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AHAHD - Today's the day by Kaiimira AHAHD - Today's the day by Kaiimira
Part 1 -  An Exciting chat by LupusEtoile

Part 2  -  Altaiir's thoughts by LupusEtoile

"Return for Canterlot please" 

" That will be 4 bits please"

Alexandrite handed the ticket man the bits and was given his two train tickets to Canterlot.

"Thank you very much, Have a good day Sir!" Alexandrite gave the stallion a smile.

The stallion smiled back "You too kid" 

Today was the day, It was hearts and hooves day in Equestria and Alexandrite had managed to convince Applejack to let him have the day off. He had been planning something for a while now. To ask a certain pony something. It seemed a bit cliche doing in on heart and hooves day. But he did not really care. However he felt nervous for the first time in a while there was a swarm of butterflies in his stomach. he was usually shining with confidence but today he felt really nervous. He was not the flirtatious stallion he usually is.

"Okay, So youre just going to go there and ask, maybe take them out for a a movie or something... it wont be that bad... Im sure it will go A-okay. They will have a good time... We! we will.. have a good...time" He muttered to himself as he waited for the train to Canterlot to arrive.

He remembered the words his mama's told him. "Just be yourself" he kept telling himself that. Be the flirtatious, confident, happy, cheeky stallion you are... But maybe being himself wasn't the best... He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

Alexandrite and His sister Divine Garnet where quite the teenage heartthrobs of Ponyville. They always revieved many hearts and hooves day gifts and had many secret admirers.  They both however had never been in a relationship... nope not one. Neither of them had found anyone they returned feelings for. Until Alexandrite did have a crush on Altaiir once, which was when he realised he was bisexual but his feelings soon went when he realised Altaiir was straight. Alexandrite does like someone now, and he has liked this canterlot pony for a long time.

Alexandrite was so deep in thought he didnt notice the train pulling up till the sound the doors opening snapped him out of his daydreaming.

"It is time.." he took a deep breath as he walked to the middle coach of the train and stepped inside. He was tempted to wimp out. He was that nervous but the train doors closed and made the double beep which meant the doors were closed till they got to canterlot.

"...Well.. theres no backing out now  Alex.."

Part 4 - Coming very soon.

Base (C) AdamsAdopts 
Backdrop (C) SelenaEde 
RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Pfft Canterlot pony huh? Hmm I wonder who  you've been shipping him with for so long >.> -Ahem your icon-
Kaiimira Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe they're is going to be a massive plot twist... maybe it wont or will or wont or will or wont be the pony you think it is who knows .... >.> 
RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Pffft Artemis isn't gonna like this XD
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