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Ametrine by Kaiimira Ametrine :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 4 6 Kaiiroseverse - Insecurities and Affection by Kaiimira Kaiiroseverse - Insecurities and Affection :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 5 3 Tall Dork by Kaiimira Tall Dork :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 5 3 Rare smile by Kaiimira Rare smile :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 6 2 Glacier by Kaiimira Glacier :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 11 5 CHEAP December Point Adopts Open 2/6 by Kaiimira CHEAP December Point Adopts Open 2/6 :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 9 10 Electric Wave by Kaiimira Electric Wave :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 15 5 Kaiiroseverse - Soarinjack Quadruplets *PREVIEW* by Kaiimira Kaiiroseverse - Soarinjack Quadruplets *PREVIEW* :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 4 9 Kaiiroseverse - Twilights Family by Kaiimira Kaiiroseverse - Twilights Family :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 3 0 Kaiiroseverse Fun Fact #1 by Kaiimira Kaiiroseverse Fun Fact #1 :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 0 0 Hailstorm by Kaiimira Hailstorm :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 12 10
Kaiiroseverse - Children of Lightning Dust
This is about what its like to be the Child of Lightning Dust
When it came to her children, Lightning Dust expected off them what she also expected of herself and her suitors. Perfection and succession and to be the 'Perfect and Successful' offspring of hers you didn't have to just be a pegasus, wonderbolt and fast flier. You had to be top of all your classes, win all the time and overall just be the best at everything you did in life.
This meant a life dedicated to training and studying from the moment her children could walk and fly. If you did something wrong you have to do it again, if you did it right you'd have to do it again but better. There were no rest breaks or breathers and she didn't care if your wings or muscles ached. You'd train until you could barely move a muscle or almost pass out from exhaustion.
There was no time to be 'soft' with her kids, they simply had to be the best and show it to everyone. All of her kids would be enrolled in the young flyers school, all of t
:iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 3 0
Kaiiroseverse - How BlueDust came to be
This talks about Lightning Dusts several suitors before she got married to Blueblood so in a way this is also Lightning Dusts Backstory. Bluebloods backstory shall be posted seperatley
Lightning has always craved two things and that is perfection and succession. She had to be perfect and succeed at everything she did it was a requirement in her life and when she didn't get either of those things shed turn to drink or blame it on others.
This also applied to her suitors, they also had to be perfect and successful in order to be suitable for her. This lead to a long line of breakups and many foals too.
Lightning Dust was set on marrying and having kids with a stallion of the WonderBolts and with both Soarin and Thunderlane taken shed have to court the lower ranks of the Wonderbolt crew. Her first choice was  Wind Waker whom she dated for a few months before falling pregnant by 'accident'. Winder Waker promised to support her throughout the pregnancy only to be broken up with after h
:iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 1 0
KaiiRoseVerse - How TempTwiBra came to be
* Warning - This story contains a female x female pairing and polyamorous paring please do not continue reading if you have an issue with these types of relationships, any hate commented will be hidden* 
After the Storm Kings defeat and celebrations. Twilight decided it was time to have her own personal set of guards and after seeing how Tempest was willing to almost sacrifice herself to protect Twilight and her friends she decided to give her the role of Captain of the royal guard along with assigning her and Flash Sentry as her personal guards.  
As they spent more time together they got closer and closer and gradually became quite great friends but Flash was ahead of Tempest in the friendship role it seemed. Twilight and Flash would always joke around and tease each other and the subtle flirting, blushes and gazes here and there gave off a hint of a romantic attraction between the two.
Tempest was confused about how she always felt a twinge of jealousy
:iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 2 0
Aura by Kaiimira Aura :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 6 1 Asteroid by Kaiimira Asteroid :iconkaiimira:Kaiimira 10 6


Kaiiroseverse: We are such little shits by RoseLoverOfPastels Kaiiroseverse: We are such little shits :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 10 5 Farewell by CanisRettMajoris Farewell :iconcanisrettmajoris:CanisRettMajoris 203 4 A happy princess by CanisRettMajoris A happy princess :iconcanisrettmajoris:CanisRettMajoris 206 8 Kaiiroseverse: Carrot Cake by RoseLoverOfPastels Kaiiroseverse: Carrot Cake :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 9 2 CorruptVerse:Have you heard? Part 1 by RoseLoverOfPastels CorruptVerse:Have you heard? Part 1 :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 14 0 Its Okay Sweetie by RoseLoverOfPastels Its Okay Sweetie :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 12 5 Artemis genderbent by RoseLoverOfPastels Artemis genderbent :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 5 5 Kaiiroseverse: You were a little surprise. by RoseLoverOfPastels Kaiiroseverse: You were a little surprise. :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 6 21 Kaiiroseverse: You're a unicorn! by RoseLoverOfPastels Kaiiroseverse: You're a unicorn! :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 6 10 Kaiiroseverse:Did....did she fall asleep? by RoseLoverOfPastels Kaiiroseverse:Did....did she fall asleep? :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 10 5 CorruptVerse:CeleDash family by RoseLoverOfPastels CorruptVerse:CeleDash family :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 10 5 CorruptVerse: TwiBra family by RoseLoverOfPastels CorruptVerse: TwiBra family :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 17 7 CorruptVerse: Sunpie family by RoseLoverOfPastels CorruptVerse: Sunpie family :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 18 11 Nothing changes by RoseLoverOfPastels Nothing changes :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 10 16 I do adore by RoseLoverOfPastels I do adore :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 9 3 TwiShimmer oc: Sunny Flight by RoseLoverOfPastels TwiShimmer oc: Sunny Flight :iconroseloverofpastels:RoseLoverOfPastels 13 0

Which ship should be the divorced Spitfire ship? 

