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Artemis Meridia by Kaiimira Artemis Meridia by Kaiimira
Name - (Princess) Artemis Meridia
Nicknames - Meridia, Artemis, Emis, Dia, Arte (Father only), Emi (Close friends only)
Sex - Female
Age - 22.
Breed - Unicorn.

Mother - Twilight Sparkle.
Father - Sombra.
Siblings - None.
Half-Siblings: Twila-Marie and Nights Dawn. (Mothers side)
Mother-In-law: Sunset-Shimmer.
Aunt(s) - Princess Cadence.
Uncle(s) - Sunburst, Shining armor (In-laws), Shining Armor.
Cousins - Flurry Heart, Flickering Century, and Flare burst (In-laws)

Sexuality - Pansexual, Panromantic.
Single/Taken - Single.
Crushes - None.
Crushers - None,Open.

Cutiemark - 3 stars surrounded by a magic glow.
Special Talent - Her magic power.

Personality - Artemis is very very antisocial, She obverse ponies in silence from a distance, identifying their traits and sometimes gathering informationg on them, Before approaching them. She acts cold, rude, sarcastic, sassy and Snarky. Not scared to be honest with you about she feels about you or to get in a magic fight, Also wont hesistate to use her magic for dark purposes. However She is very intelligent and inherited her mothers gift in magic arts.

Fun facts -

She was concieved when Sombra and Twillight had a one night stand/fling and didnt use protection, Twilight didnt want to get an abortion but when Artemis was born, She gave her to Sombra.

Although she Is Pan, She claims to be straight unless with very close friends or her father.

Despite being taught mostly dark magic by her father, Artemis studies light magic on a daily basis.

She is very much aware of Twilight being her mother, She claims to have a deep hatrid for her and Sunset. However she is okay with her half siblings, Who are unaware that she is their sister.

She acctually doesnt hate her mother, She loves her deeply and is very inspired by her, But she is confused by why she gave her away.

She is A mix of good and Evil, however she is mostly evil (%70 Dark/Evil, %30 Light/Good)

Base (c) yaribases 
Original Image (C) Faith-Wolff 
LightzGc Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016
I love her design!Love Love Love Love 
Kaiimira Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you😊, I made many designs for her but this one is the one I like the most by far.
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September 30, 2016
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