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Hello! This is kahmurio, I have decided to do commission
Please send me a note if you're interested.

</b>Commission price list

Colored Portrait - 15-35USD (price depends on complexity)
Maximum 2 characters with complex/simple background
chapter 58 by kahmurio 12 9 by kahmurio 
ihei hairu by kahmurio Kaneki by kahmurio
Tenjyou Tenge / Honoki Toya by kahmurio

Half body/full body CG -  20-30USD (B&W, depends on complexity of character)
                                30-40USD (full color with simple background)
                                 35-75USD (full color with complex background/character with a lot of details)
Maximum 2 characters
Style 1:
 Weiss Schnee by kahmurio Ruby Rose by kahmurio Fate / Karna by kahmurio
mikazuki munechika by kahmurio Handa Seishuu by kahmurio 

Style 2 (colored or b&w):
  100 by kahmurio Ajin by kahmurio 

Illustration(others) - 50-200USD (price depends on complexity)
travel by kahmurio 
after school by kahmurio 
wake up by kahmurio
19/3/16 by kahmurio Joker Game / Sakuma and Miyoshi by kahmurio equinoX by kahmurio

  • Original character;
  • fanart;
  • yaoi/bl;
  • yuri;
  • armored character;
  • mature content (R15)
  • others (ask me!)
  • Furries;
  • animal only illustration;
  • bara;
  • real portrait;
  • mechas;
  • hentai;
  • gore (some blood is okay)
Do not transfer your payment before I review your commission request.
Your commission will take 3 days to one week+ to complete.

1. Send me a note with commission detail, I'll either deny or accept.
2. I'll begin with a rough sketch or draft.
3. Once you are satisfy with the draft you need to transfer your payment to my paypal account.
4. I'll continue the commission after I confirmed the payment.
5. When the drawing is done I'll send you the full resolution artwork.

Payment via PayPal only.  I don't accept points Points
You will need to pay the transaction fee.
Please refer to this while paying.

- Be nice and polite, don't rush :(
- You can edit the commissioned art piece for personal use.
- You can re-upload the commissioned art piece if credit is given.
- Do not claim the commissioned art piece as your work.
- I have the right to upload your commission to my gallery as portfolio, let me know if you wish to keep it private.

© 2016 - 2021 kahmurio
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Gosh why do I have to be so broke ;-;