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Poro Plush

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This was completed mid December, 2014, as a Christmas gift for the client's friend. She also got one for herself, so there were two. For the one being gifted, she asked to have a purple bow put on one of it's horns, and I thought this was adorable, so I included a photo of that also blue heart bullet by to-much-a-thing purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thing pink heart bullet by to-much-a-thing

I do fleece hat and costume COMMISSIONS! 
If you are interested in having a fleece hat/costume made for you, I do pretty much anything. CLICK HERE for more details. To see more hats and costumes, CLICK HERE

© Poro, from League of Legends

Fleece version, and related crafts;
Poro Fleece by Kai45Teemo's Hat by Kai45New hat, guess for points! by Kai45
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bingles's avatar
OMG i love this
Kai45's avatar
:D Figured you would lol! :heart:
bingles's avatar
I definately want one of these for my cosplay some day. xD are you going to comic con or Furnal equinox 2017?
Kai45's avatar
I unfortunately am not, FE overlaps too much with school and I'm not sure which Comic Con you mean since there are so many ;P
bingles's avatar
toronto comic con :) 
Kai45's avatar
Haven't even heard of that one lol only heard of Fan Expo. I just googled it though, and it looks like it's also in March? Unfortunately due to the way the school year is at that time, I don't think I can ever go to any cons in March or April :( at least not until I'm done school, that is!
bingles's avatar
ahh no worries i didnt go either. i heard it was like a block away from furnal equinox the furry convention
Kai45's avatar
Will you be coming to the London Comic Con or Forest City Comic Con though? :D
Ladydsblue's avatar
Aww, so adorable! 
Kai45's avatar
:aww: thank you!!
JutaWi's avatar
I don't know much about Poro's besides that they're in LoL and that they can grow a moustache when some manly shenanigans happen... but this looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUPER FLUFFY! XD
And all those details and the horns so well made O:
Kai45's avatar
I'm in the same boat, I don't know the character really but omg so fluffy X'D I sold the fleece proto-type to someone who doesn't know the character either but just thought it was adorable lmao!
JutaWi's avatar
Lol I see XD
FlamelKai's avatar
This flufflenugget is pure cuteness :3
Kai45's avatar
LOL aww thank you!! :aww:
Tuu1ikki's avatar
Kai45's avatar
JamJams's avatar
This is seriously just way to cute for words!
Also must say, this is probably one of the cutest poro plushies I've seen! Love the detailing in the eyes.
Kai45's avatar
Yaaaay!! :D
Thanks so much!!! :dance:
ListenMagician's avatar
Aww, that is so cute. Look at those little feets!
Kai45's avatar
Thanks!! :aww: I love it more than I should, it was hard to give them to the commissioner lol
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