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Mara-Dibella - Redesign by Kaiimira Mara-Dibella - Redesign by Kaiimira
--------------------------------------------------Bio -------------------------------------------

Name: Mara-Dibella
Nicknames: Dia, Mara, Princess, Love (abbeys only),Half-form freak ( Flurry only)
Sex - Female.
Age - 19
Birthday -  11th November
Species  - Pony Changling hybrid
Breed -  Royal Changling Alicorn hybrid

Mane colour(s)-
Blush red & Teal
Eye colour(s) - Amethyst purple (left) and Teal (right)
Main Pelt Colour - Powder white
Markings -  Freckles
Marking colours - Almost black


Mother: Chrysalis 
Siblings: Cicada and Desert Locust
Auntie(s) - Luna
Uncle(s) - Sombra
Cousin(s) -  Altaïr, Artemis & Shadow
Adoptive siblings -Dreamy
Adoptive Auntie - Cadence
Adoptive Uncle - Shining Armor
Adoptive cousins - Flurry Heart, Ocean Lapis

Sexual Orientation -
Romantic Orientation - Panromantic
Romantic Interest(S) -  Abbas
Relationship status - Single


Best friends -  Artemis, Abbas, Wolfen
Friends - Shadow, Altair, Dreamy, Gumdrop button
Acquaintances - Inkswirl, Izzabella
Enemies - Flurry Heart

Personality - Mara is a brave, short tempered, caring mare who lives to protect the ones she cares about. She tends to come off as very intimidating and she will defiantly not hesitate to threaten you or talk back to you. She can be flirtatious and cheeky with ponies she is close to. She knows how and when to act like the royal princess she is but she is more like the opposite of the stereotypical princess. She swears a lot , fights, spits, threatens, drinks and has quite a attitude when she wants to.  She is passionate, trustworthy and is not afraid to state and stand up for her own opinion. However her short temper and the fiery, feisty and mischievous part of her personality can get her into trouble

Facts - 

  • She has a  very thick Brushian (russian) Accent 
  • She knows several combat styles, both magical and melee.
  • She often swears or insults in Brushian
  • She can speak Brushian fluently and tends to speak it when drunk
  • She and Flurry despise each other.  They often have became very close to fighting.
  • She and Flurry will insult eachother when alone together.
  • She is very protective of her cousin Artemis, hurt Artemis and deal with Maras wrath.
  • She got attacked raped by three stallions. A investigation is currently ongoing to find the attackers.
  • She is training in magical combat in the use of weaponry  
  • She can hiss.
  • She once threatened to disembowel and use the organs as decorations of a pony that she caught bullying Artemis
  • She currently holds 1st place for heaviest drinker in Equestria 


Universe -  Lupusverse
Oc type -  Next Generation.

Bases (c) SelenaEde 

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Isisani Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017
RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017
Oh wow this was a major redesign XD
Kaiimira Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, XD kind of felt like her old mane style didn't really go with her personality.  I like this design for her even if it is the 3rd redesign due to file corruption  

Would Abbas still like her looking like this? XD
RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017
Ofcorse he would xD
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October 20, 2017
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