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A. Introduction
1. What is D-Master Monster?
D-Master Monster, short for Deck Master Monster, is a type of Monster Card that is colored RED (like the illegal Slifer). They are stored in the in D-Master Zone, a new type of Zone that locates on the left of the Extra Deck Zone.
Deck Master was first introduced to us in the Virtual World Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster (for more information, please visit yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Deck_Mas…). Later, my friend :icongrezar: tried to make his own version of Deck Master [W.I.P]Venelyus, the Flame of Eternity by grezar and that inspired me, but back then, I didn't have enough ideas and had trouble in making Deck Master fit with the real game. Now, I finally figure how my version of Deck Master is gonna be like.

2. What special about D-Master Monster?
● First of all, pretty much like Pendulum Monster Cards having Pendulum Effect, D-Master Monster has an effect called D-Master Effect. This kind of effect is written in small typesetting in a partially transparent box, which is right above the monster's lore box.

● Like I said above, D-Master Monster is in the D-Master Zone, but in the anime, you can Summon it to your field from almost anytime you want. So I give it a new form of Special Summon called Superior Summon.

3. How does D-Master work?
● How can you activate the D-Master Effect?
-You can activate the D-Master Effect of a D-Master Monster from your D-Master Zone OR face-up on your side of the field.

-If the D-Master you want to activate is in your D-Master Zone, you FLIP IT FACE-UP in your D-Master Zone. After the Chain of effects (if any) ends, that D-Master remains face-up, but you still can use its D-Master Effect.

● How do you Superior Summon a D-Master Monster?
You can Superior Summon your D-Master Monster in either player's Main Phase or Battle Phase from your D-Master Zone.

● When a FACE-UP D-Master Monster you control in the Monster Zone is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or by card effect), you lose 4000 LP.

B. Rulings
1. About Superior Summon
● A Superior Summon CANNOT BE NEGATED by cards that negate Special Summons like "Solemn Warning" and "Thunder King Rai-Oh".
● Cards and effects CANNOT BE ACTIVATED in response to the Superior Summon.

2. About D-Master Monster
● You CAN ONLY HAVE 1 D-Master Monster in your Deck. Before the Duel starts, each player take the D-Master Monster in their Deck (if any) and place it FACE-DOWN in the D-Master Zone.
● D-Master Monster can have the same name as one of your card in the Deck, but D-Master isn't counted as 1 of the copies.
● D-Master Monsters are Special Summon monsters like Fusion, Ritual, Synchro and Xyz Monsters.
● D-Master Monsters face-up on the field can be used for Fusion, Ritual, Synchro or Xyz Summon. If so, the monster it used for is treated as your new D-Master Monster, and that monster gains the D-Master Effect.
● When a D-Master Monster would be RETURNED TO THE HAND OR DECK by a card effect, it is RETURNED TO THE D-Master Zone INSTEAD.

3. About D-Master Effect
D-Master Effect CANNOT BE NEGATED by other card effects.


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serenade87's avatar
We've actually scripted all the deck master cards into ygopro and they work just like they did in the virtual arc without having to break any game mechanics.
Phoenixmaster3's avatar
I do think the idea of losing 4000 LP if the D-Master is destroyed, is a bit harsh, BUT, seeing as that in the Virtual World you lose if your D-Master is destroyed, it fits in with those rules. The only problem is, if your D-Master is destroyed and you have more that 4000 LP you still remain in the duel, which pretty much overrules the rules. You should have it that if the D-Master is destroyed you lose automatically. Unlike "Hawk" I'm trying to keep an open mind about these cards. But I do think that each person should place their D-Master in it's Zone before the duel starts so that they can't spring it on you whenever.
Kai1411's avatar
Well, 4000 LP is the start-up LP in the anime, that's why I want to add the rules "lose 4000 LP". Beside, with real-life cards, you can easily destroy a monster.
Phoenixmaster3's avatar
You got a point there.
Phoenixmaster3's avatar
You need to make a deck that not only revolves around the "Chronogear" cards but also supports the Superior Summon.
Kai1411's avatar
Yes, that's one of my intention.
DragonKnight-15's avatar
I was always fond with the Deck Master system during the Virtual Arc because it gave the duelist a new chance to turn the tide of a duel or further pressure the advantage. I love the name Superior Summon and I have been thinking of something similar... well more like Superior Call from CFV. 

Hmm... honestly, this works SO much better than Legion since it's not so complex. Making a new Zone works, I mean look at Pendulum Zones. I want to support this and... hmm... this card work in a fanfic right?

