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Returning Home
The door to the audience chamber was still firmly shut, the frail lass on the other side fidgeting and fussing nervously at the silken, intricately embroidered garment she'd been given. It was a mix of eastern and old, old Renaissance in design, with old Asian embroidery, long sheer sleeves, and a wide, nearly weightless, flowing hem. She felt nothing short of awkward wearing it beside a naturally nude Reaver, and then a secretary bird Cenjoul who was clad in his own feathers and oddly open-thigh pants.
"C'mon," the Reaver began, her voice strangely soft against the Ryuakurei's delicate ears. "It won't be that bad."
The Cenjoul's crest feathers twitched at the pale woman's ensuing moan, before a hand curled lightly about her shoulder, the other gesturing an open palm toward the massive doors. "What would be the worst of it? A long story to tell?"
"One can only hope," the draconic lass half-groaned, one of her palm heels pressed to her temple.
A loud clacking noise sounded from t
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Scowl by Kaidona Scowl :iconkaidona:Kaidona 1 14
Suroxensus E-II
"Strike me down." It was simple, quiet, forlornly uttered, yet horrifically booming all the same. "It is your self-appointed duty, is it not?"
Startling blue-tinted violets twitched wide for a brief moment, the abysmal slits therein narrowing sharply, before the tainted platinum face inset with them twisted, becoming deranged, and then angry. Eolisenne's body stiffened in the face of the man's submissively sagging form, and her ears flattened back. A furious growl rumbled out of her chest as though in a vain attempt to chase away the wrenching grip inside her breast. "Why?" she began, her voice strained at best. "Why are you so eager to lay down like a beaten dog and die?" she snarled, tightly clenching her hands and beating her tail into the ground.
"Because," the creature barked, inspiring a sudden flinch from the hunter just paces away, "I am already dead." His delicate brow knotted together in frustration, his jaw stiffening and then quickly beginning to quiver, even as his
:iconkaidona:Kaidona 0 4
Zhu Cai by Kaidona Zhu Cai :iconkaidona:Kaidona 1 10
"HRAAGH!!" It was a vicious roar that echoed into the surrounding darkness of the streets, its nature a blend of the voices of dragon and wolf. A dull thud, a series of strained cracks, and then the sickening squelch of flesh and cartilage tearing violently apart and free from bone followed in swift succession.
A porcelain face, fair and expressionless, gazed blankly into the distant abyss, splattered entirely on one side in deep crimson. Streams of the once burning hue veined and branched its way down a soft neck and collar, where it soon disappeared among the weave of dark navy silk. As more of the thick red fluid traced that countenance, thin lips pursed, and blood-tainted emeralds closed. A soft breath puffed past a delicate nose, and one and a half shoulders slumped, one of the respective appendages previously attached freshly rent off. The steady splortch of blood falling in large gobs on the cobblestones echoed out on a solitary thread, before buried by a deep, bestial gr
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Chobani. Your fruit on the bottom label. It does not impress. I don't actually like yogurt with fruit on the bottom. >_< Damn that's kind of depressing. I prefer Dannon's Oikos. Feeeehhhh oh well.

Time to get down to business.

I fell off the internet. Again. I could blame the rat for that, but it's not her fault. Her pyometra finally got to her a few weeks ago; I only got the chance to get her cage out of my room and into the garage a week later. Suddenly I'm working five days a week, and while part of that is certainly because I've been filling other people's shifts, I somewhat wonder if the note I left in the availability book is somewhat related.

Basically I left an eloquent "I DO NOTHING ELSE GIVE ME GODDAMN HOURS."

I'll have to see how things pan out with that stupid hiring sign back up in the window. Part of it I'm sure is because one of the girls has finished her nursing major and plans on leaving the restaurant. I don't blame her; our GM can be a royal pain in the arse.

Speaking of ass-pains, we have a new ordering system being implemented throughout the corporation. It just got installed onto one of our phone terminals and is due to go online Monday. So far I have no opinion of it. It's about half and half intuitive and counter-intuitive. Our current (old) system is almost entirely counter-intuitive for phone orders on keyboard input. One thing I find slightly awkward about the new system is that it wants your social security on top of your fingerprints. ._. Our GM had us bullshit the social security since our real ones are already locked away on file.

