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AHAHD - Hey Artemis.. by Kaiimira AHAHD - Hey Artemis.. by Kaiimira
Part 1 -  AHAHD - An Exciting chat by LupusEtoile

Part 2 - AHAHD - Altaiir's thoughts by LupusEtoile

Part 3 -  AHAHD - Today's the day by LupusEtoile

Alexandrite arrived in Canterlot, He went to Canterlot Castle. Where he saw and greeted the same two guards the last time he came round. But this time he was not here to see Altaiir OR Mara Dibella. He was here to see somepony else.

Alexandrite was walking through the Canterlot hallways, He was deep in thought. Wording was he was going to say in his head. When a similar mane and blue eyes in the distance distacted him. He looked up and blushed.

It was Artemis... His bestest friend.. his princess... His crush... the one he wanted to speak to.

Artemis noticed him and gave him a smile. He smiled back blushing like a dork. 

*Stop bushing idiot!* Alexandrite thought to himself as he took a deep breath to try to stop the reddening of his almost white cheeks.

"Hey Alex" Artemis said with her usual smile,

"Oh, H- hey Princess" He said with a nervous tone at the end.

"What're you doing here? You here to see my cousin Mara?" Artemis asked. "She wax talking about you a lot earlier... something about today" she trailed off at the end.

"Yeaah... No I'm not here to see her.. I'm acctually here to see..." He went quiet, feeling himself getting shy and nervous. He looked down at his hooves.

"You're here to see... Altaiir" Artemis guessed with a tilt of the head. 

"N-no Im here to see... You" He looked to her with a bashful smile when he mentioned her.

"Oh" Artemis' cheeks went red. "Why's that Alex?" She asked.

"Well... I wanted to.. I kind of was hoping... that.. Well I was wondering if you'd.... if maybe youd..." He kept trying to re word his sentence in his nervousness.

Artemis listened, Her eyebrow raised and she was puzzled at his nervous behaviour

"You wondered?"

Alexandrite took a deep breath " Artemis, My princess.. I wondered if you'd let me take you out on a date today" 


Part 5 - coming soon...

Artemis (C) RoseLoverOfPastels 
Alexandrite (C) LupusEtoile 
Base (C) MADZbases - Base link -
RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
I love how you did this only seconds after I uploaded the new ref for Artemis -I'm so glad I left her crush TBA XD-
Kaiimira Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I scheduled to post it at 2am here in the uk when I finished it then I saw your new reference for Artemis and was like '....Oh XD' If you want I can remake this with her new design.

Also do you want Artemis to say yes or no? Just wanted to check first XD 
RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Pffft maybe her new design happened after he asked? XD I feel bad cause I didn't see that status until I was like half way done with it

and ofcorse I want her to say yes 
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