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Sunny Balloon by KaidanDelRose Sunny Balloon by KaidanDelRose
Shading practice continues!
OC drawn by Ascential for Sunny. :iconacesential:

Sunny couldn't believe her roommate! She'd left the kitchen an absolute mess again, and run off to pick up a stallion at a bar and bring him home to bang all night! Now Sunny needed to clean the kitchen before her own boyfriend came to visit. Luckily, her boyfriend had given her instructions for a new spell to create latex gloves over her hooves, making cleaning much more hygienic.

She cast the spell, her horn glowing brightly for a brief moment. Sunny felt the latex attach to her hooves and skin around the coronet. Smiling, she walked to the counter and use her magic to spray cleaner while wiping it down.

After a couple minutes, she noticed the latex was now two-thirds the way up her legs. "That's odd," Sunny mumbled. She didn't need such large gloves, nor did they need to be so tight. Her legs felt like they were nothing but latex at this point.

She gasped as the cold latex poured onto her stomach, covering her breasts. The cleaner fell from the air, splattering on the floor. Sunny couldn't move her legs anymore, they felt light and rubbery. She lit her horn to try to reverse the spell, but nothing happened.

The latex made her shiver as it swallowed her marehood and transformed her tail. She glanced back at her beautiful plot that had made every stallion in school jealous. The kitchen light reflected off it perfectly, creating one big beautiful curve.

Sunny looked towards the door to shout for help. She opened her mouth, but couldn't scream or breathe. Everything below her jaw was latex, her lungs and throat absent. There was a popping noise as something burst out of her neck, but she couldn't turn to see it.

The latex crept into the mare's mouth, she was powerless to stop it. Her lips warped slowly as her tongue and teeth dissolved. Beneath her permanent smile lay a perfectly round sleeve for a stallion's pleasure. Similar sleeves adorned her hind end as she realized with horror what the spell her boyfriend gave her had done.

A clear haze crept over her vision, blurring everything, as her eyes turned to solid plastic.

The door opened, and Sunny knew help had come to rescue her! She'd dump that worthless stallion for this, he should have asked permission!

"Calami?" Scrub thought. It was her roommate, towing a drunken stallion behind her.

"Hey babe, ya didn't tell me ya had a sex doll! Mind if I fire the first round into it?" he asked.
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January 6, 2014
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