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My Influence Map by KahunaBlair My Influence Map by KahunaBlair
I finally decided to partake in the artist meme of The Influence Map. You are supposed to fill this grid out with different pieces that represent the artists that inspire you. Mine can be broken up into two sections:

My Younger Years- These artists made me want to draw. Their work still holds a special place for me.

-Mike Weiringo- The man was a genius. His pure, clean lines have no equal.
-Skottie Young- His original stuff perfectly combined graffiti and street art with comic book flair.
-Chris Bachalo- Can you tell I like the more cartoon-y artists yet? His X-Men work was fantastic.
-Humberto Ramos- I looked through his issues of Impulse while I was drawing so much that they all fell apart.
-Ed McGuinness- His time on Deadpool came when I was at a crossroads on my art. Thankfully, his style helped me continue forward.
-Rob Schrab- Other than a few local comics, his Scud work was the first indie book I ever discovered. Blew my teenage mind!
-Joe Mad!- I was starting my first “real” paying job just when Joe Mad’s success started to hit. I probably spent 90% of my small income on his books.

My Current Years- These are things that I’ve discovered recently that really inspire my current way of thinking.

-Mike Mignola- He is probably more of a bridge artist between these two lists since his was the only comic I bought during my 9 year break from funny books. The guy is a genius with lines. With 3 lines he can make you feel like you are looking at the most worn and tattered hero you’ve ever seen.
-Pixar- The company that puts story above all else, yet realizes that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push the boundaries of art. The perfect company thinking.
-Kazu Kibuishi- His comic, Copper, is pure joy. It’s simplicity and beauty are a constant bit of inspiration to me. Every time I have an idea for a webcomic, my mind instantly darts to Copper.
-Shag- An artist that combines my love for zaniness with my love for all things retro.
-Chris Sanders- This guy is brilliant. He is the mind behind animated cartoons Lilo & Stitch and How to Train Your Dragon. His love of all things tiki and classic animation makes him a personal hero of mine.

If you liked to partake of this fun little meme, head over to ‘fox-orian’s page for the blank template and instructions.
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