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Of The Heart (Anti/Mark Guardian Bonus Chapter)
All they saw were the notes sent from their leader, and they were off.
The day before, Anti and Jack had gone about their usual daily routine. Jack recorded videos, Anti kept an eye on the place, and they hung out soon after. Signe and Shu joined in, watching a few movies together before they all fell asleep. Across the world, in the middle of nowhere, the two Marks did the same, although the Guardian Mark took watch over the cabin that night, keeping his human and friends safe. They were on location for a future video, so he was on high alert in the new setting. All the while, all three of the Guardians' pairs of wings had an odd twitch about them, something they hadn't experienced since coming into the human realm, only Anti wondering what it could've meant.
It was made clear the next day, as Jack and Signe searched for them, as they were gone early the next morning. They hadn't even thought about looking to the note, as Jack stood outside, squeezing the palm, watching the glow flick
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Keeps On Giving (Birthday One-Off)
"Alright, you did well today!"
"Really? I could barely keep up with you, I just tried hard not to mess up,"
"And that's great! You didn't need my help with anything,"
"Heh, if you really think so,"
"I know so. Hey, same time tomorrow, at the spot?"
"You know it, Mark~"
Anti shifted a bit in his hammock, looking over to the window, his dream fading from his mind. Sitting up, he spotted Jack's bed was left empty, as he absently wondered where he could've gone so early. It wasn't a recording day, at least not that he remembered, and he hadn't woke him up to ask to watch over the house while he would be gone. He suddenly recalled the time of year, the specific day, thinking if so much of them was already the same, then perhaps...
He pushed himself off of his hammock, stretching with a yawn, as he stepped out of the room, looking around the empty house. He grew uneasy as not even a note was left over by anyone, not Signe, Shu...Jack...Anti continued to search, stepping outside, the February
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Chapter Twenty-Four: Where They Were (Part One)
Anti and Mark looked around, the both of them having very limited memories of their time in this spot. They both grew uneasy, looking away from each other, both very aware of what this spot meant to the other. This was the location of Mark's home, at least at the time his Guardian was meant to bond with him. The spot where Mark became fully demonized, the spot where Anti...
"I'm...pretty sure he's moved since then," Anti said to break the silence. "I guess he wasn't really aware..."
" are we supposed to find him, then?" Mark asked, looking back to him. "Have you seen where he went?"
"No, I spent all my time here with Jack, and even then, the memory's a little fuzzy...I know he lives far away, but I don't know how to get there on my own..." Anti responded with a shrug, realizing just how difficult this could be.
"Well, I guess we'd better start looking," Mark said, about to fly off, before a pair of blue flames appeared hovering to the side of them, but only the flames, with n
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Chapter Twenty-One: When I Knew
Anti kept at his dodging as long as he could, the other Guardian keeping his approaches swift and strong. The spear he wielded was a natural extension of his body, as with each attack, he only missed Anti with how annoyingly quick he was. Though, without a spear himself, he was unsure of any victory against the other. He had to find a vantage point, or perhaps another way to win.
"You have to fight back sometime," the Guardian shouted, hurrying up to hit him with the staff of his spear.
"I can't! I can't even use my talent here!" Anti responded quickly, trying to knock the staff away, only to get hit against his ribs. He stumbled back and grabbed at the spot, looking back as the Guardian made another approach, twirling the spear in his hand.
"If you can't fight without cheap tactics, you'll never get to your human! That's what our leader told all of us, remember?!"
There he was again, the leader's words continued to plague Anti to this day. He groaned, looking around the ring of the ar
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Chapter Nineteen: What I Became
Fields as far as the eye could see, tinted with the color of hope and luck. Green. Anti rested, face down, the wind passing through his hair gently. A few blades of grass stroked his cheek, as his eyes opened slowly. He groaned, blinking awake, as he sat up, rubbing at one of his eyes. He looked around, the sight adjusting in his vision, the world around him calm. Finally standing, he yawned and stretched, smiling, looking to the sky, relaxed, ready for the day. Anti absently wondered how he ended up sleeping outside, instead of in his hut.
