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Katzverse - SoarinDashBell Family by Kaiimira Katzverse - SoarinDashBell Family by Kaiimira
My Soarindashbell family for my Katzverse ( Soarin x Rainbow Dash x Dumbbell )

Rainbow Dash had always had a crush on Soarin since she first laid eyes for him at flight camp, as for Dumbbell... she looked at him as more of a rival than anything else. Now Dumbbell had a big old crush on Rainbow but.. he just did not know how to show that to her. So he showed her the way he thought would work well, by teasing her.

When Rainbow joined the Wonderbolt It gave her a chance to get closer to Soarin. She would talk to him as often as she could and always made the most out of the time they spent together. The two slowly got closer every day and ended up going on a few dates. It wasn't until their young adult years that the two started dating officially. 

Soarin and Rainbow Dash were a very intimate couple and made love often. Just a few days after the one time they decided to risk not using protection, Rainbow Dash showed symptoms of pregnancy she went to the doctors only to have it be confirmed. 

Dash was nervous to tell Soarin, She was also a bit upset knowing she'd have to give up flying with the Wonderbolts for a while when she's late in her pregnancy and during the first months of being a mother. At first, she was going to get an abortion but something stopped her, a hint of love towards her child already a hint of her loyalty to this kid. She told Soarin and did not get the reaction she expected, he actually was thrilled to be a parent. When they went for their first Scan, they discovered they were going to not have one foal but two bundles of joy. Both a boy and a girl. 

11 months later, Rainbow gave birth to two healthy foals. She named the boy Miles and the girl Wonderbolt, after the team she flew for.

The next year for the couple was very rocky, the two argued all the time and their arguments got worse by the day. The two ended up splitting up and who was there to support the drunk, tearful Dash during these times? Why none other than Dumbbell himself. The two ended up having a one night stand which became a relationship when rainbow once again fell pregnant.

This time she gave birth to one foal, A filly she named Honey Lavender. Rainbow and Dumbell were in a happy relationship for 2 years and had another child during that time they named Thunder Bass. Dumbbell was even going to propose but Rainbow still loved Soarin and her heart was waiting for him to show interest again and When he did Rainbow left Dumbbell for her. 

4 years into their relationship, They had a third child, or in other words, Rainbows 5th child. A Filly they named Tiger Lily but children seemed to be a curse upon this couple as the two broke up again only a few months after Tiger Lilly's birth.

Dumbbell and Rainbow slowly got close again. It took a year for Dumbbell to trust her again, If he still didn't love her it would have taken longer. The two got back together and had a child a year into their relationship a foal they named Swift Spirit.

8 years on Rainbow and Dumbell are now married and have been for 3 years. Rainbow has lost all interest in Soarin and is Loyal to Dumbbell.

With the bits she earned as a Wonderbolt along with help from Dumbbell who was a fitness instructor the two managed to buy a 7 bedroom house in Ponyville. They had their 7th room as a guest room after the youngest Tiger Lily and Swifty begged to share a room/

Foals names, parents and age (Left to right)
Miles, 20, Soarin and Rainbow Dash. Twins with Wonderbolt.
Wonderbolt, 20 Soarin and Rainbow Dash. Twins with Miles.
Tiger Lily, 10, Soarin and Rainbow Dash.
Swift Spirit, 8, Dumbbell and Rainbow Dash.
Honey Lavender, 18, Dumbell and Rainbow Dash.
Thunder Bass, 16, Dumbell and Rainbow dash

Their bios will be all posted during the next few days separately. So prepare for a lot of art.

Thunder Bass (C) RoseLoverOfPastels 
Bases (C) SelenaEde  
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