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AHAHD - Altaiir's thoughts by Kaiimira AHAHD - Altaiir's thoughts by Kaiimira
Part 1 - An Exciting chat by LupusEtoile

Alexndrite knocked on Altaiirs bedroom, waiting for a response.

"...Enter" Spoke Altaiir.

Alexandrite took a deep breath before pushing Altaiirs bedroom door open. He entered the room slowly before closing the door behind him.

Altaiir was reading a book, It was a book he was quite into too. His ear flicked at the sound of his door closing and he glanced to Alexandrite.

"Hey Alex" he greeted as he returned to reading his book.

" Heyy Taiir " He greeted back in a slightly awkward tone.

The atmosphere was silent for a few minutes before Alexandrite finally spoke up.

"I need to talk to you about something..." 

Altaiir didnt break his focus on reading his book "Is that so?, What do you want to talk about?" 

Alexandrite went quiet and blushed a bit "Its about... hearts and hooves day" He trailed off, the sentence only just loud enough for Altaiir to hear.

Altaiir stopped reading his book and raised his head, he looked to Alexandrite and blinked before using his magic to close his book then put it on the bookshelf. He tapped his hoof on the table he was sitting at, beckoning Alex to come over.

Alexandrite sat opposite Altaiir and placed his front hooves on the table.

"What about Hearts and Hooves day?" Altaiir asked, curious about why Alexandrite wished to talk to him about it.

"In a minute, Could you use that soundproof spell you know quickly, I dont want anypony hearing this conversation besides us"

Altaiir let out a groaned and huffed "Fine, you have 5 minutes " Altaiirs horn glowed with magic and a transparent bubble formed around the two stallions. No one outside the bubble would be able to hear what they were talking about...


5 minutes later, The bubble disappeared and Alexandrite had just finished telling Altaiir what he wanted to tell him.

"Hmm, Interesting" Ataiir said

"Is this really what you wish to do? Its not jut a silly prank right? because you do realised Mara will send you to the moon if it is" Altaiir spoke sternly as he have Alex a serious voice.

Alexandrite chuckled and rested his head on his hooves "Taiir baby, you know I dont work like that " he said with a slight flirty tone.

A small smirk appeared on Altaiirs Mouth "True, but just try to control your need to flirt okay? "

Alexandrite nodded "You have my word Lion boy" He teased with a slight serious tone however he stuck out his tounge.

"Speaking of you lion boy, Maybe I should see if I can tame you, hmmm?" Alexandrite leaned in closer as if he was going to kiss Altaiir only to bump into  force-field that Altaiir formed around himself.

"What did I say about flirting" Altaiir said in a serious tone only to make Alexandrite laugh.

"I was just teasing you Alty " He spoke as he got up and looked at the clock in Altaiirs room.

"I better head off and start getting the preparations ready, Laters Altaiir" 

"Goodbye Alex" Altaiir closed the door with his magic as soon as Alexandrite left.

Alexandrite left Canterlot Castle....

Part 3 - Today's the day by LupusEtoile

Base (C) SelenaEde 
Backdrop (C) BonesWolbach
RoseLoverOfPastels Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Oh geeze XD wondering why Alex gotta ask them
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