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Eva Ryan [ Character Sheet ]

Personal Information

Full Name: Eva Ryan 
Nicknames: Death, Reaper. 
Meaning: Life, living one. 
Title(s): Ms.,
Gender: Female. 
Age: She has been alive as long as the universe. 
Birthday: N/A
Deathday (if they are dead): N/A
Dominant Hand: Right.
Zodiac:  N/A
Astrological Sign: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Blood Type: None. 
Marital Status: Single. 
Visual Information
Species: Death.
Skin Color: Pale white with black hands.
Ethnicity: ???
Facial Shape: Round.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: White
Height: 5'4'' 
Weight: 107 Ibs. 
Gait: Powerful yet light. 
Body Type: Thin, not a very feminine form. 
Piercings: N/A. 
Clothing Style: Black victorian dress with a black viel. 
Tattoos: N/A.
Birthmarks/Odd Markings: N/A.
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 1 1
Stare - Bakugo Katsuki x Reader
The way he looked at you were like two fiery stars in the cosmos, burning brilliantly and indefinitely while being surrounded by the shrouded cape of infinity.
Bakugo couldn’t remember when it became a hobby to stare at you. He often found himself gazing out the window of his classroom, receiving the lecture through a blur of sounds as if his head was underneath the pool of water outside the yard. His crimson eyes were upon the cerulean sky, its space filled with cotton stuffed clouds that moved leisurely across the horizon. There were trees in the distance, its leaves were as still as a beetle’s wings on a summer morning, fluttering when the soft breeze brushes through them. His fingers were pushing up against his cheek when he laid his head against his knuckles. The scowl on his face couldn’t compare to the gentle atmosphere beyond those windows.
It was then when he heard a soft melody through the crowded muffles of his teacher’s voice was
:iconnekokoafanfiction:NekokoaFanfiction 9 1
Neji Huyga x Reader ~ Genius.. and dickhead
// A bit long story of You and Neji, some swearing included.
   Hope you like it! (: //

Another day – another battle. Another amazing opportunity!... to get your ass kicked. In short - another day wasted on hanging around your crush & the reason your whole body was aching after shared trainings. Even your longtime friend Tenten thought you were weird, but accepted the fact you were in love with genius, byakugan owner and arrogant pain in the ass - Neji Hyūga. She was the only one to know so far. You were determined to inform Neji too, but maybe after you win with him.
Which will occur never.
Since the day you realized he meant more than a friend you’ve tried your best to be worth of him. That’s why this morning you were heading towards the training fields - to meet Neji and Lee. Flashback of the memorable, rainy day came just when you remembered his name… This one time Neji acted different towards you (well, different from his regular s
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 5 8
AT - The Hunter by DansuDragon AT - The Hunter :icondansudragon:DansuDragon 45 13 Tribal Leaping Arcanine Commission by DansuDragon Tribal Leaping Arcanine Commission :icondansudragon:DansuDragon 22 0
Does your Toko Wanna make a Cameo? (Free HP)
It is time again for another round of KNIFE story Arc! -heavy clapping from crowd-
SO, this round I actually have most spots filled but still thought I'd offer up some Cameo scenes of other Tokota so that a special few can get some snippits of HP~
 Before We Begin 
If you are not familiar with the KNIFE story you can brush up here:
KNIFE: Story Timeline
 A Bit About Knife 
KNIFE is a wild pack that lives in The Superiors. Their alpha Morae was once used to hunt down wild Tokotas with their Beta, Medusa. These wild caught Tokota were caged and then used for research projects. One day Morae became tired and fed up with their owners and he killed anything breathing within their facility save for Med
:iconfantasytotokos:FantasyToTokos 5 9
Tokoween 2018 - Wilds Raffle

Monsters, stalking through the night,
Halloween is the Night of Fright.
Fear is what this night brings,
Along with many other things....

Some particularly spooky tokotas have been spotted! You can submit one taming entry each for all four of the following wild raffles.
This Tokoween Event Ends November 1st at 7PM PST
Keep an eye on our clock from tokotna if you need to know what time it is!

