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001: Extraterrestrial colonies

LUNA-1 was the first extraterrestrial co
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PMVH- Vex Kade Dossier and Character sheet by kaiakai PMVH- Vex Kade Dossier and Character sheet :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 0 0 PM:VH Sidera Varliss App by kaiakai PM:VH Sidera Varliss App :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 2 0 PMVH: UN Island (Mock up) by kaiakai PMVH: UN Island (Mock up) :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 0 0 Arcadia Mk3 by kaiakai Arcadia Mk3 :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 0 0 PMVH extraterrestrial colonies by kaiakai PMVH extraterrestrial colonies :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 0 0 PM:VH Pixel invader by kaiakai PM:VH Pixel invader :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 0 0 PM:VH Jonathan Shrike by kaiakai PM:VH Jonathan Shrike :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 0 0 Void Horizon: Teacher Character Sheet by kaiakai Void Horizon: Teacher Character Sheet :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 0 0 Void Horizon: Student Character Sheet by kaiakai Void Horizon: Student Character Sheet :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 1 0 AK-47 by kaiakai AK-47 :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 3 0 Skull by kaiakai Skull :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 0 0 Skull by kaiakai Skull :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 0 0 Pixel Python by kaiakai Pixel Python :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 0 0 Project Machina: Katia (V2) by kaiakai Project Machina: Katia (V2) :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 3 0 Aratami Kita (V4)- Project machina by kaiakai Aratami Kita (V4)- Project machina :iconkaiakai:kaiakai 5 0

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Slice 6 by kaiakai
LUNA-1 was the first extraterrestrial colony to be constructed by mankind, the first mission was sent in 30NM using technological advances guided by the Peregriss; the accumulated efforts of a 20 year joint science program. Construction started with a small modular settlement, housing 30 human and peregriss Scientists, over the next 10 years had lead to almost a hundred missions to build up a self sustained, colony, with the join purpose of scientific research and preserving the human race should the worst happen. The colony currently supports 13,000 people, but the population limit is estimated to be nearly 20,000 and there are plans for future expansions allowing for a 100 thousand colonists.
the colony consists of 9 permanent domes, with 4 additional small domes, and a number of temporary shelters used for surveying and preparing sites for construction or mining operations. 
Slice 3 by kaiakai
Apollo is a small research colony orbiting the moon, initially established as a maintenance station between LUNA-1 and the Orbital Elevator earth side, as a precaution in case any errors where encountered, since then it's expanded and gained two larger habitation rings, the population is predominantly human, and like most modern satellite colonies it boast artificial gravity in the habitation rings (approximately 0.893g), the mechanisms for this where mostly developed on station and have been used elsewhere since. it's directly supported by agricultural projects in Luna-1. it has a small population, no more than a thousand at any given point.
Slice 5 by kaiakai
Athena is the ATE capital on mars it is realistically more of a military complex, and has been pretty much continuously since the beginning of the war with the PAC. it rests in the middle of Tharisis surrounded by a number of peaks and mountains most notably Olympus Mons. The largest mountain in the solar system. the colony is well supported by dozens of artillery bases and smaller military instillation making it a strong foot hold on the Martian theatre. the command unit is located here and a sever farm for Big Brother is located nearby allowing an effective command and support structure linked to earth with very few difficulties. the population of the colony is about 20 thousand most of whom are soldiers, the total ATE population on mars is about 600 thousand, with most of the civilian population being as far away from the front line as possible.
even though Mars is a battle ground many still see it as a better alternative to earth and it's invader infection, and as there is only one main front for the combat most regions are relatively safe to inhabit. most colonies in the ATE territories including Athena are at least partially underground, offering safety from PAC bombs.

Slice 4 by kaiakai

across no man's land on the other side from the ATE sits Cerberus The PACs stronghold on Mars. Cerberus is a larger colony, but doesn't offer the foothold that the athena colony does, as a result it is larger and more actively fortified than the ATE capital. much of the colony is underground as with the ATE colonies. unlike Athena much of Cerberus' population is mostly civilian with many of the military personnel involved in the conflict being closer to the line. Cerberus is larger than Athena, and has it's own agricultural and production sections, which feed and provision the PAC military. The population of Cerberus is about 30 thousand with the total PAC population being no more than about 620 thousand.  due to the terrain advantage the ATE has the two forces are more or less balanced.
Slice 2 by kaiakai
Icarus is a station in orbit of Mercury, to date it is the most distant from colony from earth. with current Aviation and space travel technology it takes about 6 months to get to the station and another back from earth. the population is about 500 and it's main function is scientific, though several missions have also been launched to work out the viability of colonising mercury. The experiments done on the station are mainly related to the sun, or studying the planet below, however new technologies such as orbital mechanised frames are also being studied on the station, power cells and a number of other mechanical improvements are also frequently in the works here. it's officially run by the UN, but most of the work is done by the ERS, EEU and TTR, all of whom keep they're research to themselves, unless they're not able to hid it.
001: Extraterrestrial colonies
So I decided I'd add some Supplementary information to the setting you can ignore these I don't mind, but I'm going to keep writing them anyway I think.

