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4 year anniversary by Kaiimira 4 year anniversary by Kaiimira
Hexxus and Rhinestone dusk were walking around in Ponyville, the two only millimetres apart from one another as they walked. Hexxus has made the rare occasion of travelling to Rhinestones universe instead of her travelling to his, with the help of Discords magic.

Today marked the couples four year anniversary since the day they became marefriend and coltfriend and the two seemed as happy as they did when they first got together. The four years they had spent together felt as if they passed by with the flash of magic from a unicorn.

Whilst their personalities differ greatly with Hexxus being a mischievous prankster and Rhinestone being a silent jewellery crafter with a monotone voice the two seem to love another greatly and a lot of ponies believe they will end up getting married one day.

One of those ponies is Pear Melody, A mare who is the daughter of the famous singer Coloratura and holder of the element of loyalty, Applejack. However the thought of the two marrying doesn't fill her mind with joy.. but sadness.

Pear Melody and Rhinestone Dusk has been best friends since day one and Pear Melody had always felt something.. odd about Rhinestone. It wasn't until puberty came along as a preteen that she realised that the odd feeling was feelings of love. She had a big old crush on her best friend. Such a cliche she thought.

She kept these feelings hidden only to regret it as now it may be too late to confess. As much as it hurt to see the two together it was not her right to interfere with their relationship.

So she just stood in the background, playing the best friend role to Rhinestone Dusk. Smiling and supporting the whole way through for four long years.

Hexxus glanced down at Rhinestone and smiled, He loved her deeply and felt so lucky to still have her. He let his tail cuddle her sides gaining her attention and causing him to receive a loving nuzzle. Her the corner or her usually straight lips looking up. Her subtle way of smiling, A smile that warmed his heart.

"Happy anniversary, Rhina " Hexxus spoke softly as he raised his muzzle from its position that was buried in her mauve coloured mane so he could speak clearly.

"Four years" Rhinestone began in her monotone signature tone, inherited from her mother Maud.

"And much more to come" Hexxus finished her sentence.

The two smiled and gave each other a second loving nuzzle, whilst Peach Melody played her role of the best friend in the background hiding her heartbreak whilst their backs were turned.

These story lines were greatly inspired by the talented writer and artist iPandacakes <3
This story will probably be several images long but I'm not sure yet, It mainly depends on how much time I have. 

Pony couple base (C) MPLbasemaker33 
Pony Icon Base (C) AmberPone 
Background (C) BonesWolbach 
Rhinestone Dusk, Hexxus & Pear Melody (C) LupusEtoile 

Part 2 -
 Coming soon...
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