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usaxuk: in the south

D: I dont know if this is allowed but I used this as a background: [link]

usxuk from "we're shipwrecked too" strip
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Nice drawing! I like how you put it together with the background.
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Oh my god... your drawings are so good and awesome and beautiful, so why usuk? *cry*
However you're still the coolest XD
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E-Eehhh??? I.. I want to read the strip ! XDD
can you give me the link ? :3

anyway.. I hope they stuck in there forevah! XDD
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Thank you so much!! >///w///<

haha yeah! XDD
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asdfghjkl i dont even-
you drew this? it looks official!
your skillz...they blind me.
did they play the strip out in one of the hetalia CD's? In one of the tracks they had them stranded on an island. they had some cute moments there X3
anyways I love how England is wearing America's bomber jacket. So cute!
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I'm a big fan or this duo, and your artworks is one of the best :)
draw USUK more ^^ pleeeease :D
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*.* cute!
where have you found the strips? ^_^
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*DIE* The good thing of this, is that i'm going to heaven to see this x3
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this is wonderful much love i love hetialia
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XD This is so cute.. :XD: I love it. :giggle:
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Would you care to give me a link to that strip? I can't seem to find it in the Hetalia indexes.

(Anndd I also want to see Iggy in Alfred's bomber jacket ohonhon)
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OH NO England doesnt appear in Alfred's bomber jacket... I only wished he would

But they do get stranded on a "desert" island... or at least they think it's desert XD

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Aw bloody hell I was looking forward to some cannon pairing xDD
No worries though, but, may I ask why this image looks a lot like Himaruya's art? It's been rambling in my mind because it looks a lot like it xDD

Well thank you for the link! I enjoyed reading that. (Goodness America's fat lol)
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uh.... I coloured a bit like himaruya... I'm glad you think it looks like himaruya's because he is really amazing!!!

poor America... he just eats too much XDU

the most shipping usuk moment is in st valentine's when England gave chocolates to America =w=
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Dude, Himaruya is art hero.
And FFFFT DUDE. You drew that/colored that awesomely! <3

Well we can all blame England for giving him tasteless food. Hence why McDonalds is here.

That and the strip when it was America's birthday. England had something else in the gift he gave Alfred ;) Either way, every time those two are together, it's so easy to tell they have something going on. haha xD
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So cuute <33

...must be warm under Alfred's jacket tho. :D
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