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Jadzia by Kaiimira Jadzia by Kaiimira
Name - Jadzia.
Nickname - Jade.
Sex - Mare.
Age - 12.
Mother - Limestone pie.
Father - Quibble pants.
Siblings - Kaiko
Aunt(ies) - Pinkie pie, Maud pie, Marble Pie.
Uncle(s) - Cheese Sandwich, Braeburn.
Cousin(s)- Pinkie pie & Cheese: Laffie-Taffie, Cherry Cupcake, Pumpernickel, Poptart, Jasper and Johnathon.
Marble Pie and Braeburn: Mistii and Gingersnap.
Other relatives - Igneous Rock and Cloudy Quartz.

Relationship - Single.
Orientation - Straight
Crushes - None.
Crushers - Unknown.

Personality - Jadzia tend to be very sarcastic and cheeky, She loves to tease her big brother and call him 'Bookworm' which he hates. She is slightly clumsy due to only having 3 legs. She is a little sweetheart to other ponies but isn't the best at keeping her mouth shut, A trait she gets off her father. She is obsessed with soils and is very intelligent when she comes to the stuff.

Home - Pie Family Rock Farm.
Job - Gardener
Lifestyle - Kaiko spends his weekdays working on the rockfarm from 7am-3pm. He gets the Weekends off and spends most of that time reading his books but sometimes goes out to see friends or visit family.

Cutiemark - Garden pot with Soil (to be drawn)
Special Talent - Gardening and Soils.

Pelt Colour - brown.
Mane Colour(s) - Bluish greys
Mane Style - Short and straight.
Eye Colour - Yellow
Pupil Colour - Black,
Other Features - Right leg amputation scar. grey wing tips.

Base (c) SelenaEde
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August 19, 2016
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