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Two weeks ago I sent off an application for volunteering, and today I attended a orientation of how to do the job. 
So now I'm a offical volunteerier for a cat shelter!

Twice a week I'll be going down to it and spend 2 hours taking care of the cats and kittens!

I've never volunteered before, EVER, So I'm really excited about this.
Plus I get to hang with cats and kittens, which is a plus ^_^

At the orientation today we got to meet some of the kittens, and they were so tiny and light! It felt like I was holding a empty bag they were so light!! :0

I'm really nervous that when I start I'll screw up, but I'm also excited. I'm a huge animal lover, so yee.

Wish me luck for when I start!! :heart: 


Is there any little stuff you'd like to see with my Next-Gens? 
I'm planning on doing another doodle dump so if you have something you'd like to see, please leave a suggestion!!

Rejecting someone because of their art-level is not okay.

I recently joined a group on DA, and submitting a few pieces of my work. Awhile later my art-work was denied, and I got a friendly message basically saying "Sorry your submissions weren't good enough for our group". 

They weren't mean about it, but like, telling someone their art-work cant be in their group because it isn't "good enough" hurts. It doesn't make you feel good. 

Even one of their rules states "No bad art allowed". Like what if someone tried their BEST on a drawing, but it got denied for not being good enough.

I dunno, personally to me it doesn't feel right. It feels like a way to push someone down and make them feel bad about themselves.
An insult is still an insult, even if you say it nicely.

If you want to know what group I'm talking about, let me know and I can send you a note with the link. Besides that I won't publicly show which group I'm talking about.~
I don't want to start shit/drama. That's not what I am trying to do.
I was just saying how it made me feel. 
I miss role-playing.... Like, REALLY miss it to the point of feeling a bit depressed. 
I'm not talking about those single person role-plays that only go for a week or two.
I mean those kind of role-plays that you are more than 5 characters, with a amazing RP partner who you get along with so well.
And the role-play turns into a year-long story. You wake up with the characters and story on your mind, and fall asleep dreaming about it.
You and your partner could spend ALL day just role-playing and making another laugh. 
I used to have a role-play partner like this, but over the years we stopped being friends.

I miss having role-plays like that. It used to be such a big part of my life. Over the past few days I have been thinking a lot about it and have gotten really sad.
I wish I could find another role-play partner like that; someone that I could start a role-play story with and it could go on for a year, even more! 
Shit man, I miss it. Like, so fucking much. It was honestly one of my favourite things in life.
Okay maybe I'm rather depressed over it. >_>
I feel like shit and I don't know how to stop feeling like shit because everything is making me feel like shit
My boyfriend took me to a restaurant for dinner tonight. It was a lovely restaurant, we both got burgers and drew on the table ((the table had paper with crayons)).

We saw this waitress walk by with these milkshakes that had cotten candy on them with swirly straws.
They looked amazing, so we ordered one and shared it. It was very delicious.
He liked it more so I let him have most of it.

After we were done he paid and we left and I gave him thank you kisses.~
The evening was very romantic, and fun. :heart:

I dunno. Just wanted to share something good that happen to me. ._.


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Saw you're vent art, it was quite deep
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