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lover; guide; mystery
i am a goddess incarnate

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h r giger | {Alex Grey | M. C. Escher}
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fight club | {The Holy Mountain | Waking Life}
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reboot | {House | Star Trek: Voyager}
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tool | {Jonah K | Venetian Snares}
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this is the way the world ends | {Sandman | Atlas of the Universe}
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robin wolfe | {Neil Gaiman | James P. Hogan}
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the urbz | {Fire Spinning | Go}
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life | {Life | Life}
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ink | {Motion | Music}
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sadomasochism | {Magick | Cyberculture}


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It is a balmy june day and the weather is so nice you can't not go for a walk. You wander aimlessly until you pass by a park; during your walk, you passed a guy wearing nothing but sandals and a necklace. You enter the park, which is well-maintained because it is frequented by many happy people. On your right passes two men and a woman, the woman holding one of the men's hands each. One of the men makes a tawdry joke about the woman, who smiles unashamed as the other man returns a knowing grin. The air feels clean from the trees and on the path ahead of you is a pond with a fountain. Around the circumference of the pond are a number of bench
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Fire escape. Left hand rail leap over side, turn, up, turn, up, turn, up, right hand ledge onto roof power boxes smoke stack zigzag in between approaching ledge plot out left foot, right foot, leap with left and finish just in time to act: Three very long seconds hit the other side and watch the sky go over under head and heels then on your feet: Move it now, adjacent building water tower climbing girders don't look back and don't look down; reaching, pulling, lifting, seeking, railing feet first slide between push off with hand then on your feet: Ladder on the building's side, cross the tarmac downward slide another rooftop, close
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The world is going to hell. Which is all well and good for a sweeping, Judeo-Christian overarching statement, but what does that actually mean? The days of the 20's and 50's and 80's, the days of economic boom and modern luxury and relaxed enjoyment are, regrettably, coming to another end. We live in a society which is indoctrinated to sit idly by in comfort and watch the clouds or television shows go by while idly consuming products of unknown and disreputable origin while simultaneously being bombarded with imagery and messaging that We Are Not Good Enough, that we are not as hot as models, smart as intellectuals, active as pro sports pla
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If I ever see you again I will make you realise what happens when you date 16 year olds as a fully grown adult and they survive. Pedophile.

I believe I just read an article about you and your pet.  I'm overall pretty conservative but I would definitely ask if I could scratch her behind the ears and would talk to you, and speak to you, asking about her because a part of me understands how delighted that would make her feel...my wife on the other hand would unfortunately never get it :(
such a shame you disappeared. hope to see you around again sometime.
hope you have another lovely birthday...
wondering if you are around anymore.... wanterd to wish you a happy birthday for tomorrow.... then saw that the top message on your comments bit is my last wishes for a happy birthday.... this day last year.

well, hope you're well my friend.

hey there!

just wanted to be the first to wish you a great birthday for tomorrow!


Thank you so much for the favourites!
Really means a lot. :]