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Dollhouse Dolly Part 8
     I woke up on my back, in the same position as the night before. I looked out the plastic window above the crib, and I could see light filtering in through a window in Abby's room. I could still hear faint snoring, which meant Abby was still asleep.     I tried to sit up in the crib normally, but the blanket and the tape were too think together to allow me to do that. The most I could do was roll over, which didn't seem to have any point to it, but I did anyway to give me the though that I was actually trying to do something.     Then it hit me. I was wet. I had wet my diaper again that night. After I realized that, urine was the only t
Dollhouse Dolly Part 7
     I do not want to relate to what happened next. It's one of those things that you want to block out of your memory forever. Basically, I was stuck inside the messy diaper for at least a few hours, and it was not fun. After the extremely long time, I heard Abby come into the room. I heard what seemed to be her crossing over to the dollhouse. "Daisy, where did you go?!" Abby said, starting to panic. I tried to yell to say where I was, but it was muffled again by the pacifier and the diaper I was still stuck in.     "BRANDON, where is my baby dolly?!" Abby yelled and left the room. After a lot of arguing and screaming and yelling outside th
Dollhouse Dolly Part 6
     "Ohhh! We are gonna have so much fun, little girly doll!" Said Abby's brother, who looked only slightly older than Abby herself. "What should we do with you first then!" I screamed again into my pacifier, but instead of embarrassment and frustration, this was terror. Who knew what this abusive brother was going to do to me.     "Looks like to me that THIS baby is still wearing diapers!" He said, sticking his face in front of my body. "Well then baby, diapers don't have to used only for your butt!" He snickered and disappeared from in front of the dollhouse. He came back with a diaper, but this one was different. It was full sized, meani
Dollhouse Dolly Part 5
      "Alright then Daisy. Even though you didn't make a stinky last night, we still need to help you so you don't have to make stinkies anymore!" It was a headache trying to understand her pretend talk. "It's time to potty train you!" Wait what.      Abby stuck her hand into the room and carried me to the other side of the dollhouse, to the baby bathroom. She set me down by the realistic looking toilet. I looked into it hoping it was in some way real and I wouldn't have to wear diapers. Unfortunately, it was just one of those cheap plastic toilets that emptied into a small container underneath the container, kind of like a kid's porta- pott
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