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"I'm a little strange, and a little wicked."

Name: Raven K.
I like: piano, 2-D animation, trees, rain, music and stories.
I don't like: chocolate, Naruto, pop music, or slugs.
Bonus points for: hair falls, gothiness, punk, felt-tips, cross-stitch, blue wigs and Squall on a plate.
If I could have one wish: I would wish for the power of flight.
Favourite fandoms: HP (marauders!), Batman, Teen Titans, Beyblade, Kuroshitsuji, Final Fantasy VIII, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, Star Trek, Revolutionary Girl Utena, MLP: FIM....
I am: really short, hyper and snarky, but easily tamed with juice, shortbread and Star Trek/Wars.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Rossetti, Pouikee, Waterhouse
Favourite Movies
Miyazaki, District 9, Paprika, Fifth Element. Star Trek, Star Wars, Burton, HTTYD, Keith, Fight Club, Road to El Dorado, Atlantis, Hercules, Mulan
Favourite TV Shows
Dexter, Firefly, Star Trek,
Favourite Writers
The Shoebox Project authors, Edgar Allan Poe, Bradbury, Herbert, Neffectual, Palahniuk, Feraldolce.
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy VIII/Kingdom Hearts, Bioshock, Arkham Asylum, Diablo, Plants vs Zombies
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencil and pen, aida and skeins. Bloodymindedness and crin. And a mallet.
Other Interests
Sci-fi, fantasy, games, piano, cosplay, writing, reading, laughing, dancing, making things, xstitch
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Gonna keep this short. AYACON WAS AMAZING. The last of its kind. Couple of things that were absolutely amazing. Our piano concert. So we fucked up a bit and I had to sing (and I can't sing) and everything was peachy and hilarious and then Neff re-proposed to me at the end ON CAMERA and I had no fucking idea it was going to happen. Everyone who came up to us at some point in the con to congratulate us and or tell us how much they enjoyed our concert. Seriously made my fucking day because half the time we were in really weird costumes or civvies - how on earth did you recognise us?! Chel <3 Meeting everyone on twitter I'd been talking to
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Sup guys. I bring cosplay plans! S'been a while. How've you all been? Ayacon (, August '13. - Gaige (Borderlands 2) - Korra (Avatar: The Legend of Korra haters gonna haaaate) - Roxas ( version: Boys - come on, it's 2013, it's our 5-year anniversary weekend, we gotta do it). - Rrrrrrrainbow Dash (MLP;FiM) - (and a very last minute) Vannelope Von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph) If we're very very lucky, there'll be another piano/voice concert at Ayacon too, so feel free to suggest tunes here or in the forum. I may pay attention to some of them ;D. Currently: - Fuckin' awesome. - Amused by the fact people still follow me on here after the gre
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Life is interesting Discuss. Currently: - packing - packing - packing
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thanks for the watch!
Thanks for the fav!
Thanks so much for the fav! ^_~
No problem, loving your Borderlands cosplays!
I don't know what you've been up to, but it's been a long time since we last talked. I just wanted to let you know that I started watching Doctor Who, the classic version. I wanted to tell you because you were the one who first told me about it before it became cool in the States here, and I wanted to thank you for that. Anyways, good luck with all you are doing and I hope you aren't too stressed about anything.
Thanks so much for the fav! ^-^
Really appreciate it!