Next (TBC)>>
PMVH- Vex Kade Dossier and Character sheet

So I built a dossier on Vex Kade ( who is kind of a rebooted character), who I'm using as an NPC older student in :iconvoid-horizon: 
I didn't make any of the images myself, I've instead used online resources. the last 2 images of Vex I used avatar makers, and for the first I used Anime Face Maker 2 prodominantly because I neither have time to digitally draw my character ATM, especially as I'm out of practice  at the moment. compiling the Dossier took me about 8 hours as it is and I plan to expand it soon too.... I have a number of other bits and pieces coming soon for the group too

Name: Vex Kade (AKA Rosaline Maria D'Ambrosio)

Age: 22 ?

Birthday: 20NM

Gender: Female

Species: Human w/ cybornetics (not a cyborg though, not cybernetic enough)

Corp: Anansi

Rank: Sergeant 1st class


Mutation: she can see inside the ultraviolet spectrum, but struggles with bright red colours, which usually appear grey, or blue-purple depending on the light level. bright light will blind her if she is exposed to too much, she may therefore wear goggles sometimes if the light is blinding.


    ·         The majority of her right arm is cybernetic, up to just below the shoulder joint, the arm is human like and is indistinguishable from a regular arm as it is covered with synthetic skin. there is a long flat blade concealed in the forearm.

    ·         two of the fingers, and a section of her left hand which have been replaced, with cybernetics these are covered in synthetic skin

    ·         the fingertips of her cybernetics and are designed to elongated into claw like points

    ·         an electric current can be induced in her prosthetics allowing her to stun opponents.

Weapon: on campus, she has a couple of assault rifles, a pair of hand guns and a pair of long knives; though she doesn’t carry them with her most of the time, she has a small arsenal all to herself spread throughout the EEU, NSR, ATE and PAC.

*Appearance: her hair is dyed purple, she has olive skin and has a smooth complexion, and features that would be considered conventionally beautiful by most, the only flaw on her otherwise perfect face is a scar running about 3 inches up her left cheek. Her eyes are a vibrant amber.

she is a tall woman standing at 5’8’’, and lean build, making her look taller. she has a toned build with a hint of muscle. Her cybernetics are covered by synthetic skin, so aren’t usually visible. Her body is criss-crossed with scars, the most noticeable is the bullet wound on her shoulder.

Personality: calm collected, and generally pleasant, and respectful to those around her; or at least those she feels deserve it. She can be flirtatious, she can be aggressive, and she has quite a temper on her if she’s pissed off; that being said she’s usually level headed especially in combat so even if she’s annoyed she’s unlikely to lash out.

She’s a lesbian, and generally shows more interested in women regardless, she tends to be more interested in people she considers to be interesting, which tends to involve strength of the body and of the mind.

History:  Vex grew up in the holy land, to a pair of devoted paladins, however when she was 6 her parents where away on a crusade, for the first time ever they were put in a situation of conflict between they’re country and they’re beliefs, they were ordered to kill a group of ‘heathen’ civilians, and refused the order, inevitably ending up fighting they’re own squad. They were charged with treason, they were brought home and they were put to death, for treason and heresy, after all they had defied the church in defying the army, the two being one and the same. Vex- or Rosaline at the time- would have been put to death or more likely put through a rigorous indoctrination program, had a few of her parent’s friends who were not as devote got her out of the country before the army had managed to get a hold of her.

She had managed to escape the THL but she was alone now in a country she’d never visited, and effectively homeless. It wasn’t long before she found a group willing to look after her, more street kids like herself, who had nowhere better to go.

After another 6 years she’d started to help out, age 12 she was now helping to provide for the group as best as she could, they’d trained her what skill she needed to survive the streets, she could steal she could fight, and more to the point she was good at it, she’d learnt to despise the place she had called home, and the structure that had governed her parent’s demise.

After a couple of years helping the group out she found they were in need of more than they could bring in, the numbers had dwindled over time, and getting the money they needed was becoming harder. So Vex turned her hand to bounty hunting, now 15 she was agile, fast and after more than a few scrapes she was a good fighter too, so taking down a few creeps with a warrant on they’re head wasn’t hard. A few years of that and she’d made enough to move off the streets, and was able to afford her own mech, and started taking on mercenary work, as time passed she’d upgrade her meh and improve it frequently, making it faster, or stronger or giving it more fire power.


