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Sollace Balloon by KaidanDelRose Sollace Balloon by KaidanDelRose
A balloon'd version of his OC requested by original artist :iconcomeha:

I tried shading with an air brush, mostly because I couldn't find the tool I used for Fluttershy. I think it looked better, I had more control but... not sure. And still trying to get the plastic seams wrinkly perfectly. Also, I can't draw a valve, I have to copy paste them off pool toys...

-- Bonus story to go with it: --

"Hi, Dawn," Sollace said.

"Come in!" He stepped aside, letting the young artist into his home. "I'm guessing you have good news?"

"Yep! I've finished the art you requested." Sollace pulled the paintings out of his saddlebags.

Each one was more beautiful than the last, a truly wonderful collection to spruce up Dawn's house. "Wow, thanks."

"No problem, I really need the bits."

"Mind if I take a picture first? I'd like to place it next to the works of art in this room."

"I uh. . ." Sollace shrugged. "Okay."

Dawn went into his room and came back with a camera. "Say cheese!"

Sollace sat down and struck a smug pose for him. "Cheese!"

The camera flashed, capturing his image. The bright light blinded Sollace for a brief moment, and in that moment he felt her entire right side cool, as if it'd been dipped in ice.

He tried to ask what had happened, but a wave of vertigo washed over him. Sollace felt like he was going to fall over and float away at the same time, her head spinning and unable to catch her breathe.

Sollace felt like he'd been plunged straight into icy water. Unable to move, he could only stare in horror at Dawn's wide smile. The creeping sensation slid across his left side, cutting off the last feeling of warmth. A cool breeze brushed beneath his belly, where his stallionhood had recently been located. He couldn't move, his entire body turned into a perfect rubber balloon.

"Beautiful!" Dawn exclaimed. "I knew you'd make the centerpiece of my art collection. I just had to turn you into a mare, and your curves filled out excellent. As for your paintings, I think I'll give them to charity."

He came over and pulled the plug, letting the air rush out of her. "Don't worry, lovely, when you wake up you'll be safe and sound in a display case.

Sollace screamed for help uselessly. Her vision was fading, and she couldn't hear what Dawn was saying. Her strength and energy bled out with the air, pushing her towards unconsciousness. Sollace felt him begin to fold her into a square before passing out.
GreenfeatherRants Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
this is really good! :)
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