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Published: June 28, 2010
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“I’ll remember you though, I remember everyone that leaves”

Ok I know some people will hate for this

You know lilo means lost…

I don’t know how many of you grow up with this movie, well I did, I love it for many personal reasons, and its message it’s stronger now, I’m far away from my family…
For me Lilo and Stitch are one of my favorite couples ever (obviously not romantic) and the love that they show, family love, comfort me these days, specially for Lilo’s story, she was lost and alone, in a broken family until she mets Stitch, and two lonely persons can defeat loneliness together, I love the others movies and the TV series because they show more about Lilo’s motto, but
I’m not a hater person, who really knows me know that I avoid hate, but I can’t help it this time, because it breaks my heart!
When I knew that Lilo and Stitch was going to have an anime I get very exited, but when I watched the trailer I was… speechless, I can’t believe that they actually took Stitch away from Lilo (heart break) and they replace her with this… bored girl, with the excuse that she forgot Stitch for her boyfriend (did they actually know what the movies were about?), that’s why he run away… and Stitch have the cynicism of talking about Ohana?!

“Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”

Well they just did…
I would prefer ignoring that this series exist and remember the last family portrait from the cousin’s photo album

I’m sad for Lilo, Disney kill her parents, make her “friends” dislike her and when she actually had a tight family, they took them away and leave her behind and forgotten
Well Disney now you have a little girl crying because she doesn’t like the end of the movie
And I’m not talking about Lilo!

Lilo © Walt Disney
Art by me


Sorry for my English and everything else
and if you like the anime, good for you

EDIT: thanks for more than 300 favs ;o;
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I only take one singular aspect from the entire first anime that almost makes its existence worth it. She grew up, she had her family and finally had one of her own. Whilst it wasn't explored beyond plot device, that one little thing makes me feel satisfaction, knowing that Lilo got that Lol had her family, her future as earth's ambassador that she deserved both. Beyond that I am sad about its neglection, not just Lilo and Stitch, numerous titles (not too mention an animation style) abandoned... And for what? REMAKES!
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GoldexxHobbyist General Artist
I have to agree. I hate the anime. I 100% don't count it as canon , or at least an au to the original movie. 
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TheLoneB-312Hobbyist Filmographer
I did not know there was an anime and the plot sounds horribly agitating. One of my favorite thing about Lilo and Stitch is his name. She’s broken and he is the stitch that mends the broken pieces together. It’s so sweet. 
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TeensyWziard360Professional Digital Artist
Poor lilo... :(
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I disliked the Stitch! Anime. :X
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   Sometimes I want to make a picture of Lilo and her sister being watched over by their parents, showing that they're actually still a family.
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YEAH. they finished the anime by saying that she had gone to the hospital because her sister had a baby. totally ignoring what they said in the first half of the series.
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Corvus-the-SnarkHobbyist General Artist
Dang, people take that anime way too seriously
PinkNinjaJediIzzy05's avatar
PinkNinjaJediIzzy05Student General Artist
Me: The anime will die! AT MY HANDS!

Angel: Should we stop her? 

Stitch: ....naga.
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AskShadowRioluProfessional Interface Designer
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I don't know if this is the right answer nor do I know if this is the wrong answer but there's a reason why Disney made Lilo and Stitch this way:

Money, sales, revenue.
(all generally the same thing.)

But, it's also part of the story line that the board had written and went over multiple times before post production and completion of the movie.

Now, that doesn't mean that I am an ass (well, sorta)  but I am here to say that I am not denying your capacity for emotional and psychological comprehension to one's situation or lifestyle, I am here to try to give some clarity to the subject.  You know, to "Light the night, from dark to light."  you know?

Anyway, I hope that this helps.

Sincerely, John Howlton - Zootopia OC.
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BronzeGoddess194Student Artist
This shattered my heart 💔
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Hyzenthlay-RoseHobbyist General Artist
I actually feel like crying :'c
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pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Disney giving you heart ache since 1921 and beyond
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Through-the-moviesHobbyist Artist
Aww... poor little one :( 
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DoTheDinosaur24Hobbyist General Artist
The anime idea was trash tbh... Compared to what the movies stood for, I agree.
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jhealy14Hobbyist Writer
The anime is non-cannon. It has nothing to do with the original movies or show.
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StarryBlast9Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh...the anime being noncanon was actually just a rumor that was being spread around. Seriously, search for it-there's no mention of it besides rants.
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AndyofIndianaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, with none of the main voice actors (that I know of) returning to reprise their roles for the English dub of the Anime Stitch, it's okay to take this as non-cannon.  It's another thing entirely when you get all the main voice actors to reprise their roles for a show as awful and desecrating (not only to its source material, but the idea that cartoons can be smart at all) as Teen Titans Go.
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ShinychicadeeHobbyist Digital Artist
i know your feeling..
i tend to avoid the anime to.
it made me feel the same way when i saw it.
i really dont like the anime.
also nice picture btw ;v; 
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slothstormgurl36Hobbyist General Artist
oh lilo! don't cry!
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