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Princess Saturn Kaiba
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Star Chibi

Cardcaptor Sakura

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Art 8 by perselus

Harry Potter and Fanart

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Commission: With You

Beyblade and Fanart

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Luciole pics

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The Sisters of Chizeta

Magic Knight Rayearth

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On a Seaside Cliff


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Emma Frost- The White Queen


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Idril on a Horse Ride

Lord of the Rings

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Angelic Layer and Fanart

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6th Fireworks Pic


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Wait It Out

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In the arms of the angel

Ah My Goddess

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Liger Zero


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Paradise Burning

Wolf's Rain

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I did not run I tore across the darkened street unconscious of my bloody feet I lit across the moonlit sky and collapsed upon the ground to die My feet are cold my body shakes my chest it heaves my head it aches My vision blurs my world it spins this thing is chaos it must end I want to rage and scream and roar and tear your bloody heart out of your chest to end your pathetic misery.

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Tinkerbell fairies

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Petshop of Horrors - Count D

Pet Shop of Horrors

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Bloom Harmonix

Winx Club

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Magna's Wife Dying In His Arms (Unfinished Sketch)

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Rise of the Guardians: Toothiana

Rise of the Guardians

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Barbie Movies: 2001 - 2012

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Elsa: Into The Unknown

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Mermaids lovers

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Lady Loki


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Toffee x Moon

Star vs the Forces of Evil

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Commission - Robin and Nami

One Piece

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One hundred kisses for a proposal


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East and West Love


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Handmade Princess Serenity Figure Polymer Clay

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[CLOSED] Nebulous Diamond and Pearl

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A Special Childhood Friend

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Rosa found Mephisto

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