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Happy Halloween 2011! It's a bit early, I know, but oh well.

I've actually had this lying around, mostly finished, for months, but wasn't sure what to do with it.

The ending is okay, I like it a bit myself but it feels a bit lacking. I'm wondering if I should have cut it off after the "your soul" line, or the part where the creature is giving the human a change to go for a bit to make the hunt more interesting.

But meh, whatever.

Hope you enjoyed it. :meow:
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Haaa, this is very interesting. Started a bit bland, it does seem a bit odd that an abominable hell fiend would just walk into someone's house and go "BTW you suck".

But, I love the description of the hell fiend and his whole mythology and stuff. Your description sort of reminded me of Tailchaser's Song... This could actually be a really good premise for a novel. "I have come to this world to collect your soul. You have until dawn to find a way to evade me." Makes me think of Ghost Trick XD It could be a huge thing where the main character finds demon hunters and there's this huge Xanatos Gambit to try and stop the demon and find a weakness... It could be so cool! This story has a lot of potential, I feel.