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Corona Crumble by Kaiimira Corona Crumble by Kaiimira
--------------------------------------------------Bio -------------------------------------------

Name: Corona Crumble
Nicknames: Cocoa, Crumble, Honey.
Sex - Mare (Female).
Age - 18
Birthday -  29th May
Species  - Wolf Pony hybrid
Breed -  Pegasus

Mane colour(s)-
Dark brown to light brown
Eye colour(s) -  Cinnamon brown
Main Pelt Colour - tawny brown
Hoof colour - Cookie brown


Father: Tench Angler
Siblings: Whirlwind Drift

Sexual Orientation -
Romantic Orientation - Hetero-Demiromantic
Relationship status - Single

Best friends - Raising Dawn, Button Code, Splatter, Nature Orchid
Friends -  SparkTrigger Flash, Mammoth Bull, Blazen Sketch, Pratical Tech
Enemies - Screw Shot

Personality - Corona is nervous, overall quiet mare who is jumpy and shy. She tends to not talk much at first when it comes to meeting new ponies. She can be very sensitive and lets her anxiety get the best of her. When she warms up to ponies she slowly comes out her shell showing her goofy, quirky, dark humoured personality. She stays loyal to her friends and attempts to be kind as much as she can. However, she tends to get attached to talking to someone and will block out others and tends to not think before she acts. She finds it hard to say no and stand up for herself however she works hard and always tries her best to make sure everyone is involved and happy, even if it means she has to act like she is happy to. 

Facts -
  • She has Social anxiety
  • She has Severe Anxiety
  • She has depression
  • She finds it very hard to trust especially other mares
  • She drinks but only with friends and not very often
  • She is a apprentice pastry chef
  • She loves her job
  • She enjoys gaming 
  • She studies I.T
  • She has a scar on her cheek from where she'd paw at her face as a baby.
  • She has a birthmark on her arm.
  • She loves hugs
  • She has a damaged past with her father and doesn't really like her father side of the family
  • She hates asking questions
  • She has been a victim of bullying and sexual assault.


Universe -  All universes
Oc type -  Ponysona

Cutiemark -  cupcake and bread
Special talent - Patisserie style cooking

Bases (c) SelenaEde 


Admin notes -

So I've decided to get permanently rid of my ponysona cotton candy and redesign Corona who is now my main and probably only ponysona. 

I felt her old design was rushed and didn't fully suit me so I decided to redesign her. 

UPDATE 11/07/2018 - Updated Coronas age, sexuality, romantic preference and friends.
RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017
Awww how cute ;o;
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November 12, 2017
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