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Amethyst and Zestar by Kaiimira Amethyst and Zestar by Kaiimira
Name - Amethyst.
Sex - Mare.
Breed - Earth.
Mothers - Applebloom and Diamond Tiara.
Siblings - Zestar.
Brief Description - Amethyst is the older of her and her twin brother Zestar with and age difference of 2 and a half hours. Along with being the oldest she is definitely the one in charge and the strongest of the two. She is a bit mischievous and very curious and likes to drag her brother along with her wherever she goes. She tends to talk a lot too.. Well she thinks she is talking but its mainly just gibberish, squeals and coo's.

Name - Zestar
Sex - Mare.
Breed - Earth.
Mothers - Applebloom and Diamond Tiara.
Siblings - Amethyst
Brief Description - Zester may be the youngest and be the runt of he and his sister, but he is much more developed and smarter then his sister, He quickly managed to learn how to walk and talk and is slowly learning how to run. However, Zester was born blind, His parents were not sure if it was the spell Twilight use on them to help them conceive him that caused it or he was just born that way. Either way they love their sweet little apple to bits. He doesn't let being blind get him down and still plays with his sister and friends.

Amethyst and Zestar are in the Emeraldverse.

Bases (C) SelenaEde.
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