Also, can I recommend like a D-Master version of Golden-Eyes? I CAN... imagine how I want that card to act, in some ways.
shamanking1991's avatar
Looks like Hawk has beaten me to many of the things I wanted and even some parts of this version of Deck Master that I missed when I initially read this, so I'll just keep it short.

- "Face-up Deck Masters cannot be Special Summon"

When I read this it felt particularly gripping mainly because Deck Masters in the "Virtual World" arc were always public knowledge with both players announcing them before the start of the start of the duel. While this may seem to be more of an advantage to the players opponent in actuality BOTH player will know what they're facing.

- "Loss by Deck Master"

I was honestly looking for something along these lines in the post. This was one of the most defining features of being a deck master and it seems like the concept has been regulated into a "additional" extra deck status.....

- "Risk versus Reward"

While I agree that it maybe harsh to lose a duel simply because your monster was destroyed, you have to remember:

 1) These were monsters that could be summoned at the players leisure (I assume mostly during the Main Phases) with virtually (not a pun) no restrictions whatsoever. They HAD to have a devastating weakness, as they were potential free beatsticks.

2) They had influence on the duel even from the Deck Master Zone and there effects where usually powerful enough to shift the Duel in there owner's favor and for those that NEEDED to be on the field to use their effects it would mostly have been even more devastating than that.

- "Multiple Deck Masters"

I believe Deck Masters are the center piece strategy of any deck that seemed to use them as they are in fact the "Deck's Master" and mainly because there effect are above the usual norm to represent such a title, such as Dark Magician Deck Master ability from Virtual Arc to activate the effect of a spell card twice.

A deck built with the rule of only one Deck Master would choose to add a higher count of spell cards to there deck to increase usage. While multiple Deck Masters regulates this type of effect the high-tier staple (again like an extra deck status).


All in all Kai despite my criticism I have to say you've put some good ideas forward like the Pendulum effect box reworked for Deck Master zone effects, I always wondered how to build a normal as Deck Master and the box works just fine. The Deck Master don't need to be like G-Unit's, XYZ or like Pendulum they just need play like how fans expect them to play.

