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Jaestring Balloon by KaidanDelRose Jaestring Balloon by KaidanDelRose
I've never turned a Pony-Dragon hybrid into a balloon before. Oc of :iconbloodgoldwings: who won it in a contest. Drawn by :iconpyoo-kee-pony:

Huge kudos to pyoo-kee-pony, whose shading was so amazing all I had to do was make the shine 20% shinier, and add seams!


Jaestring swam through the lake, soaking up the afternoon sun. She had the entire lake to herself, free of any ponies who would often panic at the sight of a dragoness walking so casually around Canterlot.

Her seclusion came to an end when she heard a young filly screaming, and then jump into the lake.

Jaestring sat up, glaring at the filly. "Where's your mother? I was trying to have a nice day at the pond."

"GAHHH!!!" The filly continues screaming, sparks flying from her horn.

"No, it's okay! I don't bite." Jaestring looks around in a panic.

The baby unicorn's horn flares brightly, leaving Jaestring paralyzed and bobbing upright in the water.

She tries to move, but is unable to. Her body feels like its falling weightless through the air. Her skin has tightened up, like shrink wrap under a blow dryer. Her scales and hair have all vanished, sucked into the rubbery new skin.

The foal giggles excitedly, tackling Jaestring. She falls onto her back, splashing down in the water and squeaking as the foal grasps onto her. They float out towards the middle of the lack.

Jaestring tires flapping or shooting off a bit of flame to get help, but unfortunately, it does not work.

Some time later she hears a mare calling from the shore. Jaestring is levitated out, the filly napping on her belly.

"What's this? A pool toy? Where-ever did you find this?"

The mare shrugs, lifting the foal up and setting it in her stroller. She then pulls the plug on the dragoness, deflating her quickly.

Jaestring feels drowsy and dizzy, slowly losing focus as her vision blurs. Hooves are pressing her sides, squeezing the air out and getting the excess water off.

"Well, no point letting it go to waste."

She falls into a dreamless sleep as the last of the air escapes.
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January 8, 2014
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