoonlightMaud Family by Kaiimira MaudRaven/MoonlightMaud Family by Kaiimira
Introducing my Maud pie x Moonlight raven family, Well 5/6 of it

There are 4 foals, 3 mares and 1 stallion. The stallion isn't' in  this picture yet but I couldn't wait to post this family So I will update this drawing as soon as I add him.

Foals oldest-youngest

Name - Smokey (NOT SEEN ON IMAGE)
Age - 16.
Sex - Stallion.
Breed - Unicorn.
Parents - Maud Pie and Moonlight Raven.
Siblings - Topaz-Dust, Ashes and Malteasers.
Cutiemark - T.B.A
Special Talent - T.B.A
Personality - T.B.a
Created by - T.B.A

Name - Topaz-Dust
Nickname - Dusty
Breed - Earth.
Sex - Mare
Age- 16
Parents - Maud pie and Moonlight raven.
Siblings - Malteasers, Ashes, and Smokey.
Cutiemark - Paintbrush.
Special Talent - Painting, Drawing, sketching all things art.
Personality - Dusty shares the quiet gene her cousins Kaiko and Gingersnap also have. She isn't very expressive most of the time however can show emotion sometimes. She is reserved and speaks her mind, which can come of as rude to other ponies if they don't know her well. She has a somewhat short temper and is extremely protective of her family and tends to be cautious.
Created and Adopted from - RosyPony 

Name- Ashes.
Age - 10.
Sex - Mare/Filly.
Breed - Unicorn.
Parents - Maud Pie and Moonlight raven.
Siblings - Smokey, Topaz-Dust, and Malteasers.
Cutiemark - None yet.
Special Talent - N/A
Personality - Ashes is the most outgoing of her brother and sisters. She will speak to almost anypony without hesitation even if her big sister doesnt like it. She is confident and very into fashion. She likes to keep up with the latest styles and likes to play hairdresser with her family, He sister Malteasers current manestyle was acctually done by Ashes herself. Her mane and tail is straight like Mauds, However Ashes styles it so its got a bit of curl.

Name - Malteasers.
Age - 7.
Birth Parents - Unknown.
Breed - Earth.
Impairments - Blind.
Adoptive Parents - Maud Pie and Moonlight Raven.
Adoptive Siblings - Smokey, Topaz-Dust, and Ashes.
Cutie mark - None yet.
Special Talent - N/A
Personality - Malteasers is blind so she uses her muzzle to identify people by smell, doing so has caused her to have a good sense of smell, She also uses hearing to indentify people by the sound of their footsteps and her hooves to feel the vibrations they cause on the ground when they trot. She isnt shy and quiet but she isnt outgoing and loud either, She is in the middle. She is well aware she is adopted but still loves her mothers and family very much, She is curious about who her real parents are, but doesnt let this ruin her bond with her parents.

How Smokey, Topaz-Dust and Ashes were connceived - A few years after marriage. Maud and Raven decided they wanted foals but they knew that as they were both mares that they wouldnt be able to conceive, But at the time they didnt want to adopt either. So Maud spoke to Twilight who took Her to see Zecora. Zecora came up with a potion that would turn a Mare into a stallion for two days and after a talk it was decided that Maud would drink the potion.

Maud and Raven tried for a baby and were sucesfull, Raven fell pregnant and gave birth to twins, Smokey and Topaz. 8 years later they decided they wanted another baby. This time Raven drank the potion and became a stallion and Maud got pregnant with Ashes.

However, The potion caused them both to become infertile, So when the time came along they wanted a 4th kid, They couldnt concive one. But one day, Late at lunas night, Maud heard the high pitched cries of a filly. Thinking it was Ashes in danger she rushed out the house only to find a baby in a small basket, Crying, dirty, scared and soiled. Maud noticed the filly was blind and took her in. Her and Raven looked up her and raised her to good condition and during this time grew greatly attached to her, So Did Ashes and the other kids. So, Raven and Maud decided to adopt the blind filly, naming her malteasers which was suggested by Pinkie pie.

Base(s) (C) SelenaEde
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