Hope this helps.
Kai1411's avatar
I like what you thought. I will use them  to update my project. Thank you.
shamanking1991's avatar
Your welcome dude anytime.
Hawk00Refferencer's avatar
Frankly, not so sure about it...
Kai1411's avatar
It's still an idea. What do you think I should change?
Hawk00Refferencer's avatar
Well, if you're asking me to be honest, prepare for a rather uncomfortable comment.
From my personal perspective, whenever I see a new class introduced by fans, it kinds pains me to see how unoriginal they are. For example, barely anyone came up with stacking cards atop of each other until Xyz monsters showed up, and the same thing goes for the existence of Ranks. Ever since then, pretty much any new class could be explained as "ugh, it's like Xyz summon, but from the hand" or "deh, it's like Xyz summon, but with banishing". And now that Pendulum monsters showed up, it became a hype to make up new card zones and new excuses for the 2nd text box. There's not much original about them if they're using the exactly same mechanic as the already existing cards and just calling it differently.
Now back to your new class, the first thing that I'm uncomfortable with is this thing about Cathegories. Frankly, I'm not a great supporter of making new replacements for levels, in fact, I'm getting sick and tired of those. Back then, when Xyz monsters introduced Ranks, I could understand that we needed some other kind of recognition because a rank 4 monster is not the same as a level 8 monster, or level 12 if it needs 3 materials, so there was no other way to make it apparent but to introduce this new element. But whoever else tries to make the same thing under a different banner only does it because they want to take advantage of this "it's unaffected by level-based effects" mechanic. And Cathegories are already the at least 13th replacement for levels that I've heard so far, next to Grade, Class, Bytes, and Quallities, to name a few. Ranks are supposed to be something that is trademarked for Xyz monsters, and they have a reason for it, so there's that, but every next new class that tries to do the same thing is just trying to cheat the game in their own favor and the only thing they acomplish is making the game more complicated than it needs to be. Please note how these new Pendulum monsters have Levels, not Ranks or any new kind of classification mark. Now let's move on with the review:
I'm wondering why you need different names for the monster class and the summoning mechanic, in this case the Superior summon, which, by the way, is also not original and I've seen people trying to play it off as something new when it isn't. The name also doesn't do the game justice because it suggests that this new class is supposed to be something superior. The thing is, newclasses are not supposed to be better than others, they're supposed to be different, otherwise nobody would be using the older classes anymore.
What's also confusing is that you say these monsters are placed in a seperate D-Master Zone, but it later goes on to explain how you Superior Summon them from the Extra deck. And it then says how Pendulum monsters are placed in the D-Master zone instead. It is possible you just made a mistake while writing this part down, though.
And finally, I really dislike it how these new classes tend to mix up gameplay mechanic with card effects. In this case, it's the ability to use the effects of the D-Masters Xyz materials (as everyone else calls it) and have multiple names.
Lastly, given the fact it's supposed to be based on the Deck Masters from Virtual world, it really does not pay them respect because I don't see a resemblance in mechanics. The actual Deck Leaders would occupy a seperate zone, yes, but they would only have occupied it one at the time, a player would not have multiple Deck Leaders, and what's more, these D-Master cards don't have the restriction of the actual deal, such as the fact the player whose Deck Master is destroyed looses the duel.
Sorry, but I'm not confident in how you envisioned this to work.
Lexxiss666's avatar
Quite the analyzer and harsh critic as ever! - But never avoid being too reckless... hehehehe... 
You are right on most aspects of this new mechanic, there could be some possible changes to simplify the idea: 
- it shouldn't storage D-Masters in a different and new Zone, and should rather go to the Main Deck;
- D-Masters should be playable as regular monsters in a Main Deck;
- IF a new Zone, then the D-Master Zone should be a new open Zone where each player who has a D-Master can place it in its D-Master Zone before the start of the Duel, where it applies it's D-Master effect;
- Update D-Masters: A player can update the D-Master by placing another on top - this has to be appropriate with the cards conditions and effect of course and could also be done via manipulating with the new Indicator, maybe(?) (This is also similar to CFV if I'm not mistaken, though am not quite familiar with that card game)
- a player cannot place a D-Master in their D-Master Zone after the start of the Duel, OR a new one after loosing their D-Master - but depending on 
played, a D-Master could be replaceable(?) 
Hawk00Refferencer's avatar
I wonder...
Will my Class idea also be reviewed the same way once I introduce it?
Lexxiss666's avatar
When will it be introduced? 
Maybe I can participate in realizing the idea(?) once I finalize the Symbiotic mechanics - for which I will be needing your review.  
Hawk00Refferencer's avatar
Not anytime soon. I must first finish my long reply to someone. Then, I'll have to remaster the Number Wars, as promised. Then  can move on.
But more importantly...
I must decide which of the four new classes to introduce first.
Lexxiss666's avatar
Good luck with the work! 
Let me know if I can help in any way(?) 
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Kai1411's avatar
Wow, frankly when I think about what you said, it actually makes sense.
At first, I just wanted to make it have a Level only. Then, I want to make a difference from other monsters, that's why I use Category, even though I still think I don't need it.
My version of Deck Master is inspired by G-Unit from CFV, that's why I want Deck Master to be a little bit like G-Unit (having 2 names and gaining effects). In the anime, a Duelist can activate its Deck Master abilities from almost anywhere and anytime he wants, so I come up with the idea to use the Pendulum Effect Box as a Deck Master Abilities Box.
About having 2 or more Deck Masters, I'm not so sure about that either. It's true that one Duelist can only have 1 Deck Master to use in the Duel, and when it is destroyed, he will loose the Duel. But I think it is a bit harsh in a real Duel, that's the reason why I allow max.7 Deck Masters and max.2 copies for each Deck Master, and when it is face-up in the D-Master Zone, you can't Summon it.
Hawk00Refferencer's avatar
That's the issue when you try to lodge one game into another. I won't say Vanguard is lousy compared to Duel Monsters, because that's not the case. I liked the anime and I feel sorry for stopping watching it half-way through. The game also had potential.
However, it is clear as day that the mechanic and the values in one game don't go hand-in-hand with the other one. I can't say I'm an expert in Vanguard for the above reasons, but I have seen Duel Monsters evolve, so this abuse of rules worries me greatly.
HoshinoTama777's avatar
It's interesting, but it seems a little overly complicated, especially for an Xyz knockoff.
Kai1411's avatar
It may seem complicate, but when you imagine use it in the Duel, it's not that complicate ^^
MillenniumShadow's avatar
I've been working my own Type of card that act like an additional Duelist on the field: Ally Cards.
I've asked :icongrezar: to help me on it.
Kai1411's avatar
Wow, that's cool.
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