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Inkswirl by Kaiimira Inkswirl by Kaiimira
Name- Inkswirl
Nicknames- I.S, Swirl, Inks
Breed- Unicorn
Sex- Stallion
Age -  24
Birthday - 22nd October
Star-sign -  Libra

Mane colour(s)-
Light and dark brown
Eye colour(s) - Blue (left) and Gold (right)
Main Pelt Colour - Greyish dark blue
Markings -  Tricoloured splotches
Marking colours - Brown, pale blue, greyish blue
Hoof colour - Silver


Mother -  Raven Inkwell
Father -  Spearhead
Grandmother(s) - Inkwell ( Mothers side),  Play write (fathers side)
Grandfather - Burnt oak (Fathers side), Rusty tenure (mothers side)
Siblings -  TBA
Other relatives -  Starswirl the bearded.


Best friends -  Flurry heart, Camouflage. 
Friends -  TBA.
Acquaintances -  Artemis, Mara-Dibella, Wolfen, Abbas.
Love interests - Wolfen, Flurry Heart.


Romatic Orientation -  Biromantic
Sexual Orientation - Bisexual
Relationship status -  Taken
Marefriend/Coltfriend: Flurry Heart


Job Role -  Royal Guard
Job duties -  Personal guard to Flurry heart, Night guard, Day guard


Personality -  Inkswirl is an ignorant but trustworthy stallion who is honest but tends to be brutal about it. He believes that there should only be four breeds, unicorns, earth and Pegasus and donkey and that any others (such as changelings, half-breeds and hybrids) are nothing but a burden and waste of space. In his opinion anything that isn't fully pony or donkey is pure filth. When ponies ask why he thinks this he relates it to Starswirl and how ' Pegasi, Earth and unicorn ponies lived in peace and harmony before the others showed up'

He is athletic, stubborn and will force his opinion on others and will try to radicalise other ponies into thinking like him. However he is kind, loyal and caring to the ponies he respects or views as at the same level as him or higher. He takes his role as royal guard seriously.


Facts - 
  • He is completely aware he is bisexual but will claim he is straight, mainly as he is scared what ponies will think. Also because he worries it will ruin his reputation
  • He is completely oblivious to the fact he has feelings for Wolfen, That isn't a feeling f butterflies in his stomach whenever Wolfen is around it is feelings of hatred and anger (or so he thinks)
  • He will brag about being related to Starswirl
  • He is very magically powerfull
  • He can be very convincing and has already convinced a large group of ponies to think like him
  • His name is a mixture of Starswirl and Inkwell as a dedication to them.
  • He bullies Wolfen a lot and is not afraid to bully him publicly. He tries to avoid bullying him around Mara and/or Abbas though.
  • He got the cut in his ear from Mara-Dibella

Base (C) SelenaEde 
Abbas and Artemis (C) RoseLoverOfPastels 
Wolfen and Mara-Dibella (C) LupusEtoile 
RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2017
I imagine Abbas keeping a close eye on him

So I guess he wouldn't like Dreamy much? XD She's part deer so.
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September 18, 2017
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