In 39 NM at the age of 19 a mission she was on went south, and she was caught in an explosion, the damage to her right arm was extensive and it had to be amputated, her left hand was badly damaged by shrapnel and she ended up with several scars including the one on her chin.

In 40NM she messed up and ended up attacking the EEU as part of a mission, they caught her and gave her an ultimatum, she took the easier of the two options, the UN academy; they’d seen her potential plenty of times before


    -          honesty

    -          women

    -          strength

    -          weapons, mechs, explosives; technology in generally

    -          blue and purple hues

    -          engineering; despite being no good at it


    -          narcasists; those who think they’re better than her in particular

    -          sycophants, people who try to use her

    -          the holy land and all that comes with it, it’s religion it’s people, it’s technology, everything

    -          religion in general

    -          not getting paid

    -          bright lights


    -          agile,

    -          dexterious

    -          experienced fighter

    -          experienced pilot


    -          doesn’t cope well on her own

    -          poor engineering skills; she can’t fix anything major

    -          angers easily, eventually losing control if she’s provoked enough

Additional information :

-whilst technically of THL nationality, she is an expat and now has EEU nationality exclusively


Name : Finedei

Type: Mobile armour

Size : 18

Weight : 24

Weapons :

    ·         AM-AR38 2.0 cal assault rifle (30 per mag, 5 spare for a total of 180)

    ·         2.5 Calibre sniper rifle (10 per mag, 5 spare, total of 60)

    ·         2x shoulder mounter 130mm missile launcher (12 per launcher for a total of 24)

    ·         12x laser guided 140mm missile launchers

*Mecha Appearance :

Additional Information :

* these fields should either be filled in if there is not an image provided,

PM:VH Sidera Varliss App
Art by the lovely :iconkarrendaen:


Name: Sidera ‘Sid’ Varliss

Age: 19

Birthday: 4/8/23NM (4th august)

Gender: female

Species: Peregriss

Corp: Nan

Rank: Recruit

Weapon:  Nan

*Appearance: she's tall at 5'6’’, she's and slender; with more muscle than fat on her body. her hair is a dark seemingly iridescent purple, her eyes are a golden amber, surrounded by the standard dark Sclera of her people. she dresses simply, in clothes that are both comfortable and unlikely to get in the way of her work.

Personality: Polite, Kind, daring, reasonably pleasant and generally inquisitive.

passionate about technology and pretty good with it, or at least with peregriss technology, not so good with human tech but generally interested in it anyway, especially mechs and anything she's not seen before, especially if it's human,

History: Sidera was born on earth,  in a Peregriss community in the EEU, mostly isolated from the outside world and humans. She is the oldest of 4, with a younger brother and two sisters. She was educated in the settlements local school, due to the isolation of her community her classes were orientated towards peregriss history, technology, and etc.

As she got older Sid became more interested in technology and became a pilot as soon as she was able, with the goal  of getting out of her community and being able to interact with new people outside her community; in her early life she’d only seen humans occasionally and had little chance to interact with them.

She managed to get hold of an old Peregriss golem that she had a good level of synchronization with and started training with it in and around her hometown. After a few years she applied to the UN mech school and got accepted soon after.

Likes: technology (especially human), asking questions, experimenting with things, meeting new people, socialising,

Dislikes: things getting broken, being ignored, not knowing something, being left out, having nothing to do


  • Good with peregriss technology

  • high synchronization level

  • intelligent

  • charismatic


  • Bad with human technology,

  • Not useful in combat

  • Shy/ socially awkward with humans

  • Compliant; will usually do what she’s told, unless it’s something outrageous

Additional information :

Has a pet, something akin to a Cat from the peregriss homeworld, it’s fully grown but it’s small enough that it can happily sit on one of Sid’s shoulders, she calls it Ais


Name :Callesh

Type: golem

Size : 16 meters

Weight : 10 tonnes

Weapons : assault rifle ( 45/135, 1 calibre rounds)

Internal high power energy blaster ( 1 shot per/ hour 2-3 with successful rolls, but a fail will disable Callesh temporarily)

*Mecha Appearance : (WIP)

Additional Information :

Hey, so I run :iconvoid-horizon:, in short:
- UN academy training Mech Pilots and engineers
- Human or Peregriss (a humanoid Alien race) OC
- world at threat from giant Alien invaders
- plenty of stuff planned if we can get the members to pull it off

if your interested have a look at the group page, it's still kind of under construction but we're active, and it'll be a little while before I have all the bells and whistles done, but We've got most of everything important done.


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