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Sumi-e Wood Goddess



2nd attempt on digital Sumi-e.
1st try on drawing human..... it was fun.

Used more than an hour to experiment on different strokes and brush effects.
But the results are not so satisfying....the strokes look a bit fake.

She's the "goddess of wood/plants" that i've created.
Looks lonely....... And pls don't ask me why there is a tree in front and one on her back.... I dont know, just for the sake of practicing drawing more trees..... lol
And the one on her back makes her cooler, dont u think so?? lol

And do u notice that there are bamboo leaves on a non-bamboo tree?? And Why are there different flowers on one kind of tree branches?? That's bcoz she's the Plant Goddess.... so she can do watever she wants to. WAHAHA

(Next attempt will be Sumi-e of modern things and fantasy things!! Woooo..... challenging but interesting!)
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Lol, kahor...let me remember ur nick name "su sen". Hum..I like the mood of this painting.