Click here to submit your entry for this Tokota - Raffle

Click here to submit your entry for this Tokota - Raffle

:icontokotas:Tokotas 50 129
WM112 by TotemSpirit WM112 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 40 4 WF114 by TotemSpirit WF114 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 28 1 WF115 by TotemSpirit WF115 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 61 2
Crafting Service - Tier 10/CG/Beaver

My Recipe Book
How it Works
1. You fill out the form below and post it.
2. I will confirm your request.
3. You provide payment (if rolls).
4. You send the items needed for the craft (and payment if items).
5. I will craft the item.
6. I will send the crafted item back. Enjoy!
Current Tier: 10 - 0% Fail Chance
Recipes Unlocked: Common: 17/17, Uncommon: 21/21, Rare: 18/18, Legendary: 10/18
Beaver Totem: +10% chance to retain ingredients (Common-Rare).
- If this procs on your craft, you will get your items back.
Crafting Genie Charges: 0 (October)
- What does Crafting Genie do: Doubles any craft.
- If you opt to pay to use one of these charges, you get the doubled item.
Legendaries for October: (Available Slots/Total Slots)
- Aippaq Leg Guards: 2/3
- Carrot Candle: 2/3
- Dire Remedy: 0/3
- Exquisite Bone Flute: 3/3
:iconapplecinna:applecinna 7 24
[YCH] Toko Piano - Svala by NECR0AM [YCH] Toko Piano - Svala :iconnecr0am:NECR0AM 5 7
Raffle-Win Alpha Dire Traitbomb Slot/Genos! [OPEN]
As everyone knows - Royce's slots have been slapped into raffles multiple times, and since his last slot was just unlocked then why not make another one!

The reason being is that I wanted Royce to be new player friendly, and basically give the chance to EVERYONE at winning a traitbomb + possibly a dire toko for themselves. Of course Royce was going to be a lease type of toko but once he reached appropriate tack, leasing was slapped off the picture. Since then I been helping players get companions and items through Royce and even my Toko Tile games has been mainly funded by Royce himself.
He does mean a lot to me and know that the slot I'm giving out is only for YOUR use and won't be able to be resold or gifted unless you note me with a valid reason and I give you a written okay on my part.

25% Dire Alpha
Roman Nose
Caver | Hardy | Swift Feet | Snow White | Lucky | Explorer | Creature Whisper
:iconnecr0am:NECR0AM 10 29
Payment 2/6 Tribe Hunt 2 by Staraptorlover56 Payment 2/6 Tribe Hunt 2 :iconstaraptorlover56:Staraptorlover56 3 0 Payment 1/6 Tribe Hunt 1 by Staraptorlover56 Payment 1/6 Tribe Hunt 1 :iconstaraptorlover56:Staraptorlover56 3 0 AM 7 Tribe Explore 2 by Staraptorlover56 AM 7 Tribe Explore 2 :iconstaraptorlover56:Staraptorlover56 2 0

Newest Deviations

Fishing 66 by kagetora4ever Fishing 66 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 3 0 Exploration 73 by kagetora4ever Exploration 73 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 2 2 Exploration 72 by kagetora4ever Exploration 72 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 2 0 Fishing 65 by kagetora4ever Fishing 65 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 2 4 Fishing 64 by kagetora4ever Fishing 64 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 3 0 Hunting 63 by kagetora4ever Hunting 63 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 2 0 Hunting 62 by kagetora4ever Hunting 62 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 1 0 Hunting 61 by kagetora4ever Hunting 61 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 2 0 Hunting 60 by kagetora4ever Hunting 60 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 0 0 Hunting 59 by kagetora4ever Hunting 59 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 1 0 Hunting 58 by kagetora4ever Hunting 58 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 0 0 Fishing 63 by kagetora4ever Fishing 63 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 1 0 Exploration 71 by kagetora4ever Exploration 71 :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 0 2 RoF: On the Hills by kagetora4ever RoF: On the Hills :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 2 2 RoK: Mountaineers by kagetora4ever RoK: Mountaineers :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 2 3 Nikita by kagetora4ever Nikita :iconkagetora4ever:kagetora4ever 3 0


To-Do List

Other thingies
My things - Average Run:
Vanilla Bean: 18HP

Send in:
Weekly Quest: -
Exploration: -
Hunting: -
Fishing: -
Caving: -
Diving: -
AoA: -
RoD: -
PotA: -
Sub>Avg: -
Avg>Dom: -
Dom>Alpha: -
Other: -

Kids for finding Crafting Items:
Amanatsu, Oroblanco, Silfur

Dominant push:
99? (Faala kid), Tokma (Silfur kid), Volke/Sanaki (Nanna kid), Brecci (Rubellite kid), Sigrid (Helya kid), Kirti (Barua kid), Giotto (Shonan kid), Dagný (Idunn kid)

Focusing on:
Toshiro | Solana | Katana | Foxtrot | Wesker | Shani | Ceader | Rosinante | Sinbad | Garrus | Wrex | Melkor | Narfi | Nyra

