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AHAHD - An Exciting chat by Kaiimira AHAHD - An Exciting chat by Kaiimira
Alexandrite Apple trotted into Canterlot Castle, It had been a while since he'd travelled to Canterlot. With hearts and hooves day on the way orders for apples and farm products have been going up fast. Ponies were wanting to create desserts with the Apple family's products. 

Alexandrite was approached by two of canterlots royal guards, He greeted them with a smile which they both returned.

"Hello Alexandrite " One guarded greeted.

"Ain't seen you here in some time, what brings you here?" The other guard asked.

"Ah, nothin' much, Ah just wanted to see Mara. Is she here today?" He asked

The two guards looked at eachother then back to Alexandrite before smirking at eachother.

"Yes, she is in. Up in her bedroom studying magic" One guard answered.

"What makes you want to see her? Hasnt got something to do with Hearts and Hooves day does it?" he chuckled.

Alexandrite let out a chucle "Perhaps it does mah friends, Y'all just have to wait and see wont'cha  fellas?" He walked past them both and headed to Mara's room.

"Ah shall be headin' to Mara's now. See you both later. Dont go slacking off now I'm not here to watch y'a'll " Alexandrite teased.

Alexandrite got to Mara's room and went to knock.

"Come in Ale " Mara spoke from her room using her magic to open the doors.

"Ah, I forgot you have good hearing dont ya Marie? "

Mara let out a chuckle " Not just hearing Belyy, Sense of smell is good too, I could smell love off you as soon as you entered canterlot doors " She spoke with her thick russain accent

"Well you know me sweetie, I'm so full of love the mares cant resist me, Dont you agree Marie? " He smirked at her and winked.

Mara rolled her eyes " Quit your flirting Whitey "

"So.." Mara glanced to Alexandrite "I'm guessing this is no trip to chat, You wish you ask me something dont you Whitey?" She turned to Alexandrite. Using her magic to sip at her hot drink the castle cooks made her. 

"You read me like a book there, The reason im here is because" He walked over to Mara and leaned in, whispering somthing in her ear.

Mara blushed, before smirking before nodding her head and letting out a chuckle.

"Hmm, yes very good. Very good indeed, I think you should do it Whitey" she smiled at him but her smile soon turned to a serious face.

"But... I strongly suggest you ask cousin Altaïr. You know how he feels about suprises " She said in a serious but friendly tone.

"mmm, Good idea. Maybe you could be my Wingmare Ey Marie?" He chucked elbowing her playfully with a raised eyebrow.

Mara laughed and playfully pushed him " Sorry Belyy, this is something you need to do yourself " She repied.

Alexandrite laughed "Okay, Whatever you say. I better head to 
 Altaïrs room now and ask him" He gave Mara a hug before heading to  Altaïrs room.

"Seeya my little Marie" He shouted as he walked to Altaiirs room down the hall.

"Good like Whitey! " she answered, closing the door behind her...

Part 2 - Altaiir's thoughts by LupusEtoile
Base (C)  MPLbasemaker33  
Original art (C) Faith-Wolff 
RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
Now I'm curious where this is gonna go XD
Kaiimira Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Part two is out B3
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