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Medium: 8.5" x 11" Computer Paper
Instrument: Sakura Mircon 005 (0.2mm tip), Sakura Micron 08 (0.5mm)
Completion Time: 2 weeks (33 hours)

Supplimentary Info:
-Yin-Yang, Penrose Triange, Metatron's Cube/Seal of Metatron
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© 2007 - 2021 kaienne
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This is awesome!
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wish it were possible to get hold of such artistic implements here in the uk... ;-) i know DMT is easier to get hold of where you are...
awe inspiring work, i think we are coming from the same direction.
come see what i do when you get the chance, im sure we are working from the same "hymn book" it were.
what is the urdu-looking symbol in the corner? it looks very familiar to me.
i love how you managed to fit the moon phases in there sneakily too.... really works as a design.
DMT is well known for helping inspire and create fruits from labour...but this is magnificent.
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metatrons cube! awesome. fav'ed
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This is amazing.
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Its great. Jeff
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.... wow. thats amazing. XD i wouldnt have the patience to do something like this :meow:
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Nice work, I love how you got all the symbols to fit perfectly in one place.

how long did it take?
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33 hours over two weeks.
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It is fantastic! :D
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holy butthole, this is so impressive. O_O
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great, i love the detail you put in this and the Chao, Expanded

every time i look deeper in the shapes i get absolutely mesmerized :)
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lol, and i just saw the thumbnail and that the background forms the Yin-Yang - brilliant! i love it when a piece of art is multi-layered and make you look at it through different angles/dephts to appreciate it fully
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the essence of awesomeness
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This is downright spectacular. Things with a lot of detail are exciting.
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Is that the Ohm(sp?) symbol in the bottom left? I recognize that from somewhere.
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This one rules. As much as I wouldn't call myself a fan of geometry, this baby's beyond boring.
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that's pretty cool.
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great design! the amount of detail you put into this is amazing
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Nicely balanced. Great job here.
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