Idunn (RoD), Atlas (RoD), Shonan (RoD), Nanna (RoD), Hototo (RoD), Tulukaruk (RoD), Soyala (RoD), Myers (RoD), Napoleone (RoD), Amanatsu (RoD), Oroblanco (RoD), Vicente (RoD), Xerceo (RoD), Vitharr (RoD)
Ifrit (PotA)

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Show Prices:

Other events:
Lina, Nocturnal - Naruto World
Embla, Roderick - Attack on Titan World
? - Harry Potter World


Breeding pictures:
-Suspicion x LWs Dinos (DONE)
--Foal pic
-SDS The Devils Agent x LWs Bella Bianco
-Laui x Sol - Fullbody w/ bg or Animated headshot
-Dipper x Primrose - Photo-bp


Kaaring payments:
-10cp of ZKR Po CDXL - 6/10

-5vp for 510 Prineium - 0/5

-5cp of Hei Bai CCLXX - 0/5


Shedu Related
Shedu SPC
-- Rider
-- Rider
- Tack
------ 0/3
-------- Korung
-------- Free Will
-------- Speed Test

Shedu AP
-------- 0/18

Shedu SPC
- +
Due: :shrug:


Asotu Related

-- Confirmation 0/2
-- Hunting 0/2
-- Endurance 0/2

-- Confirmation: 0/1
-- Hunting: 0/1
-- Endurance: 0/1


This: 30daychallengearchive.tumblr.c…



King and prince of predators by zavraan King and prince of predators :iconzavraan:zavraan 262 47 Sacred Runes by Madspeitersen Sacred Runes :iconmadspeitersen:Madspeitersen 389 82 Undead Samurai by Madspeitersen Undead Samurai :iconmadspeitersen:Madspeitersen 2,787 302 Control Life by Madspeitersen Control Life :iconmadspeitersen:Madspeitersen 1,406 262 Black tip shark by seeARTend Black tip shark :iconseeartend:seeARTend 39 1 Tiger Shark at Shark Bay W Aus by BigKev57 Tiger Shark at Shark Bay W Aus :iconbigkev57:BigKev57 13 2 Shark Dog by TheK40 Shark Dog :iconthek40:TheK40 267 37 Fox Shark by Culpeo-Fox Fox Shark :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 2,747 369

Another naming quest for you guys. This time for a guinea pig. 

Rest In Peace

Mon Oct 15, 2018, 11:02 AM
I've just come back home from my grandpa, and I did so with a heavy heart.
I got a call from my sister today, a couple of hours ago, and she told me that he'd passed away.
So I went over there to join up my her, my nephew and niece, and my mother.
The doctor they'd called said that it was most likely his heart, and that he'd passed away peacefully.
If I were to guess, he'd been sitting watching TV, and nodded off, and passed in his sleep.
Since my sister found him, she'd laid him down on the couch with a blanket, and he looked really peaceful.
I really regret not going over to him more often, but with how life's been for me I couldn't be there a lot.
Not that he really needed any help. He might have turned 91 last month, but he was in pretty good health.
I'm happy that I got to see him, and say goodbye before we have the funeral.
Now he's with grandma, whom he's missed a lot, and I know he's happy.
I'll miss you grandpa :heart:


Lina Mellbo Cedermyr
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
ID made by :iconvictoriousendeavours:

I'm both Swedish and Estonian.
I'm also proud of that.

Current Residence: Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much everything, except classic
MP3 player of choice: Cellphone
Personal Quote: Lost little souls

Find me on Twitter: @Swekaiken


Putting it here as well, polls don't always show up from what I've noticed.
Naming quest, for the new little guinea pig.
So I went to the doctor and this is apparently a bug that's going around right now, and I should be better in 2-3 weeks. Since there isn't any meds for this, I'll just have to drink a lot and get plenty of rest.
I was offered a cough medicin that should lower how much I need to cough, and I have to say it is disgusting. Apparently it has both morphine and alcohol, something like that at least. But I can say that Cocillana is by far the most disgusting thing I've ever had to take.
I'm going back to bed, hopefully I can get some sleep unlike last night.
I wonder if there's some way to fully numb the throat.
It'd make it much easier for me when coughing and swallowing xD
I've gotten sick! :faint:
I watched a movie last Sunday, and we were out in the rain for a bit while going from the bus to the train. Didn't seem like it'd rain, but alas we were wrong.
Might have taken 1-2 steps off the bus before I was pretty much soaked.
Sounded like a crow this morning >_<
I think I might be hitting a quarter-life crisis.
Can we just skip the 24th, maybe go straight to September? Please?




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