That was, until every memory hit him like a brick.
Gasping, he spun around, beginning to run through the silent field, stumbling a bit as something caught him from behind, like a parachute. He turned, eyes widening, hands going straight to his mouth.
His wings had returned.
He laughed in jubilation, bringing his hands around his back, pulling his wings to his chest and embracing them tightly, ignoring the tugging pain. Anti couldn't believe this was
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Chapter Seventeen: When I Had It
They met up with their last member of the live stream event at where they would be shooting it. Emma Blackery, a fellow channel with the rest of them, had set up the finishing touches to the tree between the two couches. Each of the three alters remained hidden as the first day of the stream started, Felix introducing each member, jokingly calling most of them the wrong name. Cringemas had begun, and as they came in, donations were already going through to their charity.
The first day ended in success, and they went to their rooms, Felix, PJ and Emma in one, and Tyler, Mark and Jack in the other. Tyler watched the stream off camera to keep an eye on Mark, and thus was his job at their hotel room. As they entered and were in the clear, Anti got permission to separate from Jack's mind.
"Hey..." Anti said, looking away, still feeling guilty about earlier that day. "You guys...did great out there."
"Oh, you were watching?" Jack asked, giving him an honest smile, trying to help him relax, a
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Chapter Fifteen: When We Reunited
"BOO!! Did I scare you? No? Dammit! I was hoping I would!"
Anti chuckled, sniffling as he was curled up on the shelf, watching the video Jack uploaded soon after the one they made together for Halloween. He had one of Jack's old smartphones, one that could only connect to the internet, and Anti used it to watch all the videos he was a part of. He smiled at his human's excited delight at how well the videos did, and how much fun they were to make. But one thing bugged him, which was how Jack chalked it up to the fans that Anti was simply a creation. A 'fan made character', though how they could have predicted something like this happening to Jack was baffling to him. He kept watching, scrolling back to the beginning on occasion, happy to see his human so joyful, before he would weep once more.
He was going to be thrown out any minute now. Granted, it had been a month and a half, and though their relationship seemed to stay the same, he was still worried. Sure, every time Jack found more
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Ch. Eleven (Part Two): When We Tried (Dark POV)
Mark pushed himself away from the computer, turning his chair from the light, as Dark spoke out angrily in his thoughts.
"That...little worm is still alive?!" He seethed in Mark's head, while he leaned back in his chair, rubbing his temples.
"What did you do?" Mark groaned. "My head's throbbing now..."
"How could he be...I...he got latched! That damned wimp couldn't keep himself alive, so he made a deal with one of us!"
"Wh...Are you talking about...Jack?"
"No, you idiot, the one he was with! His Guardian!"
"...So, this is really something everyone gets? Why haven't I heard about it...? Wait, latched, what does that mean? What's going to happen to Jack?" Mark asked, growing worried, about to go back on Skype to see.
"He's fine, now, seems smart enough not to let him in so easily..." Dark said, Mark rolling his eyes at the seemingly intentional insult. "Where are they?!"
"Why...what do you want t-"
"Answer me!!" Dark growled, smacking Mar
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Ch. Eleven (Part One): When We Tried (Anti POV)
Anti had gone for months attempting to get his human's trust in order. Jack, however, didn't seem to want any of it. He helped him move in his new couch, and then a second new couch, as his claws scratched through the sides of it while bringing it upstairs. He attempted cooking and cleaning, all of which ending in failure. The claws messed up the cleaning, leaving scratches in his windows and furniture, while his 'help' at cooking by showing Jack the cool thing he can do with his one green eye left most of the side of his refrigerator missing. At this point, he was left in the living room, having to do nothing but remain there, while Jack would record his videos and pretend that he wasn't there. But after a while, he finally decided to see if anyone else had a weird, similar occurrence. He was concerned of who to go to first, as he didn't know of who could believe him, but there had to be someone, right?
Thankfully, his first try was a success.
"Wait, what's going on with you?" Jack as
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