5 deviants said Spitstone - Spitfire x Limestone pie
2 deviants said Cheesefire - Cheese Sandwich x Spitfire




I am still alive, I just don't have a working laptop at the moment as it's really hard to be able to afford repairs right now…
I feel that this song would fit the Temptwibra triplets.
Get internet again on the 23rd so can start posting again
I listened to this song… and I immediately pictured Asteroid and Storm Chaser with it being their love song.

I also pictured them dancing to it at their wedding reception and I am totally gonna write about it at some point
Check out this Song themed mlp auction belonging to RoseLoverOfPastels. Based off the song
Song: Kiss it all better by he is we!
Song based auction (CLOSED)
Base: x-ondee

Original base by: SelenaEde

rules for auction:
-Auction lasts for couples days (a week being the longest depending on where the bidding is at)
-Don't bid unless you have the points
-Do not hide your comment -I get to annoyed with that ;w;-
-Can resell just resell for the price you bought it at and let me know
-Credit me for the design
-Can change the design just don't make it unrecognizable -Whats the point of buying it then-
-Reply to highest bidder
-Don't be upset if someone outbids you.

Song: Kiss it all better by he is we -its a really good song lol-

SB: 5 points
MI: 5 points
AB: 500 points-I wish- 
I feel like describing the Ocs in the Kaiiroseverse's flirting styles. There will be a description of their sober and drunk flirting styles, along with examples. 

This applies to the Humanverse of Kaiiroseverse, The Anthroverse and the Ponyverse of Kaiiroseverse.

Warning - NSFW might be included 

Temtwibra kids -

 Nightshade - Monotone voice and way of talking makes it close to impossible to know if he is flirting or not.  Very few, including his siblings, can decipher if he is flirting or not. 

When under the influence of drink, flirting becomes slightly more obvious but still reminds pretty much unnoticeable by most.

Sober - "As far as my limited, small list goes when it comes to ponies/people I consider friends... your place rest care-free at the top"
Drunk - "I have noticed that I overall find your presence and own-self to be quite a good company, compared to your fellow ponies.

Asteroid - Tries to flirt, really tries, but usually results in him mumbling his attempt in flustered tones. Very rarely he will get confidence boosts and flirt with no hesitation, usually, the boost will drop after that and he will turn into a flustered mess.

Under the influence of Alchohol he gets a lot more confident, even taking him flirting to a sexual level sometimes he a drunk sexual Lil' Virgin . No regrets or flustered reactions until the next day

Sober - " Well, I guess...I mean.... I.. kind of.. think you're cute. I like your wings and ... your hair and... your eyes and... everything really. Very pretty."
Drunk - " Hey my delicious buff stud, why don't you use those strong arms and wings of yours to fly us away somewhere where we can be alone.  I want you all to myself"

Aura -  Flirts with no hesitation, can either be romantic or sexual depending on her mood. Best flirt of the group will use teasing to her advantage. Tries to tease with subtlety, fails mostly every time. God damn Aura not so much nsfw verbal teasing in public!. Lowkey a thirsty princess.

When drunk she becomes more of an affectionate 'give me snuggles, kisses and all that jazz' flirt. On the rare chance it is sexual flirting they victim better hope they're not in public because hoo boy, all fucks have flown away.

Sober: Well damn, ain't you a beauty. Part of me wants to shower you with kisses and affection.
The second part you ask? well, that part wants to take you into my bedroom, gently lay you on my bed and use a mixture of my hooves/hands, lips and magic to *extremely censored*
Drunk: I am the Princess of Friendship, well technically I am the daughter of the Queen who was the Princess of friendship.
But! I am still a princess! And I demand a night full of snuggles, kisses and even more snuggles and kisses. Give me what I desire or be banished to the moon!
Well... Probably into space because let's face it im very drunk so my accuracy made be a little bit off.

Will update regularly
Kaiiroseverse belongs to me and RoseLoverOfPastels
If you want to write some too Rose, feel free  


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18, Female, Single, She/Her Pronouns
Demi-Heterosexual Stamp by sunbirds Demi-Heteromantic Stamp by sunbirds

Welcome to my page,

As you can most likely tell from my gallery & profile picture. I am an MLPFIM fan and use this account to show my main base drawn art of my MLP OCS and their stories. I am mainly a Base artist for now but you can find a few traditionally drawn pieces in my gallery and I plan to add more slowly. I hope to one day stop using bases altogether unless for references and for my art to be either hand drawn/ digitally drawn. I also write and upload small stories on here and plan to get a Wattpad for larger literature I want to write

I currently have four different universes for MLP, these are:
Kaiirosevere - co-owned by the amazing RoseLoverOfPastels

I have an account for my The Lion King art too, This is MistAcreWolf and you can find me on Wattpad as Kaiimira.

I tend to be rather inactive on here only posting once or twice every month or two but I am pushing myself to be more active on here.

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