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Scrub Balloon by KaidanDelRose Scrub Balloon by KaidanDelRose
Balloon version of Scrub's OC, drawn by :iconacesential: for Scrub
Suddenly, I feel like I'm good at shading. Only took five pieces of art to get there!


Scrub finally found the store she'd been searching for in a back alley of Canterlot. This was the balloon emporium, home of the finest balloons in Equestria. If you needed a party balloon, this was the place to go.

She trotted inside, looking around at the dozens of life-size pony balloons. They had exquisite detail. Scrub would buy one for her sister's birthday, and really cheer her up.

"Hello? Anyone here?" Scrub walked around the store looking for the owner or an employee. "Hello?"

Something caught her leg, causing her to try and kick it off. Scrub looked down and saw that she had stepped in a string and it had tangled up around her hock. She gave it another kick that should have snapped the thin string easily.

"Hahaha," Scrub chuckled. She didn't know why she suddenly felt so giddy. Flapping her wings a few times she flew in circles, trying to shake the string off.

Her leg started to feel much more stretchy, making squeaking noises as the string tugged on it. She couldn't move her hind leg anymore, and slowed the a hover. The squeaking noises were getting louder.

Pressure increased around her thigh, a small seam forming. She yanked on the string again, but this time her rubbery leg made a different sound, a screeching. Spectra regained her wits as she saw a trickle of blood from where the latex seam met her flesh.

"Help!" she shouted, biting her lip to stifle her laughter. Something was wrong, very wrong, and yet happy thoughts were being forced into her brain, distracting her from escale.

As she hovered there, the transformation had crept to her other four legs, locking them in a nice flying position. Her flapping wings causes all four legs to wiggle around, filling the air with tiny squeaks.

Somehow she could still hear laughter as a great emptiness filled her stomach and then her lungs. Spectra realized she wasn't flapping anymore, and was now floating in the air. Despite not being able to breathe, she felt herself rising to the limit that the string around her leg allowed her.

Spectra smiled, overwhelmed with a peace of mind as her head was enveloped by the latex. She understood now that she was a party balloon, and her job was to make ponies happy. She floated in the middle of the empty shop, awaiting the return of the owner or for a little filly to buy her.
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einsman Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I wanna be a balloon D: Or the owner.
SFS-Lovenought Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Wait, isn't that pony from a tentacle rape clopfic I once read?
lacipart Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Good eye!

That is author Scrub's OC, and he wrote the tentacle rape fic "Stay Near the Campfire.", in the story he posted a pic of his OC as the protagonist-getting-raped.
KaidanDelRose Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Yep. He's a friend and got a special 'gift' from me. Now, I'm going back to bug him to write more...
Cyan60 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
balloons <3
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