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Sakura Iro Mau Koro

By KahoOkashii
now I officially introduce my secondary art style (besides my usual Moe style) which I've been using it for designing for game project for JP company. lolz my butt is still numb for doing BG ;____; ok no more slacking off, ought to back to work on the game project right now...

Title: "Sakura Iro Mau Koro" = When Cherry Blossom's Color is discolored

Such a long time didn't draw ecchi though. And Fox + Katana + Kimono Theme is my favorite theme actually

Programs: SAI + Photoshop CS3

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First of all, this is my bottom-line statement: this is an absolutely gorgeous piece. the colors are lovely, well used and balanced, the details are amazing, and the background is a superb blend of realistic and stylized drawing. I see very few flaws here, though one is the coloring of the rocks; they look a tad too "shiny", and its somewhat hard to tell exactly what they are without closer inspection. Another is her tail. Now though it matches her ears as far as style, the lack of details that would depict fur make the texture very difficult to recognize as fur for those who are unfamiliar with kemonomimi. Her breasts are also a tad large, making the piece seem a little tacky, but I'm aware that that is the style that was desired, so its really not a problem. Her tail is really the only thing that has considerable room for improvement, otherwise the angle, the colors, the effects, the background, the detailed designs, and the subject of the picture herself, are all incredibly well done and quite appealing to the eye. Awesome job man, keep up the good work. eweb
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

I know I'm not good at drawing, but I would say that only two things are bad. One is the black thing on the left hand side of the picture next to the girl, and the other is, what appears to be, the rocks behind her. Everything else looks amazing!! I love the cat ears and the background. The look as a whole is just beautiful. The colors are another great factor. They seem so soothing and the red in the girl's dress gives the picture a very balanced look. Just absolutely amazing! Great job. Maybe you could teach me some of your tricks and give me hints on drawing.
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Prototype21xz is right, the tail needs more furry texture (I couldn't do that in the next two centuries, but the picture's author can manage it allright) and the rocks need to be more "rocky-like".

Anyway, that's a gorgeous picture!
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The "black thing on the left hand side of the picture next to the girl" is the girl's tail. She has ears and a tail. I think she's a kitsune.
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This picture is amazing and.....those boobs *-*
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beautiful really that's the word
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Pretty good *A*
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OMG *_* i love this drawing <3
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The colours are so beautiful!
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lol too much for LoL fan =))

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Oh geez, for a moment I thought that was Ahri xD
Anyways, great job, very beautiful art ^^
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Wow, simply no words. Very beautiful composition. =)
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I wish I could draw like you, it's outstanding!
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HEY nice sword, Mind if I use it for a bit. I like my swords. :)
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Teach me how you made this !
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SAI huh? Never seen a SAI creation so perfect, damn is all I have to say.
Where do you people learn to do this, I wish I knew I swear
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oh wow she is so beautiful and sexy <33
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