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Penny Balloon by KaidanDelRose Penny Balloon by KaidanDelRose
Balloonified version of Penny, OC of, and drawn by, artist :iconacesential:

Practiced a new technique for the seams to look more 'squishy' and with three brush sizes for the reflections, to get a broad shine, focused shine, and pinpoint glare.


"Dawn? Anypony home?" Penny asked.

"Of course, I'm right in here!" Dawn shouted back.

"There you are. I came by to see if you were okay."

Dawn waved a hoof dismissively. "I'm fine, why wouldn't I be? What's a little gender flipping potion between friends?" she asked, having been a stallion but a week ago.

"Glad you're looking at the bright side!"

"Indeed. Oh, mind if I snap a quick picture? You look stunning today."

"Go ahead."

Penny watched as he pulled out a camera and clicked. The flash blinded her eyes, causing them to go out of focus. Her eyelids almost sounded like they were squeaking as she blinked. When her vision returned, everything appeared to have a layer of film over it.

She stuttered something incoherent, as her smiling teeth fused together into plastic. The vinyl material ran down her back side, quickly removing all sensation of hot or cold as it turned her hair to a smooth, slick rubber.

Penny felt a tear roll down her cheek as she became lightheaded, feeling her weight go from seventy to two pounds in a few seconds time. Her entire body was immobile, and at the same time so sensitive to touch she could feel a gentle breeze, despite being indoors.

"Simply wonderful, Penny. I'm sure as soon as you find a way to turn me back into a stallion, I'll find a way to turn you back into a pony."

Dawn lifted up a soft cloth and polished the tear off her cheek.
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January 8, 2014
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