Still fighting with chronic insomnia. Still fighting with chronic migraines as well. At the moment I have a headache coming on and I'm sure I'll regret taking the Indomethacin for it since I'm due to leave for work in about three hours and that shit makes me WICKED LOOPY. At this point I'm almost positive I have occipital neuralgia or something similar; every headache breaking through the Naratriptan treatments are based in my neck.

Anyway, stuff happened. Aside from the rat dying, my linnie now belongs to my mother. Now I'm out a rat and a parrot, though I made mum pay me the two hundred dollars I had spent on the bird. > : ( Now I'll have to wait for the breeder I got Mida from to have another batch of not-green babies before I can get another one.

The car is still running fine since I replaced the distributor, but I'm hypersensitive to engine quirks now and think it probably needs a transmission flush.

For some stupid reason someone thought it was a great idea to legalize cell phone telemarketing. I want to punch them in the kidneys. Now I get telemarketing calls at stupid hours of the morning and it makes me want to kill things. I already have shitty sleeping patterns, they do not need your help. =_=

Got started on getting my tower functional again. Thank fucking god for TestDisk. Windows boots normally on that drive again and I did not have to reformat anything. However I did find out that some graphical problems stopping me from backing anything up was related to a blown capacitor on my graphics card. It is impossible to find an equivalent to an AGP 8x NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS 512MB DDR2. That actually irritates the fuck out of me. Fortunately since it's just a capacitor I can replace those instead of spending over a hundred bucks for an upgrade I may not even get much use out of.

Capacitor shopping is a headache. I bought replacements for all the junk caps on the card and now need to find myself someone that can make the swap for me. Dad no longer has access to the necessary tools to do it at work and to buy one for himself would be six hundred dollars at minimum. Personally I find that to be pretty disgusting.

For now the beast is using the on-board graphics adapter built into my motherboard. Unfortunately because it's a seven-year-old motherboard the graphics adapter is pretty much incapable of rendering any of the games I have been playing currently. I am continuing to function entirely on this hilariously obsolete netbook.

Other computer-related news: in view of my recent increase in work hours, I have been making an effort to resume building my secondary gaming tower. I picked a shitty time to move up to the LGA 775 socket type, because now those processors and subsequent RAM types are getting wildly expensive. It's going to cost me at least $150 to get an E8600 Core 2 Duo. IT HAS BEEN THAT PRICE FOR FOUR GODDAMN YEARS I HATE YOU. At least the graphics cards won't be a hassle to get. >_< Also at least: the tower I had been eyeing for two years went on sale for a hundred bucks, so I grabbed it. One less part to worry about later.

Moving on, I have become a complete Tumblr dork. I actually posted that not-done eye I did in Corel there first. Anyone that has my Facebook is probably aware of this, since all of my feeds come from Tumblr and not from Skype. Skype eats up too much of my resources on this netbook and I don't use it anymore. Also it sucks for formatting text and I therefore hate it. : |

Anyway, this journal is now massive, so I should probably stop rambling. You can catch me reblogging crap and sometimes posting music over on or reblogging terrible character sheets to while I wait for my brain to stop being a wanky bitch and let me write again.


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happy birthday?
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Start spreading the word about KONY 2012 around dA.

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Uhf. I am, but barely. @_@ I got distracted by Tumblr and have been writing up material for an RP criticism/advice blog that was just started last week.
Telnavi1 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Student Writer
Cool. Sorry, I was just bored as fuck and hadn't heard from you for some time. Beleave me, you aren't the only one I asked. :)
What blog was it?
Kaidona Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, that's alright. It's called God Why RP. Basically its whole purpose is for us admins to crap role-play-related complaints all over it and make them into something useful. Particularly guidelines on what to do and what not to do in RP.

You can find it: [link]
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Telnavi1 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011  Student Writer
I really love the art you made here. First person I've seen who actually drew Tancarle like ears too!
Kaidona Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
*chortle* Thanks. One of the things I spend time seriously designing for distinguishing features when I make races are definitely the ears.
Telnavi1 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Student Writer
Oh, sorry, Tancarle is a race I made for some of the stories I write. The time you took deffinatly shows. :)
Kaidona Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, it's alright. If you point out which ones have them, I could probably tell you where the inspiration for them came from/how they came about in my head.
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