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Chocolate Ganache by Kaiimira Chocolate Ganache by Kaiimira
Name - Chocolate Ganache.
Nickname's - Choco, Latte, Ganache, C.G.
Sex- Mare.
Age- 15.
Breed - Earth.

Mother - Derpy Whooves.
Father - Doctor Whooves.
Siblings - Cookie crumbles and Cinna.
Aunts - Dinky Doo.(Mothers sister)
Uncles - Barley Grind (Fathers brother), Cloudy Daze (By Marriage)
Nieces/Nephews - None for now.

Relationship - Single.
Orientation - Straight.
Crushes - Kaiko, Cappuccino, and Magic Shield
Crushers - Cappuccino, Open.

Personality traits - Kind, Cheerful, Above Average Intelligence, Bookworm, Friendly,  Finicky and Cowardly, perfectionist.

Home - 4 bedroom house on top of her parents library, Ponyville.
Job - Librarian.
Lifestyle - Works Monday - Friday from 8am-6pm at her mothers library, She gets a Day off of on Sundays and a Half shift, 8am-13pm on Saturdays. On her time off she will often be cleaning and organising her room. She doesn't get much free time after her shifts as she has to often babysit her baby brothers.

Cutiemark - 4 Stacked books with ABCD and 1234 on them (To be added)
Special Talent - Arranging and Organising.

Fun Facts -

Her freckles are the same colour as her mothers mane.

She has O.C.D.

She sometimes needs glasses for reading depending on font size.

Her best friend is called Mitzi.

She loves crime stories.

She tends to get crushes easily.


Chocolate Ganache was going to be called Chocolate Drops but it was changed to her original name.

Chocolate Ganache is related to one of my oc's.

Adopted from staygay
Base (C) SelenaEde
Magic Shield (C) RosyPony 
Pwrcat70 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Oh she's so cute!
Kaiimira Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much ^^ I loved her colour scheme when I saw her so I had to adopt her.
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September 2, 2016
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