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Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai



Fanart for my favorite anime of this season

SAI + Photoshop CS3
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KahoOkashii's Piece Boku is a well balanced piece. From the stance of the two characters in the foreground to the sky and trees in the background there is plenty to capture ones attention.

From when I first laid eyes upon this image the first thing that caught my attention was the clothing of the two young women. whether because I'm male or because of the excellent color choice, my eyes were led from the dark green skirts complemented by the lighter green of the trees in the background.My eyes were then lead on a happy journey up to the chest are area noticing the gap which may or may not have been intended in being a rather successful focal point drawing the eyes in to the center only to be lead away again to witness the details of the peace.

As my eyes continued up I noticed the subtle expressions of the two characters while one has her left eyebrow raised the other has a more caring expression in her eyes.

KahoOkashii did well to add plenty of variation to the piece one notices the fact that while both characters are wearing school uniforms they are not without differences. While the girl on the left has a traditional uniform, the girl on the left has made some changes to hers making it more feminine in the process.

Taking all into consideration KahoOkashii's Piece Boku is a wonderful piece fill with beauty and cheer portraying the subtleties of youth and love and affection. I look forward to what KahoOkashii creates next.